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Chapter 13 Dream

“Thats because I usually dry to a certain extent. Besides, you will get used to it slowly.” After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she was almost done drying his hair.

Then, she brought him to the mirror and started to blow dry his hair layer by layer.

After cleaning up, the two of them each had a bowl of purple rice porridge with some side dishes and went back to their bedroom to rest.

As soon as Zhou Ying laid down, she saw Gu Chengrui holding a pillow, blanket, and clothes while he walked out. She was stunned for a moment and asked, “What are you...”

“Youre 16 now, and Im 17. We are both too young. For the sake of our physical and mental health, we should sleep separately for the time being.” Gu Chengrui looked at her deeply and walked out after he finished speaking.

After Zhou Ying heard it, she was taken aback shortly. In the end, she approved of that notion. They shouldnt take it too hard with their current bodies. It was better to avoid that kind of suffering.

After lying down, she thought she would have to get used to her new bed, but she didnt expect to fall asleep the instant her head touched the pillow.

On the other hand, Gu Chengrui, who was in their study, laid down after setting the alarm for six oclock. He turned over a few times, got up, and drank two bottles of cough syrup before he fell asleep.

The alarm clock rang the following day, and Gu Chengrui woke up instantly. He looked at his thin and weak arms, stunned for a moment, but quickly remembered that they had transmigrated.

Thinking of the current situation, he quickly got up and changed his clothes to go downstairs to find Zhou Ying.

They had to get out as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain if they were found out that they were not in the Mother God Temple.

When he arrived at the master bedroom, he saw that Zhou Ying was still asleep. He didnt know what kind of sweet dream she was having, but she had her mouth wide open, smiling, and her drool was flowing out.

Even though he couldnt bear to wake her up, he still went up to the bed and pinched her little nose.

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“Youre so annoying. Go away. “Zhou Ying slapped his hand away and shouted subconsciously, and she woke up after that.

When she saw him, she paused for a moment before she quickly regained her senses. However, she still yawned and asked, with a tired expression, “What time is it now I just fell asleep.”

After she finished speaking, she threw herself into his arms and closed her eyes.

Gu Chengrui shook his head. He rubbed her stomach and said, “Get up. If youre tired, we can go to the mountains and return for a nap.”

When Zhou Ying heard this, she immediately remembered that they should be living in a broken temple with no doors or windows. She immediately sat up and said, “Youre right. We cant let anyone steal our stuff. ”

After the two of them quickly washed up, they went out of the interspace. When they just got out, they shivered from the cold while Gu Chengrui started coughing.

“Rui,” Zhou Ying was worried. “You should go back to my interspace first. You can come out after I start the fire.”

“Lets do it together. Im worried about you being alone outside.”

Zhou Ying didnt try to persuade him anymore. Instead, she took a bundle of ordinary firewood from her interspace. She also took out some alcohol and a hand blower to start a fire quickly.

Then, the two of them worked together and soon started the fire.

Zhou Ying took out the small pot and heated the remaining purple rice porridge from last night. She also took three beef buns and two cucumbers.

When they were almost done eating, Gu Chengrui asked curiously, “Baby, what dream did you have this morning You were smiling so wide that you were drooling.”

Zhou Ying suddenly felt embarrassed, but when she remembered the dream, she smiled and replied, “I dreamed that I had become a fairy, and I didnt have to work so hard to harvest the crops in my space anymore. I could do it with a wave of my hand.

“With a wave of my hand, I could speed up the growth of our crops and instantly stir up a large area of the sea. I felt my power was boundless, just like the mighty beings in fantasy novels. ”

Gu Chengrui thoughtfully asked, “Are you tired from rushing to work yesterday”

“No, maybe I just wanted to be lazy. Its just a dream. Dont take it seriously.” Zhou Ying shook her head.



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