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Chapter 6: Everybody started to shun guai.

If he looked closely at Yao Yi’s eyes, he would see her bright eyes, but the bright eyes had no focus when they fell on people’s faces.

Fu Chuan just glanced at her lightly and didn’t notice it.

The four of them turned around again.

Li Ge and Han Jiaojiao looked at each other, their eyes and expressions full of gossip.

Of course, the two of them would not be stupid that they would start asking questions in front of Fu Chuan.

“Yi Yi, what did you drop” Han Jiaojiao was the closest to Yao Yi and tilted her head to look at the object she just picked up in her hand.

“Oh, my campus card.” Yao Yi opened her palm to reveal a card.


1 Middle School was a public school and does not require students to live in its accommodations.

A considerable number of students live off-campus.

The school’s supermarket accepts cash, so generally, only residential students who need to eat in the cafeteria will apply for a campus card.

At that time, it would be necessary to scan the photos and print them.

For the convenience of students, the school uniformly extracted the photos from the database used for middle school exams.

The photo on Yao Yi’s campus card was the one taken by the school when she registered for the middle school exam.

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“Zys Zk, eke usw pwqqla y czso vs clnsxl zkjl vbkp” Hbys Ckyd zssjle altalvqwz, obyv y clywvkqwz tkaz okvb pwnb zsdt byka yde qyka pjkd.

Gzvbswtb pbl oyp dsv yp alqkdle yp Qw Ckdtukdt, vbl schkswp pvakjkdt vlxrlayxldv sq y tkaz oyp ldswtb vs xyjl xydu csup zkjl bla.

Gde bl oswzed’v byhl altyaele bla yp y “casvbla” yv qkapv tzydnl!

Li Ge’s idea was more fashionable: “Is it because you want to be handsome So you shaved your head and tanned yourself on purpose.”

Han Jiaojiao also looked at Yao Yi next to her, she knew how Yao Yi’s skin turned so tan, but she didn’t know why Yao Yi shaved her hair.

“It’s better to cut it short than to shave it, and that kind of bob hairstyle is fine.” Zhao Qian had a deep obsession.

Although he was under eighteen, he already had the temperament of a straightforward man.

“It’s troublesome to wash hair, so it’s better to just shave it.” Yao Yi’s world was only about how troublesome hair washing was.

Han Jiaojiao was puzzled: “Then why did you have long hair in middle school”

Li Ge thought up a reason for Yao Yi: “You must have heard that high school is difficult, so you wanted to save time.”

Yao Yi yawned.

She went to bed late last night and explained casually, “The barbershop is far away, I’m too lazy to go.”

As for why she had long hair in middle school, it was because she didn’t even want to tie her hair.

Every day when she got up, went to school, and went to bed, Yao Yi would not touch her hair the entire day.

What she hadn’t said was that her hair only needed to be washed once a week in middle school.

She had inherited her mother’s good hair quality and her hair doesn’t become oily easily, otherwise, her deskmate would have disliked her to death.

The longest record that she hadn’t washed her hair nor combed her hair was for two weeks and it became all knotted!

The reason why was because at that time, Yao Yi had gotten a set of competition questions from the Internet, and she didn’t know where it came from.

It didn’t really matter as the knowledge points were not from middle school, and they even exceeded the scope of high school mathematics.

In order not to let her parents find out, she turned off the lights at night and hid in the bed just to use her phone to do calculations.

At five o’clock in the morning, when the sun had just peeked into the sky, she quietly slipped out of bed to do problems.

At first, her mother was relieved to see her turn off the light and go to bed early every day.

However, when she saw that Yao Yi’s long hair had become so knotted that it almost turned into curly hair, she realized something was wrong.

First, they raided Yao Yi’s room at night and lifted her quilt.

Seeing her holding the phone, they were stunned, thinking she was playing on her phone, but in the end, it was Yao Yi herself that accidentally told them her actual intentions.

Then they took her to the bathroom to wash her hair themselves and had it dried before letting her go into her room again.

They took her phone away too.

When Yao Yi starts working on problems, she doesn’t care about anything else.

Her parents were worried that she was ruining her health, so they always stopped her.

They prevented her from going to bed in the middle of the night and getting up too early in the morning.

After the middle school exam, her mother told her to cut her hair short, to save herself some trouble when she forgets to wash her hair for ten days or more, and so that others would not be disgusted by her.

Yao Yi went to the barbershop and shaved a crew cut.

When she got home, her dad almost lost his temper when he saw her hair.

The three people in front surrounded Yao Yi and asked questions about Yao Yi’s past.

Occasionally, Fu Chuan’s eyes would fall on the person in front of him.

Compared to Zhao Qian and the others not being able to figure out Yao Yi, Fu China actually felt that Yao Yi did not change much.

She couldn’t hold a person in her eyes.

It seems that everyone in the world had nothing to do with her and she only lives in her own world.

He originally thought that he was indifferent, but he didn’t expect that someone could still smile at others and still live in their own world.

He found it interesting.

Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi for a while, his beautiful eyebrows hidden in the reflection of the drill ground railings, mottled and scattered.

The whole morning was spent singing, and the people around the field were singing songs one after another.

