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Chapter 38: It looks so touchable.

Yao Yi finished writing her test paper early.

She had been staring at Fu Chuan’s back for ten minutes, trying to block Fu Chuan from doing the test properly with her eyes.

Hoping that by doing this would cause him to perform abnormally and fall from the first place throne.

Although their relationship had recovered a little now, it didn’t mean that she was willing to accept the fact that she was being suppressed in second place.

The invigilator also noticed Yao Yi’s abnormality, but he couldn’t go over.

He couldn’t just go over and say: Classmate, please stop staring at others.

Yao Yi stared, and gradually her attention began to be distracted.

Why does his hair look so touchable Yao Yi reached out and stroked her own hair.

Hmm, a bit rough.


She didn’t take proper care of her hair for nearly half a year, and just let it grow freely until it reached her ears.

She didn’t know whether it was because she didn’t take good care of it, or whether newly grown hair was always like this, but it felt tangled to the touch.

Fu Chuan however, his hair seemed to be different.

It looked black and smooth, and it was really soft to the touch.

Yao Yi thought to herself, the last time she helped him tie his hair up, she touched it.

Now sitting behind him and looking closely, it seems to be even softer.

Yao Yi didn’t know where she saw a saying, but it was said that if a boy’s hair is soft, his heart would also be soft.

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So angry, she studied composition every day, and the scores were still the same.

What’s more, Yao Yi’s scores in other subjects were quite fixed.

Basically, every exam she would get full marks in other subjects, but the total score still depended on how well she performed in the composition.


Finally, the bell rang, and the students began to walk out one after another.

Yao Yi was also tired of staring, and blinked her sore eyes, and tears came out involuntarily.

Fu Chuan pretended to turn around inadvertently, and saw the tears in Yao Yi’s eyes.

He knew what was going on, but his heart still felt pricked.

“Are you alright” Fu Chuan asked.

“Oh.” Yao Yi was a little guilty after staring at him for so long.

She lowered her head and tried to wipe her eyes with her sleeve, and replied vaguely, “I’m fine.”

“Dirty.” Fu Chuan quickly pulled Yao Yi’s hand down and frowned, “The sleeves are dirty, and rubbing the eyes directly will cause bacteria to get into your eyes.”

Fu Chuan reluctantly took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Yao Yi: “Use this.”

Yao Yi said thank you, took it and wiped her eyes indiscriminately, making the corners of her eyes red.

This person didn’t take care of herself at all, and she didn’t even know how to be nice to herself.

Fu Chuan wanted to wipe it for her, but Han Jiaojiao and Li Ge had already packed up and walked over.

He could only pretend he didn’t care and walked out of the exam room.

“Yi Yi, why are you crying” Han Jiaojiao stood at the door frowning and looked at Fu Chuan who was already far away, “What did he do to you”

Yao Yi shook her head: “No, I just borrowed a tissue to wipe my tears from him.”


“If everything is good, then why are you crying” Han Jiaojiao didn’t believe it.

Yao Yi stood up, not daring to say that she was staring at him, and whispered: “The sun is too dazzling.”

Han Jiaojiao glanced at the pale golden light that had shifted to Yao Yi’s table and reluctantly believed it.

“Yi Yi, what are you going to do this summer” Han Jiaojiao asked curiously after walking out of the exam room.

“Oh, Qin Li asked me to sell things together.”

“” Li Ge looked at Yao Yi in shock, “Sell things”

“Well, his family originally runs a wholesale store.

He wants to go to Lugu Mountain to sell small trinkets to tourists this year.” Yao Yi said matter of factly, people like them who spend all their pocket money on mathematical journals had an indescribable  tacit understanding.

Before Qin Li came to Yan City, what he did was selling small commodities to foreigners.

“Then he just runs up and down every day” Li Ge thought that the path up Lugu Mountain was not short, and it took about twenty minutes just by car to go up.

“Well, there is a special car going up and down the mountain, as long as you pay a small fee.” No one was more familiar with selling things on Lugu Mountain than Yao Yi.

“Okay, I may have to do the competition questions at home for two months during the summer break.” Han Jiaojiao regretted, “We will be in the second year of high school in the second half of the year, there will be evening self-study, and the summer vacation will be shortened by a month.”

“Most of the class should be preparing ahead of time.

I heard that Zhao Qian’s parents bought him a new computer.” Li Ge nodded, “I wonder if anyone in our school can enter the national team.”


There were also upperclassmen participating in the competition.

Most of them were aiming for extra points in the test or seeking to gain the favor of colleges and universities.

The grades were not yet released, and the school immediately called for the break.

After a week or two, everyone would see their grades in the class group, or by logging in to the school’s official website.

Fu Chuan lost one of his pleasures – looking at the Yao Yi who only had eyes for him.


Fu Chuan smiled and tapped lightly on the side of the car window with his long, clean fingers.

They would meet soon, and although they couldn’t be at the same table, they could continue to be neighbors for two months.

Lin Xiuyu said before that they would live on Lugu Mountain in the future when Yao Yi was on break.

Yao Yi didn’t know that Fu Chuan was on his way to Lugu Mountain, and he was already looking forward to the meetings between the two.

She was now working hard to move the goods.

