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Quick Transmigration Female LeadMale GodNever Stopping Chapter 1 - Chaos Space

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Chapter 1: Chaos Space

It was dark all around and filled with pure silence.

There was a bronze mirror in the solemn darkness releasing a pale blue light.

She was wearing a long red robe with a bright red flower hanging beside her eyebrows, as the vermillion beads on her fingers clacked together.

[Hello host, welcome to the Chaos Word. I am the system administrator.]

“Where is this Am I dead”

[Un, youve been dead for thirty thousand years.] The systems mechanical cold voice let out a soft sigh, as if showing that this was a bit long.

She slightly knit her brows as she began to search her memory, but she couldnt remember a single thing.

Although she wasnt unfamiliar with any plane and people since the ancient times.

Why couldnt she think of who she was

What had she experienced

Why did she die

[Your memory has long been washed clean by the Great Witch of the Chaos Space. Only a spirit that is completely empty is worthy of passing through space.]

“You know what Im thinking” She was stunned, there was actually someone who could hear her thoughts.

[I am the omnipotent mighty system. As the worldsonly soul that has died thirty thousand years ago and couldnt reincarnate, host, you currently have two choices. 1. You can turn into dust. 2. You can complete the previous hosts task and gain enough experience points. Once you have enough experience points, you can regain your memory and be reborn.]

A moment of silence......

[The host has accepted the mission, immediately loading the system.]

“When did I say I accepted this mission” Luo Qing Chen revealed a stunned expression. She didnt speak at all, alright!

[The hosts thoughts has already accepted this mission. The system has been loaded.]

Another moment of silence......

After a second, the bronze mirror in front of her slowly began to light up and there was a series of fuzzy text that appeared on the mirror. She narrowed her eyes and the text gradually became clearer.

[Luo Qing Chens detailed space travel instruction manual.]

1: Mission grades: C, B, A, S, SS, SSS. Completing different grades of missions will reward different amounts of experience.

2: If the mission is failed or the male leads friendship with a female supporting lead reaches 100, the host will immediately turn into dust.

3: The following is Luo Qing Chens basic stats.

Experience: 0/10000

Appearance: 70/100

Strength: 40/100

Charm: 70/100

Figure: 70/100

The source of this content is n/ov/elb/in[./]net'

[PS: Other than experience, all the basic values are only for this mission and are not related to other missions.]

4. When the experience bar is full, you can be reborn with all your memories.

After another second, the image on the bronze mirror gradually changed, just like turning to a new page.

[Mission grade: C]

[Experience gained: 100. Reward item: Large novice gift package.]

Female lead: Luo Qing Chen

Male lead: Zhao An Yang

Supporting female lead: Yan Wu Se

Mission content: Return to the day before the previous owners death and change the ending to obtain Zhao An Yangs love.

[Host please choose: Do you accept the previous hosts memories]

There was another moment of silence.....

[Host, you must speak this time!]

“Whatever you say!” Luo Qing Chen was thinking, could it be it wouldnt give her the memories if she said no

Moreover, could her soul be even better

When thinking of that childish and somewhat cold system saying that she had died for thirty thousand years without reincarnating, she became angry.

What kind of person could be that powerful to not let her reincarnate after thirty thousand years!

After a second, large amounts of memories began to fill her mind. Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes as the wave of memories flooded into her mind, causing her head to split apart. The scenes in front of her eyes kept appearing in front of her like a movie that didnt stop.



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