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Chapter 2: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 1)

The previous host Luo Qing Chen was the only daughter of the Luo Family, so her parents were loved her too much to hit her or scold her.

Being pampered like this, the previous host was overbearing since she was young and not letting anyone go against her. Of course, that included Zhao An Yang who she loved with all her heart.

The previous host was most proud of two things in her life. One was helping Zhao An Yang capture all the cities from north to south, allowing him to become the emperor. The second was becoming his bride.

However, the previous host in the heart of Zhao An Yang was a demon.

When she met Zhao An Yang the first time, he was kneeling in the snow. The previous hosts father told her that Zhao An Yang was blind.

Because his mother was gravely ill, he was kneeling to beg for a doctor.

The previous host helped him find a doctor and returned to their city.

But they never expected the doctor to be intercepted by his big brother Zhao An Ling. Zhao An Yangs mother had died the next day.

After a few years, there was a coincidence where the previous host and Zhao An Yang were studying at the same school.

Zhao An Yang because of the matter with his mother completely ignored the previous host.

The previous host was very angry and in order to make Zhao An Yang beg for mercy, the previous host had people bully Zhao An Yang over his blindness.

That happened until the ugly supporting female lead Yan Wu Se appeared, helping Zhao An Yang break free. Zhao An Yang was very grateful and decided that if there was a day, he would definitely repay her.

After the previous host found out, she used her power to drive the supporting female lead away, not letting him see her again.

But no one imagined that after years of being secretly nurtured by the previous host and after using many relations, Zhao An Yang would pass the exam to become an imperial censor when the supporting female lead told him that she wasnt willing to marry an imperial teacher over sixty years old, asking him for his help.

With the favour of being saved back in school, the kind hearted Zhao An Yang agreed.

The previous host used her life to find the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus that could cure his eyes and the Luo Familys Token to force the male lead to marry her, also agreeing to help him become emperor to avenge his mother.

Zhao An Yang agreed to marry the previous host. After that, the previous host helped Zhao An Yang attack all the cities, but Zhao An Yang stopped in front of the city of the supporting female lead.

Because of the favour he owed the supporting female lead, he couldnt bear to see her die.

He had his subordinate bring the supporting female lead back and placed her in the shed, choosing a day to send her out of the city. Although he wanted to repay his debt, he didnt want to make the previous host angry.

Who would have thought that the previous host would still find out. She went to find the supporting female lead after finding out and after accidentally being cut, she lost the child in her stomach.

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After that, the original host was no longer the same innocent and arrogant person.

Not long after, she became indifferent and didnt go out anymore.

Zhao An Yang kept trying to see her, but was blocked outside the door by her each time.

Over time, he also became disheartened.

After a year, Yan Wu Se succeeded with her soft words and became the favourite and pampered consort of the eastern emperor.

But actually it was just an empty title of consort.

Only the previous host didnt know that.

After a few years, the previous host finally passed away after being in tears all day.

But she was filled with regret before dying. She had done all she could to keep that boy by her side, she shouldnt have given up.

This kind of thought brought her mind to the bronze mirror of the Chaos Space, appearing in front of the host Luo Qing Chen.

[Has the host finished with the previous hosts story]

The system saw that Luo Qing Chen had been sitting there without moving for at least two hours and couldnt help speaking up.

“Un, pretty much!” Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “Can you tell me the favorability the male lead had for the previous host and the supporting female lead”

[“Previous host: 50%, supporting female lead: 30%.”]

This made Luo Qing Chen unable to stop her emotional sigh. After all these years, Zhao An Yang still had deep affection for the previous host. The previous host didnt waste her life collecting the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus to let him see again.

She thought about it. The previous host had always been very strong before.

Whether it was towards him or any other matter, she was also very decisive. She had never shown a weak appearance before.

Yi, being very decisive, why did it seem like her own personality

But generally speaking, this kind of personality in this plane threw a man far behind and even made him feel that he wasnt worthy.

After all, men liked girls that they could protect.

Then she just need to play as a gentle girl and slowly enter back into Zhao An Yangs heart.

But her head still hurt right now. It was not earlier and she was feeling uncomfortable, so she should sleep first.

After all, the previous host had died a death like Lin Dai Yu, so there was no harm in resting up.

[TL Note: Lin Dai Yu is a character known for being melancholy in Dream of a Red Chamber.]

Then again, it wasnt anything to miss one night in attacking the male lead.

The following is an author note:

All male leads body and hearts were clean, one on one with dual punches. Those little fairies that want to see a flawless male lead, please read from the second world~

There are difficulties when it came to attacking a man, some are love at first sight and some have some difficulties!

Everything depends on the host. Everyone please put your experience into the host and male lead and dont always focus on the previous host.



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