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Chapter 12: Wrongly Informed.

As soon as mid-October arrived in Yan City, a cold, demonic wind began to blow.

When Yao Yi went out, she wrapped her school uniform around her tightly and walked slowly to the classroom.

The hair that had just grown out of her scalp was blown all over the place.

She managed to walk to the teaching building, and when she arrived at the entrance of the stairs, she noticed Fu Chuan at first sight.

After thinking about it, she walked quickly up the stairs.

Fu Chuan’s legs were longer than Yao Yi’s, so she only caught up when she reached the fourth floor.

Looking up again, she saw that Fu Chuan was about to enter the classroom.

Yao Yi took a big step, stretched out her hand, and patted Fu Chuan’s shoulder.

Fu Chuan raised his eyebrows and turned around to look at the person who patted him.


“You can do it!” Yao Yi made a sincere gesture to Fu Chuan and entered Class Two’s classroom on her own.

Fu Chuan turned his head and glanced at his shoulder, then looked at Class Two opposite the door of Class One and contemplated thoughtfully.

Every day, when Fu Chuan entered Class One, there would always be a commotion.

Everyone studied harder than in other classes.

They would all be immersed in their homework during the ten-minute break time, but they would still be shocked by Fu Chuan’s appearance and temperament early in the morning.

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Fu Chuan ignored their small movements and looked out the window, mulling over something.



“What’s with all the unnecessary fuss” Han Jiaojiao muttered, keeping her eyes on the textbook on the table.

However, she leaned forward in the chair so that Li Ge could squeeze in.

“Big news!” Li Ge took a deep breath, “Fu Chuan from Class Two has officially given us a challenge letter!”

“What’s the situation” Zhao Qian put down the chicken drumstick that was dripping with sauce in his hand, gossiping.

“Wasn’t it suspected only yesterday”

“I went to hang out with some students in Class One, and everyone in their class heard it!” Li Ge said solemnly.

“What do you mean” Han Jiaojiao finished calculating a question and turned around to join the gossip group.

“Didn’t I reveal some gossip to their class yesterday Some people couldn’t help asking today, and Fu Chuan admitted it himself.

” Li Ge patted his thigh, “This Fu Chuan is too crazy!”

Yao Yi was as calm as a mountain in the wind and rain, burying her head in writing her math problems.

She wasn’t surprised at Li Ge’s words.

“Deskmate, you must torture him to death in the next exam! He is too arrogant.

You have to kill his spirit!” It seemed as if it was Zhan Qian who was provoked, not Yao Yi.

He shook Yao Yi, trying to persuade her to fight against Fu Chuan from the opposite class.

Yao Yi raised her head and said seriously, “Classmate Fu Chuan has worked hard to prove himself.

He feels that first place in one exam is nothing.

This kind of unyielding spirit is worth learning.”

Lao Han came in through the back door ahead of time and just heard what Yao Yi said.

He couldn’t help nodding: “Well said!”


The group of students who were chattering just now instantly quieted down like chickens.

Lao Han slowly walked to the podium with his hands behind his back, saying,”Students, I just heard about something interesting.

The students in Class One insisted on competing with our class and swore that they would have higher scores than us on the next exam.”

Class Two’s atmosphere was boiling.

“The total average score of our class this time is two points higher than their class!” Someone in the class couldn’t help but explode, “Isn’t it just that they had someone in first place, and yet they’re puffing up Why are they acting like our class doesn’t have a first place too “

“I know, right.

I’ll just say that Class One is too crazy.

Unfortunately, the headteacher said that Class Two could only be placed behind Class One!” Lao Han said.

Han Jiaojiao rolled her eyes and said nothing.

The tip of the pen drew heavily on the white paper, and Yao Yi felt inexplicably that something was out of her grasp….

“Student Fu Chuan…” Yu Qingying came to Fu Chuan’s desk in a well-fitting school uniform.

Her big eyes were full of admiration and encouragement for him.

“Our class supports you, and you will definitely be number one next time!”

Fu Chuan stopped writing and looked up: “What do you mean”

Yu Qingying said softly, “We all heard that you are going to compete with Yao Yi from next door.

The headteacher asked me to tell you that our Class One will definitely be better than that Class Two.”

“…” Fu Chuan looked down at the unfinished exercises, not knowing what kind of vortex he was caught in.

Two days later, when Fu Chuan finally understood what was happening, the rumor was known to the whole school.


During the first year of high school, there was no need for self-study at night.

Fu Chuan changed into his home clothes and laid on the bed.

After staring at the ceiling for a long time, he finally picked up his phone.

“Last time, you misunderstood what I meant.

There is no challenge letter.”

Fu Chuan sent a text message to someone with remarks (TLN: For WeChat, when you’re messaging someone for the first time, you usually send a message with remarks that explain who you are or why you messaged).

He didn’t explain the reason, but he also didn’t want to be misunderstood by her.

The sound of the phone vibrating didn’t attract Yao Yi’s attention, as she was struggling with a theory in a book.

Her dormitory had now been changed, and the curfew was set at eleven o’clock.

If she didn’t hurry and save time, then she wouldn’t have time to read the book.

After waiting for half an hour, Fu Chuan, who had not received a reply from the text message, moved his fingers again.

This time, Yao Yi had just finished stretching and was about to go to sleep.

She noticed the notification on her phone.

