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Chapter 29: Ling Chi Torture [I]

“Sure enough, the speed of cultivation slows down as you go back, how long is the Mahayana period”

Chen Han didnt dare to think far away, he felt a mysterious and unpredictable energy in his dry lungs and liver, and his hands were intertwined and outlined in the void in front of him.

It is still the Seal of Divine Martial Arts, but it is clearly different from the one displayed in the Foundation Establishment period, and the technique is more complicated and profound. After all, it is not only the geng metal essence that needs to be controlled, but also the ethyl wood essence that comes from metallic lithium.

At the same time, the Xuanyin, which is used to assist cultivation in the enlightenment period, is itself stronger than the foundation-building period. Otherwise, how can it be improved on the original basis

Green and gold lingered between the hands and fingers, along with a palm-sized talisman gradually taking shape, with a large character written in the Chinese Cultivation World – Wu.

The blue and gold qi, which belong to Yimu and Gengjin, are light black in color, which is very different from the Shenwu seal of the foundation-building period.

In fact, this is also the superficial division of Huangji Shaking the Sky. According to the realm of the ninth level of cultivation, the color of the mysterious seal is divided into white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple from low to high. A little Chen Han had long known from the outline of the mind method, but he was not too surprised.


“God Martial Seal!”

The black talisman was completely condensed and formed, and in Chen Hans low voice, it disappeared from the fingertips and disappeared, and when it reappeared, it was already above the head.

A hazy light rain of light black light exploded gently, and countless tiny black gas evenly covered the whole body, infiltrating from the hair and skin. Wherever he passed, there was a little invisible mysterious energy left, and then every part of his body had subtle changes.

Among them, the most obvious changes are the liver and lungs. After all, they are organs that store spiritual energy, and they have the most mysterious powers allocated to them.


The effect of the Profound Seal lasted for nearly three minutes, which was to be expected.

As the cultivation level continued to increase, the duration of any kind of Profound Seal would increase. It was as if he had just entered the Foundation Establishment Stage, and the Divine Martial Seal would last for less than a minute at most, but the Heavenly Power Seal displayed during the promotion stage, but it lasted for a full two minutes.

What surprised Chen Han was that the same 100 kilograms of metal was extracted and refined, and 100 kilograms of steel was barely enough to activate the Divine Martial Seal once.

Now, he has already used the Divine Martial Seal once, and he still has more than half of the five elements of profound energy left in his body.

As he crossed the knot with his hands again, Chen Han also had a clear understanding in his heart: “After the realm is raised, the quality of the metal absorbed is higher, and the essence contained in the same weight of metal will be richer and purer. It seems that it wont take a dozen or so. Tons can break through, maybe eight tons of lithium metal can advance to the heartbeat period!”

His idea was correct in the front, but wrong in the back.

From the foundation-building stage to the initial stage of consecration, a total of about thirteen tons of steel were consumed, and the Shenwu Profound Seal was released once per 100 kilograms, that is, one hundred and thirty times the Shenwu Seal was upgraded to a large realm.

Although 100 kilograms of tin and lithium can release more than two Shenwu Seals, the number of Shenwu Seals that need to be activated has changed significantly from the consecration period to the heartbeat period.

One hundred and thirty times is not enough to complete the breakthrough of the second realm, so the metal required is still an astonishing number, and the exact amount can only be known with the deepening of cultivation.

“When tin and lithium absorb 40 kilograms each, can you activate the Divine Martial Seal once”

“Its about the same as when you first entered the foundation-building stage, and the energy absorption time required to cast once is about the same.”

As the practice continued, Chen Hans luck was finally shattered. It took nearly a day, and the improvement was far less than expected.

However, under the strengthening effect of Shenwu Yin, the meridians and internal organs have been significantly strengthened, and the speed of absorbing and refining the energy of refined gold has been greatly accelerated.

When he was immersed in his own little world and tried his best to improve crazily, something was quietly happening outside...

Villa basement.

The three were seriously injured and their dantians were punctured, their hands, feet, muscles and bones were crushed, and the nine-shaman masters who looked like crippled people were tied to the chairs with pale faces.

Xiaodao sat on the sofa with a dagger in his hand, tickling his nails boredly, and said coldly, “Boss Qin, its been five days, and there have been more than a dozen calls over there, and the interval between each time is getting shorter and shorter. The anger is also getting bigger and bigger. I asked the little girl that Dawei found to respond like Chen Han, but it seems that she cant hold on.”

Qin Yang, who frowned tightly, hesitated for a moment and said, “If it doesnt work, I can only move the guy, but it will cause big trouble, alas...”

The guy he was talking about naturally meant modern weapons, but that result was not what he wanted.

Ordinary firearms pose little threat to a rank-one martial artist, and the body-guarding true energy can easily block pistol bullets, and even with the martial artists keen six senses and unparalleled speed, he can avoid it in advance.

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Unless it is a sniper rifle with an extremely fast rate of fire and huge power, it is still ineffective in front of martial arts masters. As a third-line force, there must be a master in Jiushamen.



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