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Chapter 26 House Visiting

“Both of us know a little about medicine, so we dug up some medicinal herbs in the mountains these last two days and exchanged them for a few taels of silver in town. I think it should be enough to build a mud house in the village.”

The village chief was stunned for a moment and asked in surprise, “If you know about medicines, do you know how to treat diseases”

“When I was studying in the capital, I learned some simple medical knowledge from the doctors in the academy. Some common minor illnesses should not be a problem.” Gu Chengrui nodded.

According to his memory, although the original him had not officially studied medicine, he had a good relationship with the doctors in the academy. As long as he was free, he would go over and help them.

His second brother, Gu Chengye, who was his classmate, knew about this. This was why he could make this claim without fear of the Gu family exposing him.

“Thats great. It turns out that Doctor Xia, from our village, fell down a hill and passed away at the end of last spring when he went to the mountain to pick herbs.

“If any villager is sick, they have to run to town. So if you can cure them, it will be convenient for everyone.”

“Then Ill go and prepare some medicinal herbs. Ill try my best to treat the villagers, and it can be considered an extra income for us.”

“Yes, thats right. Its a win-win situation.” When the village chief said this, he realized that he had gone off-topic. He said, embarrassedly, “As for the land you mentioned building a house on, I think you should consider it carefully. Although you can build a house now, it will take at least one or two months.”

At that point, he hesitated for a moment and said, “If you dont mind, I have an old house that I can pass to you, but it has to be renovated.”

Gu Chengrui was stunned for a moment and nodded in agreement. “Youre right. When can we go and look at the house”

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“The house is at the village entrance, near the foot of the mountain. When your hair is done drying, we can go over and have a look. If you like it, Ill find someone to renovate it as soon as possible.”

“Thank you so much. If theres anything we can do for you in the future, this is part of my job anyway. When youre free in the future, do come over and visit.” The village chief smiled and nodded.

After that, the two of them chatted for a while longer.

When his hair was almost dry, the medicine was ready.

Zhou Ying gave each of them a bowl of medicine.

After the two of them finished drinking the medicine, Qian Jiaxi and his wife thanked them and went home with Tieniu.

The village chief took the couple to the foot of the mountain to have a look at the house.

They didnt expect that the house was built about 30 meters from the river, and the Tian familys house was next to it.

The village chief opened the door and walked in. “You guys go in and see if youll like it.”

“Dont mind if we do.” After Gu Chengrui said that, he went in with Zhou Ying to take a look.

The house wasnt big. Walking in, there was ample open space of about 30 square feet. There was a table on the opposite side of the room, allowing the room to be used as a living room. On the east side of the house was a brick bed that could be used as a bedroom. On the west side was a small room of less than 20 square feet.

The easternmost end of the house was connected to a small room of about ten square feet. Two connected stoves were in the room, allowing the room to be used as a kitchen.

After turning around, Gu Chengrui looked at the wall. If he wasnt wrong, the supporting wall was made of a three-in-one composite soil. He was delighted with its hardness and smoothness.

However, the roof was full of holes, and the beams looked rotten. It seemed that they really had to ask the village chief to renovate it before they could live in it.

As for the few window frames left barely intact, they had to be changed entirely.

After looking around, he turned to Zhou Ying and asked, “Babe, do you like it”



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