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Chapter 24: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 23)

On the soft bed, he couldnt wait to kiss her as his breath deeply enveloped her.

The slightly cool finger slid across her white skin and caused her to let out a low moan.

The air was filled with an ambiguous feeling that made her heart fall into a panic.

But when she was to lose control of her mind, he stopped.

Luo Qing Chens pink dress was already ripped to shreds and she was breathing deeply. Seeing him suddenly stop, there was the wordno” that flashed in her mind!

She saw Zhao An Yang slowly stand up from above her and sit down beside her. hE placed her into his embrace and gently stroked her hair as he said, “Qinger is injured, I wont bully you.”

Luo Qing Chen was stunned as an unspeakable feeling appeared in her heart.

Looking at his passionate eyes, somewhere must already be swollen.

Without knowing why, she suddenly wanted to say, “Actually.....Actually you can bully her.”

Who spoke Who was it that spoke It definitely wasnt her!

Before Luo Qing Chen had recovered from her shyness, Zhao An Yang had already leaned over and had pressed her under his body.

His eyes were bright and warm as his lips revealed a faint smile.

In the next second, a raging flame poured over her.

She took a deep breath and tightly closed her eyes. She felt his overbearing passion, his cool fingers, and his burning warmth.

Her lips slightly curled. Opening her eyes, she met his gentle gaze.

She suddenly thought of something that she didnt know where she heard from before......

This life never changes.

“I love you, Luo Qing Chen.” His warm voice rang in her ears.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten. Mission completion rate is 100%.]

The sound in her mind broke her weak consciousness.....

She had completed the mission in this situation.

[Will the host choose to stay Yes/No]

Yes. She replied to the system without even thinking.

Her mind was blank, but this word was incomparably clear.

She wanted to stay. Whether she became old or if she died of illness, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Early next morning, Luo Qing Chen felt opening her eyes was a very tiring matter.

It was like all her bones were shattered and the soreness was unbearable.

She regretted that she had completely estimated the man from last night!

She had definitely underestimated him!

“Madame, the empe.....The master wants this servant to bring you out of the palace. This servant has already packed everything, you just need to wash up.” Xiao Qiu came in and spoke to her.

Southern gates, where were they going

You want to run away since youre not the emperor anymore

When she came out of the palace gates with Xiao Qiu, someone suddenly called her name from behind.

“Luo Qing Chen!”

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Damn, whos even calling me with my surname!

Turning around, she saw a face she hadnt seen in a long time.

Su Li.

Ya, isnt this the legendary supporting male lead role

Luckily, luckily I had you that I could exchange for the legendary mace! Attracting peoples hatred and ending up being hit by an arrow!

Thinking about it now, almost losing her life was related to this person in front of her.

“Looking at your clothes, did you pass the test” Luo Qing Chen saw the token in his hand, naturally knowing that he had entered the court as an official. She didnt know what official grade he was at and what rank he had on the test rankings.

“I have to thank Qing Chen.....Eh, speaking of this, your husband isnt here” Su Li couldnt help thinking of the man he saw the other day. The man who called himself her husband, the man whose body was covered in the aura of a king.

“Hes not.” Luo Qing Chen said with a soft laugh.

“Hu——” Su Li let out a long sigh before saying with a smile, “Luckily I had Qing Chens help, I finally got through the pressure of the main question. Although I wasnt the champion, Im still very satisfied with second place!”

Su Lis smile was very special. This was a kind of special that could make people feel very warm.

“Ke, ke.....” She cleared her throat and softly said in his ears, “You should thank my husband for being able to take care of the main question!”

“Oh” A confused look flashed in Su Lis eyes. He thought about it before saying, “Could it be that Qing Chens husband is a part of the scholar office”

No wonder that man seemed to have an aura of nobility, he was someone from the scholar office.

“Puchi——” Luo Qing Chen saw him nod his head in understanding and couldnt help laughing. She patted his shoulder and said, “Brother Su! Youre wrong! The correct answer is, he thought of the question.”

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