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Chapter 27 Settle Down

“Its alright. Its enough for us to live in for the time being.” Zhou Ying said.

“Then its decided.”

After that, the two of them walked toward the village chief, who was looking around the house, and said, “Grandpa Qian, how much does this house cost”

“There are only a few walls left intact in this broken house. How can I ask for money

“However, the size of the land is one acre total. So you have to pay two taels of silver for the land itself. “After the chief finished speaking, he led them to the backyard.

He pointed at a large piece of cabbage patch and said, “This is a vegetable garden occupying less than 80% of the land. We have been planting in it for the past few years. You can plow them over and plant on them directly in spring.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Qian.” Gu Chengrui clasped his hands and thanked him.

“So its decided” the village chief turned his head and asked.

“Yes, Ill have to trouble you to help us gather some people to fix the house as soon as possible.”

“Sure, lets talk about it in detail.” After the village chief finished speaking, he brought Gu Chengrui to the front to discuss how to renovate the house.

As for Zhou Ying, she returned to the mountain. She heard a faint dog bark from afar, so she hastened her steps and rushed up the mountain.

When she arrived outside Mother God Temple, she realized it was the wild dog she had previously fed. It was currently facing Gu Chengxi, who was carrying a basket on his back at the temple entrance.

“Chengxi, you are here. Take a rest inside.” She quickly stepped forward and greeted him.

After she finished speaking, she waved at the wild dog and waited for it to leave before she brought Gu Chengxi into the Mother God Temple.

Gu Chengxi followed her in with lingering fear and asked, “Third sister-in-law, since when did you have such a big dog”

After saying that, he put the basket aside and sat on a rock by the fire.

“I didnt purposefully rear it. I just leave some food aside for it every day.”

“This dog sure is loyal.” He quipped.

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“Why else would they say dogs are loyal” After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she took out a new bowl, poured some water into it, and handed it to him.

Gu Chengxi took it and drank half a bowl before saying, “You have become much more cheerful after coming out.”

“At least Im feeling more comfortable now that theres no one pressing on me constantly.”

Gu Chengxi laughed dryly and did not reply. Instead, he asked, “I just heard that my third brother went into the river to save the village chiefs grandson, Tieniu, in the afternoon. Is he alright now”

“Hes fine. Weve been digging up some medicinal herbs in the mountains these past two days. Weve exchanged them for a few doses of medicine for your third brother in town. Hes much better now.” Zhou Ying said.

Gu Chengxi was stunned for a moment. He really did not expect them to make a living by relying on medicinal herbs. He was happy for them and was piqued by the notion at the same time.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, he changed his mind. “Its good that my third brother is okay. If you need any help, just ask. Well, I have to go and collect firewood now. ”

After he finished speaking, he drank the rest of the water, picked up the basket, and walked out.

“Alright, come over when youre free.” Once Zhou Ying said that, she sent him off.

Afterward, she put the clothes she had hung outside into her interspace.

After a while, Gu Chengrui rushed back and asked for three taels of silver for the timber needed for the renovation. He then went down the mountain again once he got them.

When he returned, it was already around eight oclock in the evening. Seeing that the rice was still warm in the pot, he raised his head and asked, “Babe, have you eaten”

“Ive eaten. I was afraid you hadnt eaten, so I left some for you. ”

“Ive eaten at the village chiefs house, and the matter of the houses renovation has been settled. Other than the cost of the materials, their salary is ten copper a day, and well have to provide them with a meal at noon.

“Do we still have to provide food” Zhou Ying was a little miffed when she heard that. There is nothing here. How could they provide the food

“I didnt want to at first, but the village chief suggested it. He said we could integrate into the village faster if they are happy with the food.” After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he grabbed her hand and said, “Its been hard on you these past two days. Well overcome any difficulties together.”



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