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Chapter 1805: Celebrate Success Together

“Um, it depends on me.

If there is nothing important for me to deal with, Ill stay in school.

Its necessary for me to get familiar with my schoolmates after all.

I can search for skilled people among them as well.

Perhaps theyll work for me one day.

If I have to leave my school, I can ask for leave at any time,” said Gu Ning.

“Im amazed.

Ive never seen such a free student like you before.

Outsiders might think that your family owns that university! You can come and go as you like,” said Gu Anna.

She sounded unkind, but she didnt mean to attack Gu Ning given their good relationship.

“Well, Im the first top scorer with a full score in history after all.

Im also a successful businesswoman who owns a large business group.

Our principal has agreed, otherwise I wouldnt have chosen the Capital University.

There were countless prestigious universities competing against each other for me.

At least one of them would accept the condition set by me.

Most importantly, Im so outstanding that it would be their loss if they shut me out just because of that easy condition,” said Gu Ning with pride.

Gu Anna rolled her eyes at Gu Ning and said with disdain, “Look at you! Fine, youre the best.

By the way, top scorer with a full score, you havent invited us to celebrate the admission yet, right Do you plan to drop it”

She had the intention of making Gu Ning pay for a large good meal.

Hearing Gu Annas words, Gu Ning suddenly realized that she indeed hadnt invited them to celebrate the admission yet.

She hadnt done anything to celebrate after receiving her admission letter simply because she was occupied and didnt think it was necessary.

However, it was necessary to invite her friends to celebrate it together.

“Um, I had no intention of doing that till you proposed it.

If I just drop it, it wont be acceptable.

I need to go back to my school today, so we can do it another day when I dont need to go back to my school.

We can celebrate it by drinking together!” said Gu Ning.

“Great! Ill write it down.

Dont keep us waiting!” Gu Anna was satisfied.

They werent afraid that Gu Ning might forget or think it was trouble, because it was meaningful.

As they chatted, dishes were placed on the table, so they began to enjoy the meal.

Since it was a celebration, they surely needed to drink.

“Gu Ning, can you drink today” asked Tang Qingyang, because she was going to drive back to school later.

It might cause her problems if she drank, so he asked her beforehand.

It wasnt suitable if he stopped Gu Ning from drinking at the very beginning.

“Today is a special day.

So I should of course drink with you.

My bodyguard will drive me back to school later,” said Gu Ning.

Even if she drank, she could easily get rid of the effect of the alcohol with the help of her magical power.

However, she couldnt tell that to her friends.

Therefore, she could only call Qiao Ya over later.


Since Gu Ning said that, Tang Qingyang didnt say anything further and poured a cup of wine for Gu Ning.

They wouldnt drink strong alcohol, just some red wine.

After pouring the wine for Gu Ning, Tang Qingyang stood up and raised his cup facing her at first.

“Gu Ning, I should thank you for such a big favor with my first drink.”

Although no one knew Gu Ning was “Tang Aining”, including Tang Qingyang, they were aware of Gu Nings grudge against the Tang family.

It wasnt surprising that Gu Ning had something to do with the Tang familys bad luck this time.

As for the details, they didnt know and wouldnt ask for them.

They were secrets after all.

Gu Ning also stood up with a cup in her hand.

“You dont need to say that.

We have the same enemy.

Even if you hadnt sided with me, I would still have done the same thing.

Anyway, I can feel your gratitude.

Congratulations to both of us!”

Because of Gu Ning, Tang Qingyang was able to gain such a great advantage.

It was totally understandable that he thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

They clinked their cups, then had a drink together.

After that, they had a toast with everyone else around the table.

During the meal, Gu Ning called Qiao Ya.

Knowing she was free, Gu Ning asked her to come and drive her back to school later.

When they chatted with each other, it was unavoidable to talk about the Tang family.

They were all good friends, so they had heard a lot about it.

Accordingly, there was no need for them to hide their real feelings.

“Tang Bingsen is in a terrible condition now.

I dont know how many months he can survive.

Eitherway, Ji Yijing is caught and Im the chairman of the Tang Organization now.

Ill be in charge of their affairs.

If I dont take care of them, outsiders might criticize me!” said Tang Qingyang.

“He wont live long anyway.

You can take good care of him these days.

At least itll make you a good relative on the surface,” said Gu Ning.

She and Tang Bingsen were bitter enemies, but her hatred towards him went away after going through so many things.

Tang Bingsen was going to die sooner or later, so she didnt care about him now.

Actually, if he died later, he had to suffer more pain.

No doctor was able to cure Tang Bingsen and Tang Yaxin.

Gu Ning could, but she had no intention of doing that.

She wanted them to be dead, so it was impossible for her to rescue them.

Besides, they asked for the tragic results themselves.

“Oh, does anyone dare to make things difficult for you in the company” asked Gu Ning.

“There are some, but I have something on them.

After I threatened them, they stopped acting against me.

All in all, everything is going well now,” said Tang Qingyang.

He should thank Gu Ning for that, because Gu Ning shared their dirty secrets with him.

“Glad to hear that.

If you need me at any time, feel free to let me know,” said Gu Ning.

Although Tang Qingyang had great abilities, he just took over the Tang Organization.

There was a lot for him to learn.

If any other companies chose to cause the Tang Organization trouble at this time, it could be difficult for him to handle the situation.

“Of course I will.

I hope you wont be bothered by me,” said Tang Qingyang without hesitation.

He had a clear understanding of his abilities.

There was a lot for him to learn after taking over such a large business group.

In addition, he was going to make drastic changes to the company upon taking charge.

He would be lying if he said he wasnt nervous.

Xu Qinyin also wanted to tell Tang Qingyang to turn to her for help whenever he needed her.

Even though she couldnt help, the Jinlin Organization could.

Nevertheless, it wasnt appropriate for her to say that, because she herself couldnt help him.

Most importantly, they were going to have a serious relationship.

Although neither of them made it public yet, they were mentally prepared.

Therefore, if the Xu family stood out for Tang Qingyang, outsiders might believe that he became successful by relying on a woman.


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