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“Sure,” Leng Shaoting said.Gu Ning put the tent on the ground and got into it along with Leng Shaoting.

Seeing that Gu Ning was only in her underwear before him, Leng Shaoting felt slightly aroused, so he turned his head away, in case he lost control of himself.

Gu Ning ignored his reaction and put the wetsuit on as soon as possible.

Leng Shaoting also changed his clothing, before they walked out together.

In fact, there was no need for Leng Shaoting to get into the water, because only Gu Ning knew which jade raw material had jade inside beneath the pond.

However, Gu Ning understood that Leng Shaoting wouldnt allow her to dive alone because he was worried about her safety.

They wouldnt stay in the water for too long, so Gu Ning wasnt worried about Leng Shaotings swimming skills.

Because Gu Ning had magical power to protect herself, she was able to talk in the water, but Leng Shaoting couldnt.

Although he was good at swimming, his life would be in danger if he couldnt breathe for too long.

Gu Ning put the tent into her telepathic eye space once she walked out of it with Leng Shaoting.

She didnt want anyone else to find them.

They walked to the pond, then dived into it.

She had checked this pond beforehand, and there were no dangerous creatures inside.

When they got into the pond, the first thing that appeared in their sight was a layer of green.

Leng Shaoting gave Gu Ning a glance and asked her whether it was jade in silence.

Gu Ning nodded, and Leng Shaoting swam over to pick the jade raw material up, then handed it to Gu Ning.

It was as big as a football.

According to the green on its surface, the jade in it had to be of the old-pit glass type.

Gu Ning put it into the telepathic eye space without delay.

Although Leng Shaoting knew little about jade, he was willing to help Gu Ning and stayed by her side.

In the following minutes, Gu Ning quickly put all the jade raw materials with jade inside into the telepathic eye space.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the pond.

“I barely helped you.” Leng Shaoting was a little upset and blamed himself.

“Its fine.

Youre not a superman after all, and I have a pair of Jade Eyes to help me.

In addition, you can do many things that I cant,” Gu Ning said to comfort him.

It was true that Leng Shaoting could do many things that she couldnt.

In fact, she relied on Leng Shaoting to help her with her business.

Leng Shaoting was outstanding because of his family background and his own ability, while Gu Ning could be strong due to her magical Jade Eyes.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was cheered up.

When Gu Ning needed his help, he felt like he was useful.

Gu Ning then took out the tent again, and they left the mountain after changing.

It was almost 12 am when Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were finally back in the hotel.

They went to have some night snacks before they went upstairs.

However, the elevator stopped at the third floor, and Shouta Minamino, Ayumi Yamaguchi, Qi Ziyue along with Tang Yaxin walked inside.

Ayumi Yamaguchi was injured, but she was able to walk on her own after a good rest.

There was a tea house, bar, and many other entertainment options on the third floor, so they had some fun together.

At this time, they were about to go back to their rooms.

Shouta Minamino and Ayumi Yamaguchi were annoyed the moment that they saw Gu Ning, but they could do nothing to her because she wasnt Zi Beiying.

Besides, they were afraid of Gu Nings bodyguards.

Tang Yaxin felt utterly uncomfortable when she saw Gu Ning, so she moved her eyes away.

Qi Ziyue, on the other hand, glanced at Gu Ning once in a while, which irritated Tang Yaxin.

Nevertheless, she couldnt vent her anger at him in public.

Leng Shaoting was also displeased, but did nothing.

They stepped out of the elevator on the 12th floor, because all of them stayed in a presidential suite.

They were all super-rich, so they could afford the best.

Luckily, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked to the left side, while Qi Ziyue and the others walked to the right.

Once Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue were in their suite, Tang Yaxin questioned him, “Qi Ziyue, what do you mean Why did you keep glancing at the girl named Gu Ning”

Qi Ziyue was struck dumb for a second.

He didnt realize that he couldnt help but pay attention to Gu Ning when she showed up.

Even though he hated Tang Yaxins bad temper, he had to comfort Tang Yaxin before he got what he wanted, so he explained at once, “Yaxin, its a misunderstanding.

I glanced at her because of the man beside her.

I thought they looked familiar, and I wondered who the man was.

He has a natural air of nobility and power, so he couldnt be an ordinary man.

You know how mad Shouta Minamino was today, and Im afraid that hell do something that might cause us trouble.”

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