Everyone knew in their hearts that the military training was coming to an end.

They used to complain all day long that it was tiring and the instructor was too strict.

Now that they had slowly started to understand each other, their hearts were filled with reluctance.

“Tomorrow we will march for the last time.

I hope everyone can get a good ranking in the military parade!” The instructors briefly finished a few words and had everyone disband.

The military parade was the first activity for the freshmen students.

In the next two days, that is, Monday, the freshman ceremony will be held.

Yao Yi felt a lot of pressure on her shoulders, as she had to give a speech as the freshmen representative.

Not to mention whether she can successfully walk across the rostrum without shun guai during the parade too.

At night, Yao Yi finished washing up and sat at her desk with despair on her face.

Half an hour later, Yao Yi started to write the first sentence on the snow-white A4 paper with a pen: Dear teachers and students, good morning!

After writing this, Yao Yi began to rack her brains again, but there was only one sentence in her mind: Work hard and improve daily.

Time, place, and character.

Her middle school teacher said that the first paragraph must quickly bring out the setting.

Yao Yi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

[The Golden Autumn Season of October], cross out, [September].

[The Golden Autumn Season of September, in the magnificent No.

1 High School,] cross out, continue writing [In the lovely No.

1 High School, we welcome our freshmen, everyone…]

Yao Yi’s eyelids began to fight against the drowsiness.

She was sleepy, so she decided she would write it tomorrow.

There were still three days left anyway.

The next day, everyone stood orderly on the drill ground in a precise posture, and the military parade began.

The first row was the first to start walking.

The instructor rarely didn’t have a black face.

He even ran over to Yao Yi and quickly said, “You are too nervous, and that is why you shun guai.

Remember to take deep breaths before you start marching.

Try to work past the rostrum.”

Yao Yi was not nervous at all, but she still comforted the instructor’s fragile heart with an “ok”.

It was the first time the students faced so many teachers on the rostrum.

This year, the city TV station was also filming.

The first row started walking, and then everyone suddenly became nervous.

Some people’s legs were even shaking.

The instructor’s energetic and tough voice began to shout commands, so everyone could get ready.

The instructors did not walk along with the students, so there were two leaders in front shouting commands.

Yao Yi walked with the large group, trying to control herself.

She walked too imposingly, and she was on the farthest side.

The boy next to her was initially a little nervous, but after walking with Yao Yi for a while, he became a little relieved.

His raised chest was also straight.

There was high spirit and momentum, resulting in one pass to two, two passes to ten (TLN: This Chinese saying means that when one person “passes” on something, such as a movement, to someone, it ends up reaching everyone).

Everyone in Yao Yi’s row glanced at each other, very uniform.

Soon everyone came to the field of vision of the rostrum.

At this time, it was stipulated that everyone should smile toward the rostrum.

The boy next to Yao Yi was facing the rostrum, and he glanced at Yao Yi from the corner of his eyes, trying to keep up with her rhythm.

Yao Yi was still very imposing, and her long legs were straight, but when she was distracted, she couldn’t help it.

What happened with shun guai was so natural.

In a blink of an eye, everyone in Yao Yi’s row was in chaos.

No, it couldn’t be said to be chaos, everyone was still uniform.

…Uniformed with shun guai.

The instructors stared at Yao Yi’s row with stunned eyes, not knowing what was going on.

What’s even more terrible was that some people had their movements based on their classmates in front of them.

Some of the people in Fu Chuan’s row looked at the row that had such a high-spirited attitude in front of them, and they began to doubt themselves.

In a blink of an eye, they also began to shun guai.

At a virus speed of spread, Fu Chuan’s whole row began to shun guai.

Fu Chuan closed his eyes, let out a breath, gave up on himself, and began to shun guai as well.

The two rows of people all had shun guai movements, and he would look different if he walked normally.

What they want was a uniform effect anyways.

Walking to the middle of the rostrum, the city TV station began to take pictures.

The first one that walks must be interesting, so they receive special treatment.

The photographers shoot from all kinds of different angles.

All the teachers, class directors, the principal, and the vice-principal on the rostrum all stared at the last two rows with unpredictable expressions on their faces.

A tragedy happened just like that, and it was recorded for the city TV.

The headteachers of Class One and Class Two secretly covered their faces and retreated to a corner.

They couldn’t afford to lose that face.

The instructor stood by and watched, weeping in his heart: What did he do wrong that made this happen

After the parade, there were many different explanations for the different “landscape” at the end of the row.

Some people said it was because there were too many students who shun guai, so the instructor simply arranged them into two rows.

Others said it was because there was a girl in those two rows.

In order to take care of her, the boys in the two rows privately negotiated to accompany her on shun guai.

A classmate’s love was moving!

Yao Yi still had no idea about what had happened.

She had been walking past the rostrum with her head held high, with a professional smile on her face.

Things had already happened, and the teachers on the rostrum acted as if nothing wrong had occurred and continued the normal military parade.

The principal began to discuss with the city TV station not to post this tragic scene.

For the first time in his life, Fu Chuan, who tried to walk in a shun guai movement, was in a bad mood.

He stared at Yao Yi and his face slowly darkened.

This person is probably poisonous!


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