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Chapter 21: Seat Belt

Uncle Li hurriedly got out of the car, subconsciously wanting to take over the straw mat from his young master.

However, he thought the girl next to him was more important.

After all, this was the first girl to walk beside the young master.

“I’ll take it for you.” Uncle Li was about to take the leather suitcase from Yao Yi’s hand.

Yao Yi took two steps back: “No, it’s very heavy.

I’ll do it myself.” It wasn’t that she was modest.

Back then, when she was reselling small commodities in Lugu Mountain, she ran up and down, and all the children on the whole mountain looked up to her strength.

Uncle Li watched Yao Yi come to the back of the car, lift the heavy suitcase, and put it into the trunk with ease, while his young master held the mat beside him indifferently.

“Give that to me.” Yao Yi rolled down her sleeves, took the mat in Fu Chuan’s hand, and put it in.


Uncle Li didn’t understand it a bit.

At first, he thought this girl was someone the young master liked, but now it seems that the young master was too indifferent.

After getting into the car, Yao Yi’s stomach began to make a ‘gurgling’ sound, which was unusually loud in the quiet car.

Yao Yi was used to being hungry and glanced out the window, trying to ignore it as she did in the past as usual.

Fu Chuan pushed the packaged dessert to Yao Yi and said, “Eat the rest.”

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Uncle Li was a little enthralled and inadvertently met the young master’s eyes from the rearview mirror.

He was startled, and quickly retracted his eyes and drove the car seriously.


Yao Yi had been running around for a few hours today, so she sat in the car and finished her dessert.

Then, she slowly closed her eyes and leaned her head against the car window.

Lugu Mountain was not in the urban area.

After Uncle Li drove out of the urban area, the road was bumpy and the car was not stable.

“Young Master, miss…” For a while, Uncle Li didn’t know what to call Yao Yi.

“Where are you going”

Fu Chuan raised his head: “You drive directly to the villa; her home is nearby.”

“Yes.” Uncle Li thought to himself that if she was a neighbor, why didn’t he know that before

Yao Yi had a dream.

There was a room in the dream, and there were countless test papers and workbooks in the room, all of which were math problems! Yao Yi couldn’t help but jump over and rub on it.

She was really suffocated.

Her parents didn’t let her skip grades and didn’t let her get too much exposure to those mathematical theories, and today it finally came true!

“Yao Yi…Yao Yi!” Her parents’ calls came from outside the room; they were definitely here to catch her! Yao Yi clung to the test paper tightly and rotated in panic.

“Wake up…” Fu Chuan’s calm appearance had long since disappeared.

He pushed Yao Yi, who was pulling him tightly, his brows furrowed.

What did she dream

They had already started going up the mountain.

The mountain road was twisting, and a sharp turn just threw Yao Yi, who was asleep, over.

Before Fu Chuan could push her away, Yao Yi suddenly stretched out her hand and wrapped her arm around him.

After a long period of silence, Fu Chuan began to try to wake her up.

“No… choose A.” Yao Yi frowned, still holding Fu Chuan’s arm in her arms.


“You!” Fu Chuan didn’t know what he encountered, and the tips of his fair ears began to turn red.

He used his strength and pulled his arm away, pushing Yao Yi away.

The moment he pushed her away, Fu Chuan immediately regretted it, for fear that Yao Yi would directly hit the glass.

It was just too late to regret it.

The car made another sharp turn.

Yao Yi was thrown back and directly hit Fu Chuan’s arms.

This time, Yao Yi woke up, and her expression was not very good.

In the dream just now, in order to save the test papers, she ran away while looking at them.

Now, she was woken up when she had only calculated half.

She was depressed, so her face expression was naturally not good-looking.

Fu Chuan didn’t understand why Yao Yi was not happy; her face was even tighter than his.

“Please sit right, there are many twists here.” Fu Chuan pointed to the seat belt that Yao Yi was sitting on.

“Fasten your seat belt.”

Yao Yi glanced at Fu Chuan and slowly pulled up the seat belt.

The meaning was unclear.

“Is there a problem” Fu Chuan was not very happy with her glance.

“There are many twists; fasten your seat belt.” Yao Yi pointed to Fu Chuan and sent the words back to him.

“…” Fu Chuan’s jaw tightened.

He pulled out his seat belt and fastened it.

The villas on Lugu Mountain were not connected together, but separated by two or three.

The Yao family’s villa was the only one around the villa where Fu Chuan lived, and there were no other buildings.

The two got out of the car in silence.

Fu Chuan ignored Yao Yi and walked straight to his villa.

Yao Yi could only thank Uncle Li, dragging her suitcase and mat towards the opposite side.


Mother Yao had a facial mask when she came out to open the door.

When she saw Yao Yi’s tattered image, her eyes went black.

“Yao Yi!” Mother Yao stopped sticking the mask on and lifted it off.

“What are you doing Where did you get the straw mat”

When Yao Yi registered for school, Father Yao and Mother Yao were both out of town talking about restaurant branch matters.

They didn’t pay attention to their daughter’s registration, so they didn’t know that Yao Yi went to No.

1 High School in this way.

“I bought it.” Yao Yi looked down at the cool mat in her arms, “This is called a cool mat, not a straw mat.”

Mother Yao didn’t care what it was called; her daughter made herself so poor, and how could she, as her mother, sit still.

“What are you doing with it”

“It’s for the dormitory in the summer.

I bought it for 20 yuan.

I’ll take it and wash it, and I can use it next year.” Yao Yi pulled the suitcase into the villa, and held the mat to go wash it.