Qin Li partnered with her to buy a few boxes of things that children like.

They were going to set up a stall to sell on the mountain.

“Last time, the problem was solved with Fermat’s point.” Qin Li placed the toys one by one, and discussed the problem with Yao Yi who was not far away.

“Mhm.” Yao Yi folded two large boxes and moved them directly, “But there is an easier way.”

“I know, but those methods are not in the competition syllabus.” Qin Li nodded, “I shouldn’t be able to write them when testing.”


“I don’t know.” Yao Yi didn’t know the rules of the math competition in detail.

Qin Li sighed: “My dad said that I had better get good grades in the competition, otherwise I won’t be able to get into the best university.”

This was true.

With Qin Li’s grades, he would definitely be able to get into a top college if he worked harder.

But there was little hope of going to the best one in the country.

Yao Yi’s face was blank.

She didn’t need to worry about which school she went to with her grades.

As long as she took the college entrance examination according to how she tested right now, there would be no problem at all.

“So you went to the competition to get into a good college” Yao Yi asked after thinking for a moment.

Qin Li replied displeased: “How is that possible, you didn’t hear the teacher say that the people participating in the competition are all masters from all over the country I want to see and experience it.”

Yao Yi thought for a while and then responded: “Then you really need to perform well in the competition.

The best mathematics major is in K University.

If you don’t pass the test, you won’t be able to enter.”

Qin Li was a little dejected: “I know, that’s why I want to take this opportunity to study the topics of the research competition with you.”

They agreed that they would give each other math problems while selling things.

Yao Yi frowned, “Are people in other areas so good” She felt that Qin Li was not inferior to her in mathematics, otherwise, the two would not be able to talk about it.

In mathematics, if one of them can’t keep up with another’s ideas, there was no point in talking about it.

Fu Chuan came to his villa in Lugu Mountain in the afternoon, and happened to see Qin Li and Yao Yi pushing a small cart towards the villa opposite.

“Let’s put the stuff in your house first, I’ll come and take it away tomorrow morning.” Qin Li also held a pile of scratch paper in his hand, which was full of mathematical calculations, all done in their spare time when they were selling things.

“Oh, then don’t forget to bring your two questions tomorrow.” Yao Yi reminded.

Fu Chuan approached slowly, Yao Yi had already pushed the car in, and Qin Li happened to see Fu Chuan.

The two greeted calmly.

Just as Qin Li was about to leave, Fu Chuan took the initiative to invite him to his home to rest and visit.

“I…” Qin Li was about to refuse.

But Fu Chuan said, “We are all classmates.

My house is right in front.

Come in and sit down.”

These kinds of polite words came out of Fu Chuan’s mouth himself, which seemed very strange.

But Qin Li couldn’t refuse, so he had to follow him into the villa.

“Uncle Li, let someone prepare some food.” Fu Chuan motioned Qin Li to sit down.

The villa looked high-end.

The Qin family couldn’t afford such a house, but Qin Li didn’t look around randomly.

These kinds of materials couldn’t attract him.

People who were addicted to mathematics could only have countless symbols and calculation processes in their eyes.

“It’s the peak tourist season in Lugu Mountain, are you here to tour too” Fu Chuan sat lazily on the sofa, but there was an aura of aggression, which was not in line with his usual state.

Qin Li had no inconvenience, and in his opinion there was nothing to hide.

“No, Yao Yi and I have agreed to sell things in Lugu Mountain this summer.”

“Sell things together” Fu Chuan emphasized the first two characters (TLN: the characters are “一起賣東西”, and the “一起” means together, so Fu Chuan emphasized “together”), but Qin Li thought he cared about the part about selling things.

“Yes, we are still students and we don’t have much money in our hands.

We want to take advantage of this opportunity to make some money.” Qin Li took the cool cake from Uncle Li and thanked him.

Fu Chuan pursed his lips tightly, clenched his fists, tightened and loosened, loosened and tightened.

“It’s pretty good for you two to do that.” Fu Chuan smiled, but it was just his face that smiled (TLN: he didn’t mean the smile).

Qin Li didn’t notice that the atmosphere was wrong, and continued: “I also think it’s pretty good, and I can even discuss math problems with Yao Yi.”

After an in-depth discussion of some mathematical theories with Yao Yi, Qin Li found that the two of them shared a lot of similarities, and Yao Yi always knew something he didn’t know.

In short, Qin Li was very happy now.

After Qin Li finished eating the last piece of cold cake in the bowl, Fu Chuan immediately started to drive him out without a trace.

Qin Li was also in a hurry to take the last bus down the mountain and quickly left.

Fu Chuan came back and looked at the place where Qin Li sat just now, his face was very dark.

He went upstairs, returned to his room, and opened the curtains.

Sure enough, the curtain on the opposite side was not closed, but no one could be seen.

Fu Chuan sat on the bay window, holding a book in his hand, but his eyes drifted to the villa opposite from time to time.

He seemed to be obsessed recently, and always made actions that were not in line with his personality.

Fu Chuan stared at the book in his hand, thinking randomly, and couldn’t read a single word in it.

At this time, in the room opposite, the door was opened, and Yao Yi walked into the room slowly.


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