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Chapter 24 Saving Someone

“I am planning to, but I am not rushing to.

“Im thinking that maybe we can set up a farm in the future. First, its more convenient to explain our meat; second, its much better than farming plants.” Gu Chengrui turned around and asked, “By the way, is there anything else you want to buy If not, well head back.”

“Lets buy a pair of shoes each. I remember that the soles of your shoes are almost worn out. “After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she pulled him directly into the shoe shop and spent thirty coppers on two pairs of ordinary cloth shoes.

Finally, the two bought a stick of radish and a cabbage to cover their meals and walked back.

It was almost noon when they arrived in the village. Zhou Ying took out the ready-made stewed beef in her interspace and stewed it together with half a white radish, eating them with a hot black steamed bun.

After the meal, she hid the pots and bowls behind the Mother God statue. Zhou Ying returned to her interspace and wrapped two pounds of cakes in oil paper.

After that, the young couple carried their gifts and went down the mountain. They thought about whether they could find a house in the village or maybe build a simple house to stay in for the winter.

When they were about to reach the foot of the mountain, they suddenly heard children crying for help. The two of them looked at each other and immediately ran over.

Then, they saw some children running into the village while some were shouting anxiously by the river shore.

When they arrived at the river, they found a child struggling in the water, and he soon disappeared underneath it.

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Seeing this, Gu Chengrui immediately jumped into the river and swam toward the child who had fallen into the water.

Zhou Ying called out to a child who was scared out of his wits with half of his legs wet. She asked, “Hey, how many children fell in”

“Just, just Tieniu.” The child replied with reddened eyes.

“Okay. Quickly inform Tienius family and ask them to bring a change of clothes.”

“Ill go now.” The child nodded in response, then turned around and ran into the village.

At this time, Gu Chengrui dragged out a seven or eight-year-old boy who had passed out. The boy had some plants tied to his feet.

Once they reached the shore, Gu Chengrui immediately performed first aid. After a while, the little boy spat out the water and started crying. He cried loudly, showing that he was pretty frightened.

Seeing this, Zhou Ying breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Its good that hes fine. Do you want to head back to the temple or village”

“Lets go back to the temple. We have the medicine to expel the cold. We must change our clothes and drink medicine quickly, or we might fall seriously ill.” After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he carried the little boy and rushed back quickly.

When Zhou Ying heard him mention the medicine, she immediately understood and said, “Then Ill head back first to start brewing the medicine.”

After she finished speaking, she quickly ran up the mountain.

After arriving at the Mother God Temple, she took out everything she had bought the last two times and prepared a set of clothes for Gu Chengrui. She also relit the fire and took out a large clay pot from her interspace to boil the medicine.

After hesitating for a moment, she took out some straw and laid it next to the fire.

When she was almost done with her preparations, Gu Chengrui walked in with Tieniu, who was shivering from the cold.

Zhou Ying quickly pointed behind the statue and said, “Rui, quickly bring him over to take off his wet clothes.”

Gu Chengrui immediately walked over with Tieniu. He immediately understood when he saw that there were only his old blanket and clothes from his old home.

After that, he took off Tieniuls clothes and put his original clothes on him. Then, he wrapped him up with the blanket and finally twisted his clothes to dry his hair.

After making sure he wasnt dripping wet, he said to the kid, “You go over there and warm yourself up by the fire. Ill change my clothes.”



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