“Yao Yi, put it down.” Mother Yao’s veins jumped, she was really helpless to her only daughter.

“Oh.” Yao Yi was used to listening to her parents.

At this time, Father Yao also heard the voices and walked into the hall, shocked.

In the past, when Yao Yi was in elementary school and middle school, her mother bought her clothes and put them in the closet for her.

Everything was exquisite.

Although Yao Yi had a way of making them simple, Mother Yao would regularly clean up the old clothes. 

Yao Yi has actually turned into a ghost now that she has only gone out to live for one semester.

Even the uniform school uniform can’t resist her earthy and simple atmosphere from the inside out.

“Straw… It’s okay to sleep on the cool mat for one summer.

You can buy it again next year, but you brought it all the way over here.

Are you stupid” Mother Yao tapped her daughter’s forehead and wished that iron could turn into steel at once.

(TLN: Exasperated that her daughter can’t be smart in these kind of things)


“But this one cost money, and it’s not broken.

It’s a waste to throw it away.” When Yao Yi sold things, it was difficult, so she had always lived frugally.

Mother Yao was not happy when she looked at the leather suitcase too: “In the past, you could use it to pack messy things.

You’re going to school and you don’t know where to get a new one, and you have to carry a broken suitcase.”

Father Yao interrupted with a dark face, took the mat and said, “Go and tidy yourself up.

After taking a shower, come out to eat.

These things will be dealt with tomorrow.”

Looking at Yao Yi’s back, Mother Yao’s eyes were a little red: “Yi Yi didn’t care about items originally, and we had her be independent since she was a child.

Now, this silly child…”

The dinner was very rich.

Today, they knew that Yao Yi was coming home, and they went to the scenic spot to buy some special dishes.

Yao Yi was not picky; she could eat any dish with relish and answered whatever her parents asked.

“Do you get along with your classmates How many friends have you met” Mother Yao asked carefully while adding vegetables to her daughter’s bowl.

“Yeah.” Yao Yi swallowed, “I met several friends, and they said they wanted to come and play with me.”

“Really” Father Yao was surprised.

Yao Yi’s grades were good.

In the past, classmates would call for answers to questions, but seriously, they couldn’t be called friends.

Sometimes Mother Yao would have Yao Yi bring snacks to make friends, but often there was no movement.

“There is a classmate in the next class who is very good.” Yao Yi thought of Fu Chuan next door, although his temper was always uncertain.

“Very good classmate” Mother Yao was a little curious.

“Mhm, he brought me back today.” Yao Yi managed to eat the food in her bowl.

Mother Yao said angrily: “What’s the matter with you Why didn’t you invite them in I didn’t see anyone.”

“He’s next door, he went in first.” Yao Yi lowered her head, ate her meal, and said vaguely, “You can see him tomorrow.”

“It’s Xiao Fu” Father Yao remembered, “I almost forgot that he and you are classmates.”

Speaking of Fu Chuan, Father Yao and Mother Yao finally turned their attention away from their daughter.

“Didn’t Xiao Fu study in the capital before Why did he come to Yan City” Mother Yao asked in confusion.

Fahter Yao had many business partners, some of whom were in the capital, and had heard of him.

“The environment here in Yan City is good.

Xiao Fu was in poor health before, so he should have come to recuperate.” Father Dad nodded, “Studies must not be dilapidated.”

“That’s right, Yan City is still pretty good.” Otherwise, their family wouldn’t settle here and give up their residence in the big city.

“How are Xiao Fu’s grades” Father Yao asked casually.

Yao Yi raised her head and said matter-of-factly, “He has good grades, but he is not as good as me.”

“Yes, our family’s Yi Yi is the most powerful.” Mother Yao smiled and rolled her eyes, not denying it.

The next day, before sunrise, the villa was dark.

Yao Yi slipped out of the bedroom wearing pajamas.

She had forgotten to bring the suitcase into the room yesterday, and all her books were in it.

There would be a noise when the suitcase was being dragged, and Yao Yi had to tiptoe to open the suitcase on the spot, and run to the bedroom with a pile of books in her arms.

Father Yao, who came out to use the restroom: “…”

“I’m awake.

I can’t sleep.” The familiar scene made Yao Yi freeze.

“Dad won’t stop you from learning, but you have to work and rest normally.” Father Yao sighed, “What time is it”

Yao Yi held the books, bowed her head and remained silent.

“What are you doing standing still Hurry up and go back to the room.” Father Yao whispered, “Do you want your mother to come over and get angry again”

Yao Yi immediately slipped back into the bedroom and happily read her books until the sun came out and the sun shone on the window.

She stretched, stood up, and opened the curtains.

Just as she was about to open the window, she couldn’t help but pause her hands when she saw the other side.

The author has something to say: The countdown begins.

Other: Rise the number of pre-payments for the new novel~ After 500 payments, I will add an extra chapter (hehe, it should be impossible)

Novel Title: “Don’t Panic, I’m Coming”, also known as “Triangle Level 10”

Sample: Huang Jiujiuis a member of the percussion group in the symphony orchestra.

She often stands in a corner and hits twice on a triangle.

After disbanding, she heard the audience’s curiosity once: the other violinists were trying their best to play, but she stood in the back without raising her eyelids, and she hit the triangle whenever she wanted to.

Is she asleep

Huang Jiujiuis: What do you guys know She’s a brick, okay Whatever the orchestra is missing, it makes up for! (▼ヘ▼#)


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