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Monarch of the Beasts 010: Hui Ying

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Yan-er stopped Mings right hand as he was about to punch Wei Shen in front of the crowds.

"Brother Ming, not here."

Ming lowered his hands as the people in the Main Hall stared at them.

"Lets talk outside," Wei Shen suggested.

After that the three of them came out of the Mercenaries Guild building to talk in a quiet corner.

Ming leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. "So, what do you want to know, then what do you want to do if you already know?"

"I just want to confirm the whereabouts of the two Timberwolves. Ill help you track down those Timberwolves and retrieve your stuff in the process."

Wei Shens offer sounded very advantageous to the two of them. Even though Wei Shen didn look very promising since his appearance looks like a beggar, the two of them could use Wei Shen as a sacrifice in the Wilderness if they encountered any Beasts.

The two looked at each other and nodded.

Ming spoke forwardly, "Okay, I agree! When are we leaving."

"Tomorrow morning. I will be waiting for you at the city gate, we will depart when the first light appears at the eastern horizon!"

Ming rubbed his chin, "Actually I want to leave immediately, but you have a point, we have to prepare supplies and whatnot."

"Yeah, make sure not to be late, or Ill be leaving alone and your things will be mine if I find them first, okay?"

"Hey! Who said you can do that!" Ming raised his fist in the air to punch Wei Shen.

However, Wei Shen had already jumped onto a rooftop. "See you tomorrow!"

Wei Shen jumped from one rooftop to another while waving his arms.

"Now, I have 1,000 coins. What should I buy for tonight?"

While walking on the citys main street, Wei Shen thought of buying something nice for himself. First, he needs to find the cheapest room that he can afford to keep it low profile.

Wei Shens footsteps led him to a red lamp district on the outskirts of the city.

All sorts of brothels and whorehouses filled with their customers from near and far. The quality of the prostitutes were varied from the ugly, old aunties, up to the -Jade Beauty- prostitutes that would cost a fortune of a lifetime just to spend a night with one of them.

The high-grade prostitutes were mostly Dual-Cultivation practioner. Wei Shen could only wonder about the pleasure and the power that he could attain by doing Dual-Cultivation with one of them and feeding their heads to Xiaoqing after he was done with them.

He recalled the moment when Xiaoqing devoured two 3 Star Realm Guards and obtained Uncommon Beast Core from them.

A rather unknown systems glitch.

"Hehe… lets see what kind of prey that I could find in this lecherous place!"

The plan in his head was flawless and at its finest. However, it left one major problem. It would cost him hundreds of gold coins just to afford one prostitutes who able to do Dual-Cultivation.

Not to mention his looks that were akin to a bumpkin at the moment.

"How would I get laid tonight if Im looking like a beggar like this?"

He sighed heavily while he strolls the red lamp district with lowered head until he finally arrives at an inn that looks old enough compared to the building in the vicinity.

But, thats what it looks like to the naked eye.

He knew there was something off about the strange inn. Although Wei Shens cultivation was stripped to its very basics, he was still able to sense very strong Demonic Qi from within.

It might be hard to tell by common citizens, but as for Wei Shen, he was certain that the owner of the inn used a Demonic Art to conceal the true form of his business in the city.

Even though Sparrow City was an independent city, the Holy Churchs influences ran deep into its very core.

Every affair that related to Demonic Art or any other heresy act was strictly prohibited, not to mention a demon ran a business inside the city.

"An inn run by Demons kin in this city Right under the nose of the Holy Church, hehehe…. This is interesting."

Wei Shen opened the door, he was stupefied as soon as he entered the lounge.

As he expected, the inn was indeed a luxurious one. There was no a speck of dust as far as his eyes wandered around the interior.

and was greeted by a female attendant who wore a tight dress that emphasizes her beauty.

Her curvy, perfect and voluptuous body was so enticing to him, her smooth and fair skin was as white as the first snow of the winter.

Her face was cute and her eyes were as clear as the morning dew.

"Fufufu, welcome to our establishment. My name is Hui Ying, at your service!"

Although her coquettish smile and giggles are able to make any man fall before her, Wei Shen was able to hold his horse and didn act rashly.

She might look harmless and docile, nevertheless, she was still a demoness to say the least.

"A Fox Demoness, huh? What a rare sight to behold." Wei Shen said to himself.

"Er… I would like to rent a room for one night!"

Hui Ying smiled brightly, "Very well! Please follow me."

Thus, Wei Shen followed her to the receptionist table at the end of the lounge hall.

"Please fill your name and choose your room according to your liking."

Wei Shen was amazed by the detailed information of the rooms and what kind of service that he could get upon choosing one.

Of course, he chose the cheapest one that he can afford since he needs to wake up early in the morning after all.

"I will choose this one,"

"One Lily Room with one bed plus a bottle of Wine. It would be ten gold in total, Master!"

After he filled the form and paid the rent, Hui Ying ushered him to his room.

Unexpectedly, the inn was rather empty for a reason. Wei Shen didn sense any visitors except himself.

Even there were no staff at the inn, only Hui Ying alone that managed the inn.

Wei Shen didn show any suspicion at all since he knew what would happen next.

"This is your room, please do enjoy your stay, Master. I will come back with a bottle of wine."

"Thank you, you may leave."

Wei Shen closed the door and threw himself onto the bed.

He stretched his back after days of meditation and travelling.

"Sigh, I hate to kill a magnificent, cute Fox Demoness like her, but I gotta do what I have to do! Xiaoqing, its dinner time!"

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