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Chapter 14 Going Up The Mountain

“We should be more careful in the future. We dont have to worry about food and clothing, so theres no need to tire ourselves this much.”

“Thats right,” Zhou Ying nodded in agreement. “Do you have anything you want to plant next”

“You can make the arrangements. I dont mind.”

Gu Chengrui paused briefly and said, “Babe, do you want to plant some sweet potatoes

“The production of sweet potatoes is usually high and provides a good filling. We can spread the seeds to help our descendants when we have the opportunity. ”

“This is possible. Maybe it can solve the food problem of the country.” Zhou Ying asked curiously, “Thats right, do you have any information on the Ming Dynastys imperial family How is the current emperor

“If hes a vile character, well have to be careful.”

After Gu Chengrui heard this, he tried his best to recall the original owners memories. After a moment of silence, he replied thoughtfully, “Its hard to say. I heard that a few years ago, the emperor was diligent, loved the people, and also kind.

“However, in recent years, he has become increasingly suspicious of his court. Everyone else attributed it to the fact that the princes had grown up and the Imperial court had begun to form factions.

“However, according to my analysis, this emperor is probably an untrustful person by nature.

“The few families that supported him to the throne back then were either far away from the central Imperial court or had gradually declined, including the Gu family that had once given him financial support.

“Most importantly, the princess did not have a child in her entire life. No one knew the specific reason.

“Oh right, the third prince is in charge of the navy of this place. His reputation is quite good, so it is possible that we can get to know him better. ”

“Then well wait and see.”

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“Yes, theres no rush.”

After the two finished their meal, they began to boil their medicine. When they were almost done, they suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

Zhou Ying immediately put away the things that should not have appeared in her space, while Gu Chengrui got up and walked to the door.

The second branchs illegitimate son, Gu Chengxi, saw him come out and was stunned for a moment. He quickly walked over and asked, “Third brother, you and your wife are really staying here”

“Yup. Are you going up the mountain to collect firewood” Gu Chengrui asked after he saw the basket on his back and nodded.

“Yeah, Ill be the one to chop the firewood in the house from now on.” After Gu Chengxi finished speaking with a bitter smile, he sized him up seriously and asked, with some worry, “How are you doing Is your body getting better”

“Im much better. I was lucky to find some medicinal herbs when I went up the mountain yesterday. I went to town to exchange them for two sets of medicine and food.”

“No wonder I could smell the strong smell of medicine at the foot of the mountain.”

“Do you want to come in and sit down”

Gu Chengxi hesitated for a moment and shook his head. “Forget it. I still have to go gather firewood. Do you want to come along”

“You go first. Ill go up the mountain after Ive finished my medicine.”

“Then I will take his leave first.” After Gu Chengxi finished speaking, he turned around and walked toward the dense forest on the mountain.

Gu Chengruis eyes softened as he watched him disappear into the distance. No matter what the reason was, at least this little guy was sincere with them.

As long as he could maintain that, Gu Chengrui might be able to help him out in the future.

After that, they turned around and returned to the temple. The two put away all their belongings and went deep into the mountains.

However, they went in the opposite direction of Gu Chengxi. After entering the mountain, the two of them made marks as they looked for medicinal herbs and collected firewood.

When they arrived at a place where people rarely came, Zhou Ying sent Gu Chengrui into her interspace to get an IV drip.

Meanwhile, she continued to look for firewood and medicinal herbs nearby.

While she was tying the firewood, she suddenly heard the cry of a chicken coming from above her head. Then, something hit her body, giving her a big fright.



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