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Chapter 13: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 12)

“You knew” Luo Qing Chen had eyes with a bit of shock in them, it seemed like she had underestimated the emperors skills.

Yes, he knew everything.

She had smiled like that at an unknown man, with the emperor who had such a jealous heart, naturally he investigated everything as soon as he came back.

Of course, that also included Tao Huas bullying of her.

That account, he would definitely properly settle it.

“Un,” He said with a nod, “Before you came, I took a quick look over Su Lis answer scroll.”

Damn, its over!

Luo Qing Chen was stunned as a bit of fear appeared in her eyes. She lowered her head and said, “I was wrong.....”

“Wrong about what” Zhao An Yang guessed that Luo Qing Chen had came to find him last night because of Su Lis civil exam.

But seeing her admitting her mistakes, naturally he had guessed right.

“I shouldnt have had you change the exam questions just to have Su Li pass.” Luo Qing Chen raised her hands and continued to confess, “But I do really think that business strategies could help circulation between cities, it wasnt just to help him.....”

“Un, its not too late to admit your mistakes.” Zhao An Yang saw her pure appearance and couldnt bear to keep blaming her.

After all, she was someone who knew how to return favours.

As for Su Li, she really did only meet him a day ago. This was something he had already heard from the boss of the Brocaded Clothes House and his own people.

He couldnt help feeling sorry when he thought of this, he had been that excessive in throwing her away....

And she was actually afraid that he was angry, so she prepared dinner for him.

Having a girl like this, what else could he ask for.

“Yi, eunuch Lins taking so long heating up the dishes! Why hasnt he sent them yet.....”

“Someone, bring the dishes in!”

How could eunuch Lin be slow at heating the dishes! He knew what the emperor was thinking and before he was summoned, how could he dare disturb his private time with his wife.

After that, eunuch Lin brought some maids in as they sent in the hot meal.

The maids all bowed before quickly leaving.

Eunuch Lin closed the door and silently guarded outside.

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Luo Qing Chen pulled on his dragon robe sleeve and tentatively asked, “Are you eating”

“Alright.” He gave a warm smile and firmly held her hand.

Luo Qing Chen sat down and looked at Zhao An Yang with an excited smile as she said, “Whichever dish the emperor likes, Ill have the royal kitchen make it for you everyday.”

It had to be known, although there were vegetables and meats, all of the dishes had one thing in common.....

They were all kidney boosters!

“You dont remember what this one likes” Zhao An Yang looked over the dishes and there was a trace of disappointment in his eyes.

None of these dishes were the ones he liked to eat.

But he didnt blame her since it had been many years. It was very normal that she couldnt remember.....

“Emperor, some of the things you like to eat arent good for your body. The dishes Ive prepared for you are all good for the body!” Luo Qing Chen naturally saw his look of disappointment and quickly explained.

“Good for what” Zhao An Yangs eyes lit up. Seeing the dishes in front of him, he seemed to have thought of something as he asked in a doubtful voice.

“The kidney!” Luo Qing Chen directly answered without even thinking about it.

But the instant she said it, she was filled with regret.

Damn! System, system, what do I do, I.....Ive let it slip! Damn, dont subtract my affection. I.....Ill take it back.

[System notification: The host is seeking your own death, please accept the consequences.]

Fuck, look at how you gloat.

The system was very helpless. It didnt know when the host heard a gloating tone from its mechanical voice.

“Does Qinger mean that this ones kidney is not good, or.....” Zhao An Yang had a passionate gaze in his deep eyes.

He reached out to take her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

He felt the faint fragrance on her body enter his nose. He already couldnt take it anymore, he kissed her seductive lips once again.

“If Qinger has made these dishes thinking that this one isnt good enough, how about trying it first before deciding if this one needs to eat or not.” He picked her up and walked towards the inner chamber.



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