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Chapter 9 Selling Medicine (1)

“Then Ill extract some peanut oil for later.” Gu Chengrui helped her up after he finished speaking.

After that, the two brought the medicinal herbs down the mountain and packed them separately into a broken sack. Gu Chengrui carried them on his back and left the interspace to rush to town.

When they met other people on the way, the two greeted them politely regardless of their attitude.

The first was to win the villagers favor so they could integrate into the village as soon as possible.

The other reason was to let them know they went to town to sell medicinal herbs. It was an excuse for their money source so that Mrs. Liu would not frame them for stealing money in the future.

When they arrived in the town, Zhou Ying found that this small town was really lively. It was especially so at the pier outside the town, which was densely packed with all kinds of people.

“I heard that the Gu family used to rely on river transportation to make a fortune, right” she turned to ask Gu Chengrui.

“Yes, at first it was river transportation, then it developed into sea transportation. It can be said that transportation is the Gu familys pillar industry.

This small town is really a good place with connections. As long as you have the brains, you can still make a living even if you dont make a fortune. ”

“It seems like we have to make a good plan.”

“Yes, but we have to do it slowly. Otherwise, itll be troublesome if we get targeted.” After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he pulled her hand and walked forward.

On the way, they found a tea stall and inquired about the various medicine shops in the town. The two went directly to the poorest medicine shop owned by the Luo family.

Because one of the other two shops was owned by the Gu familys rival, the Qiao family, and they had been suppressing the Gu family during this period of time. If they were recognized, they would only be humiliated.

The other family that owned the other shop had connections with the capital, so they naturally didnt want to go there.

“Dear guests, do you want to see the doctor or get medicine” As soon as they entered, a boy grinding medicinal herbs at the counter immediately stood up and greeted them.

“Im here for the doctor to get medicine but also to sell medicine.” After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he placed the sack against the counter.

When the boy saw this, he opened the sack and took a look. When he saw the medicinal ginseng inside, he immediately greeted them warmly and asked them to sit down. “Wait a moment. Ill go find my master.”

After he finished, he ran to the back door and shouted, “Master, theres a patient.”

After that, he sat down and started to grind the herbs again.

Not long after, a white-haired old man walked out and sat in front of a table. “Young man, come over and sit.”

Gu Chengrui stood up, walked over, and sat down. He stretched out his hand and said, “Youre amazing. You could tell at a glance that Im the one who needs treating.”

At the same time, Zhou Ying also perked up her ears to listen.

“Although the Luo familys medical skills are not well-known, they have been passed down for a hundred years. Some common diseases should not be a problem for me.” Doctor Luo replied, then closed his eyes and took Gu Chengruis pulse seriously.

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After a moment, he looked at him with a surprised face and said, “Have you taken any medicine The effect is quite good.”

Gu Chengrui was convinced of his skills now. He then nodded and said, “An elder gave it to me, but Ive finished it.”

“Do you know the prescription The medicine is very effective.” Doctor Luo hurriedly asked.

Gu Chengrui shook his head. “I dont know. But I heard its a pill made after concentrating some essence.”

After Doctor Luo heard this, he nodded thoughtfully. Then, he wrote a prescription for him and said, “Take three of them and lets see how it would go.”

After he finished writing, he handed the prescription to his apprentice.

Gu Chengrui stood up and called Zhou Ying over. “Doctor Luo, Ill have to trouble you to take a look at my wife.”



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