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Reward: War contributions based on performance in securing the marked points, War contribution 300

Condition for failure: Failure to secure marked points

Penalty for failure: War contribution -400

“-if its like this…….

J-just in case-”

“Ron-nim, you said that we could do it, didn’t you”


However, there’s a rumor that it wouldn’t end in just zero.

There are rumors that there would be hidden penalty before and after it falls to the negative……

It is said that if a person with 300 contribution points get deducted 400 points, it would become -100.

And there could be a punishment for a person with negative points after the war is over.


“Then should we not do it”

“Even if we stay still, we have already earned 100 points.”

Byeolcho members murmured, but Leeha and Biyemi nodded as if it was only natural.

They were able to predict it to some extent because they had already cleared a special quest once before.

‘As expected.’

It has to be at least this level to be Middle Earth.

And the rewards of quests that comes with the difficulty was always so sweet.

“Hyung We shouldn’t-”

“Trust me, Kijeong.

And the same for all of you.”

Leeha opened his mouth after examining the contribution points, Byeolcho, and the complete map.

“I will hard carry you guys.

You will be riding a bus.

All you need to take care of the dropped items.”

Ron, who created the quest, had an anxious expression, but Kijeong’s expression gradually changed to a more stable one after hearing what Leeha said.

“Kiskis, Halihali-nim, if we follow you, you won’t bring us any harm.”

“Our names will ring all over Minis.”

Biyemi and Tale supported Leeha.

Still, the anxious face of the Byeolcho guild members did not change.

“Ah! Ron-nim, can we change the name of our unit as well”

“If you want- But to avoid confusion with other units you need to keep the classifier-”

“Okay, the name special forces only works when we really are the special forces.”

“I understand.

What name do you want to change to”

As Leeha leaned forward.

Leeha felt like changing it to ‘Ha Leeha’s platoon’, but he knew he shouldn’t.

He would like to at least hide his name.

Then there was only one answer.

(ed: Yea you shouldn’t! That name is awful.)

“Byeolcho’s Special Forces.”

The eyes of the Byeolcho guild members widened at Leeha’s words.

Tale and Biyemi laughed out loud.

“As long as it’s like this…”

“We couldn’t make this team without Byeolcho, right Kiskis.”

“……You guys.”

Kijeong’s smile was overflowing with warmth and he stepped toward his guild members.

“Let’s do it.”

In the end, everyone pressed the accept button.

It was the moment where the platoon formerly known as platoon 54321, became Byeolcho’s Special Forces.

At this moment, neither Ron nor Kijeong nor Tale, nor Biyemi could’ve known.

What kind of prestige the ‘Byeolcho Special Force’ would play in the Marching Plains battlefield.

There was only Leeha who was expecting it.

“Let’s go.”

Leeha firmly held Black Bass’ case.

As long as he had 30 ‘sniper escorts’, he had nothing to be afraid of.


An arrow filled with a fierce momentum ripped through the air.

However, it did not reach its target.

It just hit the turquoise shield that protected him.

The person inside the shield frowned.

“Support Is there really no support”

“There’s none! The regimental commander went directly to General Granville, but the response wasn’t good!”

“Damn it! How can we break through with only users, they should at least give us two knights!”

He tried to spit out a complaint, but it was to no use.

It was impossible to have only one battalion to lead.

Besides, as the days go by, the users’ fatigue would overlap.

It was the same for the Minis’ side as well, but anyway, as long as the power on both sides are the same, it would be difficult to move forward.

Just 50 meters away from the frowning battalion commander, was everyone who was risking their lives, and swinging swords, spears, and shields.

People mixed with people, and there was a lot of swearing and shouting.

But it was not scary.

It was better if there was a curse or shout.

What the users were actually afraid of was the casting of skills popping out in between because it would be able to take their lives. 

“Kuwaaak, heal! Heal!”

“I have no more health! No more!”

“Hold on a little longer, Guardian Saint’s Sword!”

Waah, Fibiel! Fibiel!

Bang, a semi-transparent giant sword pierced in the middle of the battlefield.

The green light it emitted had a wide-area healing effect, but in this battlefield, it was not enough.

“Guardian Saint’s Sword!”

Bang, because there were also healers in the Minis’ army.

Waaah一! Minis! Minis!

Minis’ morale went up in an instant.

As the army received the wide-area healing effect, they raised their sword again.

“When will this **ing exhausting war end!!”

Fibiel’s army grew weary.

They had no troops.

If they had a similar momentum, the defensive side is bound to have an advantage.

It would be much easier to defend the high ground.

Of course, Minis’ army knew that too.

“Wipe out all of the Fibiel! Each of the 20 tanks in the 2nd and 3rd companies fall back for a while and then-”

There was someone in Minis who commanded the army and stood 50m from the frontline.

He must have been the guild master of a well known guild in Minis, or someone with high fame.

Middle Earth did not grant users the authority of a company commander, battalion commander, or regiment commander simply just by coming early.

“And after he’s taken out What should we do after taking them out, Paul-nim”

It was then that Paul’s voice, who was giving commands, got cut off.

Take out the tanks and move out again Or should they make a separate wing

“Paul-nim! Paul-nim!”

However, they did not receive any command from Paul.

It was someone’s scream that replaced the noise in the frontline.

“P-p-paul-nim is dead!!!”


“Paul-nim is-”

The shouter’s armor was crushed.

They did not even wonder what happened to his body.

It was already turning gray, it meant that he was already dead.

“What happened! Who- Who is it!”

