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My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Abandoned

The old madam was at a loss for words when she saw Zhou Yings calm and sharp eyes. She asked, in confusion, “What do you mean you two are going to die Arent you still alive and well”

“Really I was considered slightly chubby when I married into the Gu family. But look at my face now. Ive lost so much weight in less than a month that Im only left with a layer of skin.” When Zhou Ying said this, she deliberately pulled the skin on her face.

She then continued, “The nights these days are cold and long. Who could stand eating just porridge and doing heavy work every day

“Last night, if it werent for the warm water left on the stove, we wouldve frozen to death in the woodshed.

“Also, my husbands illness has been dragged on by the cold wind to become a lung inflammation. Im afraid it will endanger his life if its not treated. “When Zhou Ying said this, she lowered her head and looked at the steamed bun in her hands. “So, not only does he need the steamed buns, but he also needs medical treatment. Look...”

Everyone was shocked after hearing this. Although lung inflammation wasnt an incurable disease, the medicine used wouldnt be cheap.

“Its just a cold. Itll pass soon. Its not that serious.” Mrs. Liu unhappily said, not waiting for the old madam to open her mouth.

“Cough, cough ...” Gu Chengrui lifted the curtain and slowly walked in, accompanied by a series of heart-wrenching coughs.

Everyone immediately looked at him. When they saw his ashen face and skinny body, they were all shocked.

Especially the old madam. She really didnt expect that in just two days, the young man would become like this.

It was no wonder Zhou Ying, who had always been silent and submissive, was full of thorns today. She was even dissing whoever she could.

“Good morning, old madam, father, mother, second uncle, and second aunt.” After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he gave a simple bow. Then, according to the original hims attitude, he looked at Zhou Ying and complained, “Why didnt you call me when its time to eat”

“Its my fault. Your body is weak. You should sit down first. “Zhou Yings lips curved up as she immediately helped him to the mens seats.

Mr. Gu quickly raised his hand to stop them. “Since youre sick, go back to your room and eat. Dont give everyone else your sickness.”

Gu Chengrui raised his head and looked at him coldly. He coughed and said, “Youre right, but Im afraid I cant get through this illness. Father, please give me some money to go to town and get some medicine. ”

“Money, money. How can we still have money at home Its just a cold. After dinner, you can ask your wife to make you a bowl of ginger soup and sweat it out.” Mrs. Liu didnt wait for Mr. Gu to speak and directly replied.

Gu Chengrui did not even look at Mrs. Liu after hearing this. He wasnt born from Mrs. Lius womb, so her attitude was unimportant. How he would get along with them in the future would ultimately depend on his father, Mr. Gus, attitude.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gu had no feelings for him to begin with. In addition to the recent series of blows, he subconsciously avoided the truth and decided to put all the blame on the couple. Otherwise, Mrs. Liu would not have dared to target and torment them like this.

Therefore, he only glanced at him indifferently and said, “Listen to your mother, we really dont have any money.”

“Is that so Lets ignore that our relatives and friends gave us silver when we left the capital, a total of 50 taels of silver that we passed to the family.

After returning to the village, the family received a hundred taels of dividends from the familys oil mill. Was it all spent in less than ten days “Gu Chengrui sneered.

“After we returned, we spent on food, clothes, beds, and furniture. Do you think we could do much with a hundred taels of silver” Mrs. Liu counted with her fingers.



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