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Chapter 16: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 15)

With a “dong” sound, Yan Wu Se directly kneeled on the ground.

Her face was covered in blood and tears, mixing together, it was a terrifying sight.

“Emperor, please make a decision for this concubine!” The decibel of her voice wasnt reduced by a single bit.

[Ding, Yan Wu Ses affection has decreased by ten. There is 20% remaining.]

This deduction was very reasonable!

It was reasonable! If I was the male lead and I saw Yan Wu Ses grim looking face, I would have it decrease by thirty!

[The hosts mind is truly wandering.] The systems cold voice abruptly rang out, putting out the raging flame she had for decreasing the affection by thirty!

Humph, broken system. I dont know if you encountered a strange bug when you were made, you dont understand humans at all!

Zhao An Yang didnt say anything. He looked like he saw through everything as he looked at the kneeling Yan Wu Se with narrowed eyes.

Tao Hua came out and pointed at Luo Qing Chen as she said while kneeling, “Emperor, you must make a decision for the consort! This evil person has a fierce weapon, she wanted to kill the consort!”

The master and servant worked together, making it seem very realistic.

“Oh Fierce weapon” Zhao An Yang raised one brow. He looked at the thing he hadnt seen before in Luo Qing Chens hand and slightly knit his brows.

Damn, this darkened little white flower, it was clearly her who wanted to kill Xiao Qiu.

Not to mention a hundred hits, with Xiao Qius body, even fifty hits would be life threatening.

This was logical self defense, did she understand common sense

Luo Qing Chen let the mace droop down in her right hand behind her as she shouted in her heart: System, system, do you have an ability to instantly take back the mace I have finished using it and dont need it now, take it back! When I need it next time, Ill ask you for it!

[Temporarily no.] The system directly rejected her without any emotions.

Why temporarily no Then you mean that there will be in the future

[You cannot exchange for anything, you cant open the virtual space.]

Damn, so annoying!

Zhao An Yang saw her shrinking back and slightly reached out to take out the hand she placed behind her.

“Right, its that!” It was like Yan Wu Se saw the light of justice as she said while sobbing, “That is the fierce weapon she used to harm this concubine!”

Zhao An Yang didnt even turn to look at Yan Wu Se, he just looked at Luo Qing Chen who seemed like she was a bit aggrieved as he said, “Why did you bring such a dangerous thing out”

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He couldnt help feeling a bit uncomfortable. If it wasnt for the fact that she didnt feel safe, how could she keep this kind of thing by her side.

He had already heard eunuch Lin report, it was Yan Wu Se who went looking for her.

His heart suddenly tensed up. He only got to enjoy her sticking by him and acting so warmly.

If something happened, what should he do


“Youre keeping this dangerous thing on you, what would happen if you fell and hurt yourself” Luo Qing Chen wanted to explain, but she was cut off by Zhao An Yang.

Yan Wu Ses body was instantly frozen on the spot. She was the victim, why did he seem like he was worried about her

Why He only had her in his eyes, he didnt spare a glace for her

It was her! She was the injured person! That was the evil person with a weapon in her hand, shouldnt she be punished

But why did she hear the emperors voice being filled with care and warmth towards her It was like he was protecting a treasure, keeping her in his palm.

She slightly raised her eyes to look at her and saw his eyes filled with worry.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned. Her heart was a bit moved and gradually her eyes misted over.

“Xiao Qiu.”


“Send the madame back Purple Imperial Palace. The madame has been scared, properly take care of her.” Zhao An Yangs eyes looked at her with a mesmerizing pampering look, melting her heart bit by bit.

#Male lead creating hate for the supporting female lead system two#

Luo Qing Chen: He really is a male lead. A male lead that hates the supporting female this much is much more comforting!



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