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Allen did not know that he was about to be in big trouble.

He was driving slowly with a puzzled look on his face.

Until now, he had not been able to react.

Why did Chen Menger suddenly change her expression.

Just as Allen got out of the car, Baro came out to welcome him anxiously.

As soon as he saw Allen, he asked, “Where have you been Why doesnt anyone know where youve been”

“Oh, I had something to do, so I went out for a while.” He had gone to help his master to speak up for his mistress, but in the end, he didnt get anything good out of her, so Allen didnt have the heart to tell Baro.

“Why are you in such a hurry to find me Could it be that you missed me after not seeing me for a while Let me tell you, Baro, I am straight.

I like beautiful women with hot bodies.”

Baro was not in the mood to joke with Allen.

He still remembered his masters dark face just now.

“Alright, who has the time to joke with you Master is looking for you.

Masters face is very ugly.

You go in later, be careful.” Baro could not help but remind him.

“Has masters face been looking good these two days” Allen did not take Baros words to heart.

“Masters expression became even worse after he received a call from Mistress.

Moreover, Master was looking for you after she called.” Although Baro did not know what Chen Menger had said to Yuwen Jing, he also did not know why their master would look for Allen after receiving a call from his mistress.

However, his intuition told him that there seemed to be some connection between this and Allen.

However, he couldnt grasp it at the moment.

After listening to Baros words, Allens heart thumped and he knew that it was bad.

How would he dare see his master now Wasnt he courting death “Baro, I remember that I still have some things to do, so Ill be leaving first.

If Master asks, just say that you didnt see me.” Saying that, Allen turned around and was about to open the car door.

“Allen, where are you going”

“I dont know—”

“You actually dared go to your mistresss house to look for her You really wish that your mistress and I would part early, dont you” Allen felt a chill run down his back.

“Master, how would I dare I just thought that I still have some matters to settle and wanted to settle them.” Allen turned around and gave Yuwen Jing a terrified smile.

“Oh, is that so Since you like to do things so much, it just so happens that I still have a bunch of matters to settle.

You can take over now.

Once youve settled all these matters, you can come and look for me.” With that said, Yuwen Jing turned around swiftly and left.

All that was left was a series of miserable screams from Allen.

He didnt want to do it.

At this moment, Baro didnt feel any sympathy for Allen at all.

Allen had brought it upon himself.

He had already said that they couldnt interfere in matters between the couple.

Now Allen had to lie on the bed he had made.

Chen Menger did not know that her one phone call had caused Allen to be punished so miserably by Yuwen Jing.

If she had known, she probably would not have called this number.

In the afternoon, Chen Menger had a rare moment of free time.

She accompanied Elder Liu in the courtyard to bask in the sun and have a picnic.

Of course, the snacks were all made by Chen Menger.

Fatty and the others had always been curious about Chen Mengers pair of slender hands.

They had never seen hands that were more beautiful than Chen Mengers.

Chen Mengers hands were not only beautiful, but they were also skillful.

Anything that came from Chen Mengers hands was extraordinary.


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