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Chapter 30: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 2)

Luo Qing Chen seriously combed over the original cannon fodders memory and felt that her thoughts werent wrong.

The times this so called cannon fodder had seen the male lead was pitifully little.....

The person she liked in the beginning wasnt even the male lead, it was the supporting male lead, Tang Yu.

Because she liked Tang Yu, it caused a school flower like her to become the supporting female lead, Qian Fei Feis follower!

All because Tang Yu liked Qian Fei Fei! Qian Fei Fei liked Su Liang Chen! Su Liang Chen.....

In the original hosts memory, Su Liang Chen didnt seem to like anyone.

He was called the male lead because Fang Tian Tian liked him!

A story needed a love triangle or a love rectangle, otherwise it cant be that romantic!

The original hosts end was suicide. She jumped off the Royal High Schools roof and ended her life.

The reason she killed herself was very funny. It was because Qian Fei Fei had the original host buy her breakfast.

In the end, Qian Fei Feis stomach hurt after eating it. Tang Yu felt the original host had deliberately hurt Qian Fei Fei because she liked him, so he cursed the original host. He wanted the original host to never appear in front of him and it would be best if she died.

The original host had a weak personality. With her beloved male god saying this to her, her heart instantly collapsed and she chose to end her life!

However, the original host thought about her parents and family before dying, so she couldnt help feeling filled with regret.

Her body came from her parents.

Her life wasnt just for herself, it was also for the people who loved her!

After finishing the original hosts story, Luo Qing Chen sat on the stone bench in the park as she watched Su Liang Chen playing basketball.

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System, can you tell me how the mission completion rate is calculated this time

[The second task is the main task, the first task is a branch task.]

Damn, I knew you wouldnt be this kind. Speaking of this, the first task isnt hard, but the second task. Tell me, what is the male leads affection for the original host and any other girls right now!

[Original host, 0%. Female lead, 0%. Female supporting lead, 0%.]

God, this really is an indifferent male lead! But speaking of this, everyone is at the starting line. It really isnt clear who will win!

“Qing Chen, Fei Fei wants you to help her buy some Yakult.” Luo Qing Chen was still thinking when a little fat girl came beside her, speaking in a commanding tone.

Luo Qing Chen tried her best to remember and found in the original hosts memory that this little fat girl was one of Qian Fei Feis followers.

But she was one of those followers who flattered when needed and bullied others.

There was no lack of bullying from Qian Fei Fei usually. She could only find someone else to vent her stomach filled with anger.

Luo Qing Chen directly stood up and put her hands into her pockets. She completely ignored the little fat girl and walked off in another direction.

The little fat girl was stunned, did Luo Qing Chen eat the wrong medicine She dared walk off like this

Returning to the class, at the same table was the original hosts rare friend named, Yang Meng Ting.

Her marks were very good, she was at the top of the school.

It was forgotten to be said, the original host was at the bottom of the school!

Thats right, the bottom fifty of their grade always had her name.

“Qian Chen, did you do something for Qian Fei Fei again!” Yang Meng Ting kept taking notes while talking to her.

Luo Qing Chen took out her textbook as she said with a faint smile, “Who is dumb enough to care about her.”

She didnt want to pretend too much in front of Yang Meng Ting because in her memory, this girl wasnt bad.

Yang Meng Ting was stunned, even causing that hand that never stopped taking notes to stop.

She looked at Luo Qing Chen who was seriously taking notes for a while before slowly saying, “Un, thats good. Well be taking the National College Entrance Exam soon, dont think about those things.”

Naturally she knew what Yang Meng Ting was thinking about! Tang Yu, right, doesnt suit this old ladys tastes!

System, Ill add another side task for you! How about we abuse Tang Yu as well

[......] The system almost exploded.



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