The good Classmate Fu Chuan: “I just thought you were sad about not getting first on the test.”

What He must have sent the message to the wrong person.

Yao Yi scrolled up suspiciously and saw the first notification.

Yao Yi tilted her head.

She had just come out of her world of mathematics, and her mind was not very clear.

She didn’t understand what Fu Chuan meant.

“The first place is me.” Yao Yi also put a smile emoji, looking extremely mocking.

Fu Chuan paused, rolled over, and sat up.

Staring at the phone for a long time, he finally dialed the phone number.

“…” Yao Yi’s lights were just turned off, and the light from her phone was beaming in the darkness.


“If you misunderstood, I apologize to you.” Fu Chuan’s light voice came from the other end of the phone.

Yao Yi took off her coat with great effort while holding a piece of paper between her head and shoulders.

The rustling sound reached Fu Chuan’s ears.

“Oh, it’s okay.” Yao Xiaoxiao yawned, trying to end the call early.

Fu Chuan was choked.

He was usually the one that treated others aloofly.

However, this was the first time he was treated so perfunctorily by someone else.

But… last time she was very enthusiastic when she came to him to ask him to get books for her.

Failing to achieve his goal, Fu Chuan could only hang up the phone, keeping his eyes open and thinking.

As for Yao Yi, who had already shrunk into the soft bed, she fell into a deep sleep in an instant.

In her dream, Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss and Euclid, along with many other mathematicians from all over the world, were sitting at a big round table arguing

When the alarm clock rang in the morning, Yao Yi immediately got up to wash up and dress, as if she was waiting for this moment.

Passing by the bed, Yao Yi glanced at the phone on her quilt and suddenly remembered who called last night.

After a pause, Yao Yi picked up her phone, contemplated it, and finally came to her senses.

“Try your best next time to get first place.”

This sentence was not said to him, but to her

Yao Yi seemed to understand the reason for the misunderstanding.

What was she doing that day Sitting back on the bed, she thought hard.

Yes, that day she happened to be reprimanded by the language arts teacher, and she was very mournful when she went downstairs.

So…it wasn’t a challenge letter

Yao Yi lost the thought of writing math problems and sat there frowning.

It was only 6:10 now.

Maybe she could buy classmate Fu Chuan breakfast to show an apology

She did it just as she said she would.

Yao Yi dialed the number in her contacts for “the good classmate Fu Chuan.” The call was connected after three beeps.

“Um, classmate Fu Chuan, have you eaten yet” Yao Yi asked politely.

Fu Chuan, who had his long soft hair loose, casually glanced at the porridge brought by the nanny, and answered, “No.”

Yao Yi was happy: “I was too sleepy last night, and my brain was not working well.

Do you think this is good I’ll bring you breakfast today.

Let’s… clear out the past”

She used an inquiring sentence and tone, but in fact, she didn’t intend to give others other options.

Fu Chuan had already fully understood her temperament.

“Mhm.” Fu Chuan finally agreed.

Fu Chuan tied his hair, picked up the school bag on the sofa, and walked directly out the door.

“Young Master, you haven’t eaten porridge yet” The nanny asked anxiously when she saw that the porridge had not been touched at all.

“I’m going to eat at school.” Fu Chuan left a sentence and walked out.

It was just that Fu Chuan underestimated Yao Yi’s simple mentality.

On the way there, Yao Yi called Fu Chuan again.

She asked him if he would like to swipe her card directly in the cafeteria, so as not to waste plastic bags and pollute the environment.

Actually, Yao Yi just wanted to spend more time in the dormitory and do one more math question.

“…As you like.” Fu Chuan didn’t really want to eat the breakfast she bought.

He just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding.

It was the first time that he meddled in someone else’s own business and brought himself into such big trouble.

In fact, Fu Chuan was already very displeased with Yao Yi in his heart.

 But Yao Yi couldn’t feel it, so she happily said: “When you arrive at the school gate, call me and we can meet at the entrance of the cafeteria.”

Uncle Li sent his young master to the gate of the school.

He saw the young master standing there for a while before taking out his phone and walking into the school.

Fu Chuan was hesitating whether to really eat the breakfast, and then he thought that solving the misunderstanding at once would be better.

“Classmate Fu Chuan!” After Yao Yi received the call, she flew from the dormitory to the cafeteria, where she noticed Fu Chuan’s figure from a distance.

Years of careful observation and strong memory had enabled Yao Yi to live a normal life in her face-blind world.

Let’s go.

You can swipe my card at will.” Yao Yi said enthusiastically as she carried her schoolbag, “It’s my fault.

I misunderstood you.”

Make corrections if mistakes were made.

This was what a good student should do.

There were not many people in the cafeteria, and No.

1 High School did not restrict students from going out.

Many students at the school prefer to get their breakfast somewhere other than the school.

“Here is my meal card.” Yao Yi handed it to Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan took it over and suddenly regretted it in his heart.

The breakfast in the cafeteria was not very good, and even the porridge was as thin as water.

“You eat here every day” Fu Chuan asked subconsciously.

“Yeah.” Yao Yi didn’t think anything was wrong and said enthusiastically, “The pancakes in the school cafeteria are good.

It’s just that the skin is just a little thicker.”

Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi, who pointed to a pile of greasy pancakes with no appetite. 

It was no wonder she looked so thin.

Fu Chuan glanced at the person beside him, and quickly retracted his gaze.


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