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Chapter 11 Concern

“Alright, please wait a moment.” The shop assistant replied and turned around to weigh the items.

Meanwhile, Gu Chengrui walked around the shop seriously and found that all the grains were processed quite crudely.

Take the polished rice, for example. There were still some rice grains with broken shells inside.

The refined flour couldnt even be held up to the standards they had in their world in the 80s. It seemed that he would have to change the standard of their flour when he processed them in the future.

After the two of them left the grain shop, they went to buy a pot and some salt.

These two were even more expensive. The salt was 20 copper coins per pound, and it was a large grain salt. Thus, they only asked for half a pound to put up a front.

A three-liter double-handle cast iron pot actually costs 150 copper, and a hatchet costs 50 copper coins.

They did not have many copper coins left after leaving the blacksmith shop.

Therefore, the two had to go back. On the way, they spent fifteen copper coins to buy a pound of lard, five copper to buy a bamboo chopping board, and finally two copper to buy two small cabbages.

By the time the two of them returned to the Mother God temple, the sun was about to set. Gu Chengrui put down his things and said, “Babe, take out the pot and knife. Ill go and get some firewood.”

“Alright, come back soon.” After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she took a bucket of water from her interspace, then found two stones to prop up a stove. She then used hot water to wash the pot, knife, and chopping board.

Then, she squeezed out some hot oil and soaked the pot, knife, and chopping board with it before letting them dry.

Then, she took out a piece of tofu, two handfuls of vermicelli, and a claypot from her interspace. She made a claypot of tofu and cabbage.

At this moment, she realized that they hadnt prepared any bowls or spoons, so she had to take one from her interspace.

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When she was almost done with her work, Gu Chengrui returned with a small bundle of firewood.

Zhou Ying immediately went up and reached out to take the firewood.

Gu Chengrui dodged.” Ill do it. Dont get your hands dirty.”

After he finished speaking, he put the firewood aside and threw a few logs into the fire.” I remember that there was a lot of firewood stored in the space. I will take out some more later. The wind outside is quite cold, and the fire should stay lit.”

“Okay, wash your hands, and lets eat first. Well talk after dinner.” After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she took out six fist-sized steamed buns from her space.

After the two of them had a hot meal, they sat around the fire to boil the medicine.

After finishing their medicine, Zhou Ying put the claypot, bowls, and utensils back into her interspace. She turned her head and saw Gu Chengrui staring at the moon through the window. She pursed her lips and walked over to sit on the stone beside him. “Are you homesick”

Gu Chengrui lifted his hand and pulled her into his arms. “Thats right. I wonder how things are at home. Will that kid, Chengjun, be able to take over”

“Dont worry, dont be fooled by that kids flippant attitude. Hes pretty intelligent and filial. Without you in front of him, hell definitely take over.

“As for money, with the ecological farms and Food City we left behind, as long as he manages it well, he can live without worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life. ”

Gu Chengrui grunted softly. He turned his head and kissed her forehead gently. He hugged her tightly and did not say anything else.

Zhou Ying also cooperated by leaning into his arms, finding a comfortable position, and closing her eyes.

At the same time, she felt a little melancholic because she had no one else to worry about other than him.

In her previous life, her parents divorced when she was three years old and left her to her grandfather, who was a chef.

In the second year of middle school, her grandfather suddenly passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage. Her father even took back the old house and savings under the urging of her stepmother.

If not for the interspace, she would not even be able to survive, let alone go to school.

It was not until she met Gu Chengrui in the martial arts club in college that she felt truly alive.



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