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The starry night still loomed above, yet Shen Yiren had already ventured into the cold. Although her regular length of sleep had only increased to six hours per night, its benefits showed on her skin. She also enjoyed the comforting lull of being drawn into a deep slumber and then waking up refreshed.

Yan Shisan had a training method that required the practitioner to resist the cold using their internal energy at all times. It sounds simple on paper, but it wouldnt be surprising for people to quit before the end of their first session. Because Shen Yiren diligently followed the prescribed exercise, she didnt need to wrap herself up when it was cold. Contrarily, she saw it as an opportunity to train herself.

Using what is termed “internal inspection”, Shen Yiren shut her eyes and meditated on the flow of energy inside her. The silver lining of going through a phase of being trapped in fake death was gaining access to that dimension on a mental level. Combining it with Precision Scout empowered her to access a depth that she previously wasnt even aware existed.

I knew it. I have qi flowing differently to the qi flowing normally, and its definitely not Six Phenomena Heart King Style…

Shen Yiren still hadnt figured out the nature of the second qi flow inside her because it contradicted her knowledge. When she was asleep, itd circulate autonomously and feed off her Six Phenomena Heart King Styles internal energy. She was aware of the second flows activities. Howbeit, she couldnt stop it.

Theres no telling if keeping it is conducive or detrimental. Guess Ill talk to him when he returns, but… he probably wont be returning alone. The two of them are childhood friends and seem to have feelings for each other. Theyd probably be married with kids if it wasnt for their seniority issue.

Ming Suwen is called the Demoness, yet shes gentle toward Ming Feizhen unlike the prevalent rumours surrounding her in the world. Hes like a gentle wind and drizzle accompanying the flying swallow. Hed admit he went to Ming Suwen if I asked, I bet. Its understandable for him to bring her along. Well, His Majesty already requested her intervention. Shes probably stronger than me, and we would have better chances if she aids us. Liu Shan Men would also receive more credit from this. So, why… why do I feel irritated

Shen Yiren returned to the real world upon hearing someone trudging through the snow behind her. “Good morning, Village Chief.”

The village chief shuddered when Shen Yiren suddenly greeted him and then, in a heavily-accented style, conveyed, “Deres a diger.”

“Um, sorry, what diger”

The village chief pointed to the dark forest behind him: “Deres a diger on zee moundain. Dell zee people to be carefall.” The village chief then walked off.

“… Huh”

When Shen Yiren wrapped up her training at dawn, Su Xiao rose to start his training despite his hunger for sleep. Thankfully, some cold water on his face woke every fibre of him up. He greeted the first golden rays with a laugh, then sprinted over to keep Shen Yiren company.

Though the snowfall had ceased, it wasnt wise for them to continue travelling. In Huzhou, Luo Siming was a trusty navigator. Once they left Huzhou, however, they needed scouts to report back before advancing. At this point in time, Shen Yiren was awaiting a report from the scouts she sent off last night. Emperor Yuansheng viewed scouting the way Shen Yiren proposed to be a waste of time and unbearably boring, but one glare from her was enough to make him obey. In her opinion, the way he travelled to Huzhou was unnecessarily reckless.

Shen Yiren went off at everyone after she studied the reports Emperor Yuansheng recorded of his journey to Huzhou. When they argued Liu Shan Mens Ming Feizhen was the brains of the operation, she hit a man over the head with the stool she was sitting on.

“Are your brains shrinking! How stupid do you have to be to trust that glutton as your strategist!”

Nobody dared to make a peep when Shen Yiren flew off the handle. After she found out it was Emperor Yuansheng who instated him as strategist… Well, thats another days story.

Owing to her more-informed understanding of Ming Feizhen, Shen Yiren was aware that Emperor Yuanshengs wellbeing wasnt factored into his equations. In contrast, Emperor Yuanshengs wellbeing was her top priority. For that reason, she insisted on exploring all possibilities despite the time it consumed. As such, Shen Yiren appreciated having Abels wealth of experience and knowledge - as well as Long Zaitians attention to detail and risk-taking nature - at her disposal to promptly address any issues.

Shen Yiren rocked up at the small conference room prior to the scheduled time as per usual, but the person following closely behind today wasnt a usual member. “Can I help you, Village Chief”

The village chief fumed, “I Dol you deres a diger on zee moundain, why you no listen Some peeps went up zee moundain and hve no redurn.”

“Xiao Han, you understand”

“I think he is telling us there is a tiger on the mountain, and our scouts have yet to return since going up there.”

“A tiger On the mountain Active in the middle of winter”

Shen Yiren brushed off the warning and opened the door. Those sitting inside immediately greeted, “Good morning, Maam!”

“Xiao Han, you understand”

“There must be a reason for the term of address.” Su Xiao narrowed his eyes to summon the knowledge and experience he accumulated from the journey with Ming Feizhen. “I believe they have the wrong person.”

Shen Yiren: Seems there are a lot of people who want me to scratch their itches today.

“Long Zaitian, explain,” Shen Yiren demanded.

“I refuse. I will never, never speak of it.” With that, Long Zaitian ran off sulking.

Luo Siming and Song Ous distraught appearances only befuddled Shen Yiren even more.

Trying not to laugh, Abels covered his mouth to enlighten Shen Yiren.

“Ah, I see.”

Ye Luo asked, “Sister Shen, do you not mind sharing a room with Ming Feizhen”

“Ive even played a prostitute before, so whats the big deal Doesnt bother who I play wife to. You guys,” Shen Yiren swept her gaze over everyone in the room, “dont let it bother you. At the end of the day, the false identities are our armour. Our mission takes precedence. Are we clear”

Notwithstanding their displeasure with Emperor Yuansheng trashing all of them for his entertainment, they felt guilty about their discontent when Shen Yiren didnt mind it all.

Preceding the meeting, Su Xiao, standing at Shen Yirens rear, noticed her ears twitch as though they were cheering, albeit not being sure if it was just his imagination.

“Lets discuss our direction today and where our next stop station should be before Hero Li wakes up. Who wants to go f-”

“Wait,” interrupted Tie Hanyi. “I need to mention something first. I heard from several villagers that theres a tiger.”

“Ive heard that. You believe there would be a tiger in a village home to hundreds of people, active in this cold weather”

“Dere is!” exclaimed the village chief. “Dere is a diger!”

“Why are you here, Village Chief!” grouched Shen Yiren. “I thought I told you nobody is allowed here without permission. What happened to the sentry!”

“I told them to let him in,” answered Long Zaitian. “We have trouble, Miss Shen! Our scouts got hurt on the mountain!”

“I believe it is the work of the tiger,” asserted Tie Hanyi.

“I say do yall dere is a diger on zee moundain!”

“Can yall put a sock in it!” Shen Yiren slammed the table. “Stop spreading false rumours!Dere is a diger. Dere is a diger. Is winter! Can yall stop!”

Nobody said another word when Shen Yiren let the village chiefs dialect slip in, while she lowered her red face.


Deres a diger - The dialect difference is more distinguished in Chinese because of the languages use of tones. Remember how I mentioned its common for people in the South to pronounce “sh” without the “h” Some dialects pronounce “h” closer to “f” - whilst still pronouncing their “f” as “f”. Theres a part in there that Shen Yiren mishears as “fat” because the village chief pronounces “come” like “fat”. Impossible to replicate these misunderstandings in English.-

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