All they could hear was the sound of weapons crashing.

Skill Assassination However, they still had enemies in front of them.

Fibiel’s army was just as bewildered.

However, they cherished the new hope that suddenly appeared.


With an excited expression, he lifted his head and looked around.

Another Minis soldier fell.

After a while, another person collapsed nearby.

Their hopes were firmly rooted as the commanders who gave orders and managed the war situation started to fall one by one.

When hope was certain, someone from Fibiel raised their voice.

“Wahhh!!! They’re here!!!!”

“What Who”

“It’s them, they’re here! The special forces have arrived! Byeolcho’s Special Forces are here!!”

“Waaaah! Finally, finally! They have finally come to our frontline! It’s Byeolcho’s Speicial forces! Byeolcho Special Forces have arrived!”

Smile bloomed on all the faces of the frontline dealers and tankers.

The battalion commanders behind them were no different. 

“E-everyon, get up! This is the time! As long as the Byeolcho Special Forces hsve arrived, we’re done with this stupid high ground! Occupy the high ground as soon as there’s a chance!”

“Sir, Yes-Sir!”

Everyone was united and their morale was boosted.

In proportion to Fibiel’s rising morale, the faces of the Minis’s soldiers turned sour.

For Fibiel, the special forces were akin to angels, however, for Minis, they were no better than the devil himself, and it was impossible to know where and how the enemy would be killed.

Murmurs were being circulated that there was only one way to know whether they would or not.

When the Minis’ commander’s head exploded out of nowhere.

In the end, it meant that Minis’ army would know how he died when he got logged out.

“T-they are! We have to destroy the Byeolcho Special Forces too!”

“Where! Where should we escape! How are we even going to runaway from this situation!”

“Even if we use a scroll-”

“Is there any chance that your contribution will get negative We should live and die here-”

[Achievement: Living Ghost(B-)] 

Congratulations! You have killed at least 1 soldier from the enemy country.

Enemy forces are beginning to recognize your identity, which has only been shrouded in rumors, and your allies morale has been raised just by hearing your name.

Will you be able to spread your fame to the entire enemy country beyond this simple campaign

Reward: 26 stat points (recovered when killed by enemy user)

(This achievement does not have a hall of fame.)

Pook, the head of the Minis soldier who was loudly shouting exploded like a watermelon.

The overwhelming visual that provoked nausea lowered Minis army’s morale even more.

(ed: I’m pretty sure if this was a real game they would get sued for causing trauma or something lol)

The battle on high ground 274, which had been staggering for 13 days, ended in 41 minutes after the Byeolcho Special Forces was dispatched.



Leeha took his eyes off his scope.

He had already killed over a hundred of those Minis soldiers.

“Are you done, hyung”


Everyone was able to climb.

If they could hold on like that for an hour, they would be able to occupy it.

Let’s go to the next place right away.”

Hearing Leeha’s answer, Kijeong widened his eyes and looked towards the distant hill.

Kijeong naturally was not able to see it.

“Really…… were you able to see it, Leeha-kun”


Of course.”

“Kiskis, you’re a monster.

I can only see a little- nevermind I can’t see much…”

Tale stuck his tongue out, and Biyemi, the real monster, shook his head.

They were approximately 750m away from high ground 274.

The noise of war, mixed with the gunshot fired at about 800m away could not be heard by the Minis’ army.

In other words, Byeolcho Special Force’s location was not currently exposed.


Fortunately, this was only possible because this was a flat area and there were no obstacles.

No matter how good of a sniper you are, if your vision is obscured, it’s over.”

“That’s right.

That’s right, Ha Leeha-nim.


One of Byeolcho’s tanker nodded and agreed.

The expression on his face while looking at Leeha was almost to the point of looking like a devoted believer.

“Ha Leeha-nim, are you in good shape Can I give you a potion”

“You must be short on stamina I have some vitality potions, would you like to drink them”

“Oh, no…… I still have a lot of stamina left.”

Byeolcho guild members rushed in and pulled out some potions from their bags.

After seeing Leeha’s mysterious skills, this scene was always created.

 “Leeha-hyung, aren’t you gonna take it If not, then give it to me! I seem to have lost a lot of my health from using skills to protect Leeha-hyung-”

“Guild master-nim has his own supply.

The coldness from from his guild members struck Kijeong like lightning.


I still have a long way to go…”

A full month has passed since the Byeolcho Special Forces was born.

How many times has the sniper Leeha shined during that time.

The frontline has stretched and was used to occupy the high ground from the day the  Byeolcho Special Forces were formed

‘It’s really, a real hard carry!’

‘The contribution they got while protecting Ha Leeha for days exceeded 3000.’ The topic who has contributed the most at present was the most interesting topic among them.

“There was no one who could keep up with hyung’s contribution.

You are now the first hyung-nim-”

Leeha waved his hands at Kijeong’s words.

As expected of a humble person.

When the guild members thought the Byeolcho guild leader had finished his praise, his words once again continued.

“-Well, I had been the first since the first day.

That’s refreshing.”

“……Ahh, my eyes are sore .

If it wasn’t for hyung…

That was a pretty good answer, but the thought’s of Byeolcho guild did not change at all.

As expected, Ha Leeha is the best sniper ever! To the extent that something must have changed.

Their trust on Leeha was limitless.

(ed: But he’s the only sniper in the game…)

-Say goodbye, Byeolcho Special Forces.

Please quickly come to the Marching Plains now. 




It was at this time that Ron’s voice was heard by the others who were joking around and giggling.

(To be continued…)


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