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Chapter 12 Cant Eat

Her current life wasnt any better. Although her father was the head of the Imperial Academy of Medicine, it was said that when she was born and her mother died from a difficult birth, he didnt even show his face.

As such, she had grown up in the kitchen with her mothers good friend, who was her adoptive mother in this life.

It was only when he heard that the Gu family was going to give the princess a marriage blessing that he remembered her. However, after receiving their betrothal gift, he kicked her out of the house with a shabby dowry.

So, if she really had someone to worry about, it could only be her adoptive mother.

The two of them sat in silence for a while until the temperature in the temple dropped. They got up and walked around outside. After making sure no one was around, they returned to the interspace.

Then, Zhou Ying first took out a bag of whole wheat flour from the warehouse and made 50 pounds of noodles. Then, she began to harvest various matured crops in the space with her mental power.

Meanwhile, Gu Chengrui drove a modified electric car across the river and began feeding the various animals they raised. He also checked their health and pregnancy status.

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After Zhou Ying finished harvesting, she turned around and went into the workshop to use the dough press, oven, and blender to steam 400 whole wheat buns and 200 beef and scallion buns.

Finally, she returned to the villa and cooked a pot of purple rice porridge with a pot of assorted vegetables.

After finishing her work, she took a hot shower, put on her pajamas, and dried her hair. When she sprayed on her skin lotion, she carefully sized up her appearance in this life.

She looked at least 80% similar to her previous life. She had an oval face, squinty eyes, a straight nose, and a slightly thicker, cherry-like mouth. In a way, her looks were more refined than those of her previous life.

However, her pasty and dry skin made her overall look dull. It seemed that she had to take good care of it.

As for her body, it was well-developed. She was about 1.65 meters tall, and it would be perfect if she could grow another three to five centimeters.

After Gu Chengrui finished his work, he put away the peanuts she had dried and went to the oil mill to squeeze about 100 pounds of peanut oil.

When he returned to the house, he saw her looking smugly in front of the mirror. He smiled and walked over to her, sizing her up. “You still looked beautiful, but a little young. I cant eat you up. ”

Zhou Yings lips curved into a naughty smile. She leaned in and kissed his ear. “Are you sure”

Gu Chengrui felt the familiar, gentle, feather-like teasing and the breath that blew into his ear. His ear suddenly felt itchy, and he subconsciously turned his head.

At the same time, a sense of lust rushed into his head, causing his mind to buzz and go blank. His ears also turned red.

However, he reacted quickly. He turned around and quickly kissed her on the neck, then quickly took off his clothes and rushed into the bathroom.

Zhou Ying was stunned for a moment, then touched the place where she was kissed with a face of dissatisfaction. But she suddenly laughed when she turned her head and looked at his back.

After a while, she finished applying her toner and put away their clothes. She washed them in the washing machine and dried them before bringing them to the bedroom.

Then, she washed a few sets of underwear that were suitable for their current figures.

Soon, Gu Chengrui came out in his sleeping robe and twisted his long hair with a depressed look.

Zhou Ying quickly stepped forward and said, “You cant twist your long hair like this. You have to wipe it gently. Otherwise, it will easily be damaged. Thats why we can only use the hairdryer to dry it quickly. ”

Then, she took the towel and started to rub it gently.

“I used to do your hair smoothly,” Cheng Chengrui said gloomily. “Its awkward when Im doing it to my hair.”



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