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Chapter 16 Regret

“A tough life”

“Yes, I heard that his parents passed away when he was young, and he grew up with his sister.

“He had finally married, but his wife died in childbirth.

“Soon after, his brother-in-law was killed by a wild boar, and his sister and her two daughters were out of their in-laws home.

“With a situation like this, unless he has a fortuitous encounter or his sister remarries with the two children, his remarriage will be even more difficult.”

“He sounds like a person who values relationships and loyalty.” Zhou Ying said, while her stomach began to growl. Her face turned red when she heard that.

Gu Chengrui paused for a moment and put away the first-aid kit. “Go and wash your hands. I made your favorite duck blood rice noodles.”

“Really I love you so much.” After Zhou Ying said that, she pounced on him and kissed him. Then, she turned around and washed her face.

After the meal, the two left the interspace together and followed the markings back. On their way back, they found some wild angelica.

When they reached the edge of the mountains, they saw that the number of people had gradually increased. The two of them each carried a bundle of firewood and a sack as they walked toward the Mother God Temple.

Back in the temple, Zhou Ying took out the pheasant and let Gu Chengrui kill it while she peeled some chestnuts for herself.

They stewed a small pot of chestnuts, roasted the pheasant, and had a good meal.

While they were eating happily, the Gu familys residence was a mess. It was because when it was time for dinner, they realized that the water in the tank had already reached the bottom.

The main wife complained about the second wifes laziness, asking why she didnt refill the water after cooking.

The second wife complained that the main wife was being sly. She complained that the first wife should have refilled the water tank after she cooked and deliberately left it empty to blame her.

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When old Madam Qiao heard the noise outside, she was so angry that she knocked her walking stick on the ground and said, “Stop quarreling. What are you all doing Youre acting like a bunch of shrews.”

“Mother, you have to help me. The main wife is clearly bullying me.” Mrs. Yao said with an aggrieved expression.

“Sister, youre wrong. Youre the one on duty today. How can you blame it on us” Mrs. Liu said indignantly.

“But yesterday, you guys ...” Mrs. Yao still wanted to argue, but the old madam impatiently interrupted. “Shut up, all of you. Look at what you two are doing.

“In the future, divide the work into different categories, and whoever gets their turn will be the one to do it. Whoever cant finish is not allowed to eat. ”

“But the second household has one more person than our first household.” Mrs. Liu said, with a face full of grievance.

“The first household had more. But who was it that forced the third son and his wife to leave” The old madam glared at her and said.

“Thats right. If Chengrui and his wife were here, we wouldnt even need to do something like this.” Mrs. Yao immediately agreed.

At the same time, she was a little regretful. If she had known that the housework would be so tedious, she would have asked the young couple to stay.

However, the old madam rolled her eyes at her. Whats the point of lamenting about it now It was too late to regret it now...

Mrs. Liu retorted, “You acted as if you had tried to make them stay when they wanted to leave.

“Why didnt you ask them to stay when they discussed paying for their medicine If you were willing to pay for it ...”

Before she could finish her sentence, the old madam interrupted her, “Alright, whats the use of complaining now Go and do whatever you need to do.”

However, she also remembered that their family was short of money. She then looked at the concubine of the second branch, Mrs. Huang, and asked, “Mrs. Huang, I remember that your embroidery is not bad, right”

“Its alright. I learned it from an old nanny in the palace. “Mrs. Huang was astonished by the question for a moment before she replied.



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