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Emperor Yuansheng questioned, “You are erudite on Luo Clans ice and fire styles as your fame has reflected all these years, not to mention a Divine Realm master. Is your internal energy still not sufficient to learn the sword theory”


“From what I have heard, you can combine the ice and fire energy once you master Repository Swordplay, which would mean your internal energy would climb to new heights. Is that still inadequate”

“It is.”

“… I see. In the last ten years of your training, you mustve progressed a fair deal, reaching the level you estimated yourself reaching.”

“Still not enough. At first, this peasant thought his internal energy was decent and even went beyond in the last decade, yet it is still unsatisfactory. To learn the entire theory, this peasant would need to strengthen his internal energy another fifty percent of what it currently is.”

“What Divine Realm adept could possibly heighten his internal energy by half of what it already is You must be exagerrating.”

“Not necessarily.” Luo Ming spawned sword qi, sending vibrations through the walls. He summoned a sword from the wall to his hand, transforming his aura and then stated, “This is the realm this peasant has reached.”

Emperor Yuansheng wobbled as though he was standing on an ocean, and the water undulated underneath his feet, even giving him a realistic sense of being plunged into freezing water. As soon as the desire to vault out of it flourished in his mind, the water would pull him down.

Sounding as though he was delivering his voice over ocean waves, Luo Ming elaborated, “Repository Sword Theory consists of six sections. This peasant slew Beijiangs bandits using God-Shocking Theory, the first most ferocious move combined with Concealed Sword Formation to make up the first section. This is Abyss Theory - boundless darkness.”

“Hahaha, that explains why you are proceeding with your big plan.”

Being trapped in an abyss with no vision and feeling as though water gushed into his mouth didnt feel good, yet Emperor Yuansheng kept laughing, puzzling Luo Ming. Seconds later, space expanded, and Emperor Yuansheng returned to Edgehearing House from the abyss.

Luo Ming was still in the same pose he was in prior to Emperor Yuansheng being thrust into the abyss: “To laugh when you have experienced the frightening power of Repository Sword Theory, have you no fear”

Emperor Yuansheng readjusted his breathing to account for the switch in environment then responded, “Of what”


“Hahaha, its not as if Ive only heard of Luo Mings fame. What Do you become Not Luo Ming if you dont have Repository Sword Theory I realised I couldnt defeat you decades ago. Grasp the sword theory. Ascend to a new realm. Strengthen your internal energy and what have you. Its not as if I can suddenly beat you. You can kill me twice or something I came here knowing full well what I would be dealing with.”

“… This peasant evidently asked a pointless question. Are you not afraid of his skills, or do you believe he does not have the courage to kill”

“If death doesnt exist, whats there to fear” Emperor Yuansheng had no problem holding his gaze, but Luo Mings started to waver. “Brother Luo, please answer my question: is Refining Divine Convention a hoax If it is, why are you doing this”

“Are you aware of the inherent risk of knowing the answer”


“Do you trust me, Your Majesty”

“I do.”

“Despite me trying to kill you just now”

“A petty monarch has no hopes of ruling the Nine Provinces successfully.”

“… Why did you endanger yourself to ask a question you already know the answer to when you could have one of The Ultimate Three arrest me”

“Because I want to know the reason. Brother Luo, I have known you since I was a teenager. The reason I have not died ten times over for being reckless is thanks to you. I know what sort of man you are. You wouldnt change without rhyme or reason. If I apprehend you without asking you for an explanation first, how can I call myself your friend How can I expect my people to trust me if I cannot show trust in a friend”

“… Let us make a bet.”

“What bet”

“This peasant wishes to forge a sword… for revenge.” Had it been someone else, they wouldve flinched at the look in Luo Mings eyes as he pronounced the last two words of his reply.

Emperor Yuansheng didnt know what exactly the revenge was about. Howbeit, he was positive it included using blood to forge a weapon.

“To forge the sword, many prerequisites need to be fulfilled. Not only is the process gruelling, but the environment it needs to be forged in is also strict. The winner will probably destroy their weapon. The likelihood of getting injured while forging it is pretty much inexorable, which is why this peasant is setting it as the reward for the convention on top of appropriate compensation at the cost of Luo Sword Manors foundations.

“Through a tough selection process, eight individuals will be chosen to compete using their weapons and best Edge Realm skills. The victor will continue on, while the loser will relinquish their weapon as material for the sword to be forged. The final winner will face off against the owner of the divine weapon. In the scenario that they cannot establish themselves, they will be compensated with the divine weapon. Based on the elites you brought along this time, there is nothing to suggest that you have no chance of winning.”-

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