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Chapter 20: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 19)

So tired, my eyelids keep falling down.

Her mind was filled with chaos and the sounds of blades around her was overwhelming.

She slightly looked up and saw the panicked man in front of her, carrying her as he ran through the forest.

Zhao An Yangs two guards had already died in front of the hut and Fu Hong Yuan hadnt arrived yet.

In front of them was a cliff and behind them were soldiers.

Zhao An Yang stood on the edge of the cliff with her dressed in her white robe dashed with red, with a deathly stillness in his eyes.

[System notification: The hosts body is in danger.....]

I know, I know, the pain makes it very clear, alright You dont need to be that tactful, you can just say that Im about to die!

[Yes.] The system silently indicated that its host was not too dumb.

Luo Qing Chen slightly opened her eyes and saw the flame flashing in front of her. She gently pulled on Zhao An Yangs sleeve and said, “Emp.....Emperor.....”

“Qinger, dont speak.” Zhao An Yangs eyes were completely red and his lips were slightly trembling as his voice was filled with incomparable panic.

She took a deep breath and watched him approach the side of the cliff with a faint smile. Raising her hands, her cool fingertips slid across his face, “Do you know When I went to the Qingnan Mountains to obtain the Snow Lotus, the blood on my white clothes were the same as now.”

His heart was stunned. In the past, he knew that going to the Qingnan Mountains to obtain the Snow Lotus was almost certain death. Therefore, even though he knew that the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus could let him see the light again, he never went to obtain it.

After all, it was simply impossible.

Under the heavens, all across the world.

He knew that there were very few people who had obtained the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus. The brave men who had died on Qingnan Mountain were too many to count.

Her in the past, just like today, used all her strength.

Even her life......

She did so much for him, but what did he do

After using the Luo Family behind her to build an empire, he brought another woman to the palace and watched that woman destroy her beloved child

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When she was filled with despair, what did he do

He took Yan Wu Se as a concubine and let her spread rumours that she was in charge of the royal harem

As for the girl who did everything for him, she locked herself in a remote palace, washing her face with tears each day.

This kind of useless him, how could he say he loved her.

He was not worthy of her love at all......

“Qinger......” Zhao An Yangs body kept trembling as tears began to fall down.

Seeing her pale as paper face, Zhao An Yangs heart was ripped apart with pain. How he wished that the arrow had pierced his heart and he could die for her.

“Dont cry......” Luo Qing Chen felt some liquid falling onto the back of her hand and she used all her strength to take a breath, “I love you this much......how could I bear to see you in pain. I wont die, dont cry......”

In that instant, Zhao An Yangs entire person was about to collapse.

She was lying in his embrace covered in blood, with a face that was completely out of blood, yet she was looking at him with such gentle eyes.

On the edge of life and death, in order to not let him worry, she used the final bit of her strength to pull out a smile and surround him in warmth. Using a soft voice to coax him.

“Luo Qing Chen, you cant die! If you die, I will definitely go with you!” He roared with all his might. Leaning over, he used his soft hands to gently cover her eyes as his eyes were filled with determination.

He used me, but it wasnt this one.

The blood slowly draining out of her made her brain fade away until she finally lost her final bit of consciousness. Everything turned dark in front of her eyes and she lost all sense of feeling.

[Ding, affection has increased by twenty. Mission completion rate is now 90%.]



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