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Chapter 2155: You Shouldnt Stay in This World

Three drops of blood needed to be dropped on the ghost every day.

After forty-nine days, the ghost would possess Qu Hanjiaos body and share the body with her.

In that case, Qu Hanjiao would also have the abilities of the water ghost.

However, after a person and a ghost were combined, they could only live for forty-nine days.

One didnt care about losing its soul, while the other didnt care about her life.

They must be aiming to deal with people who they had bitter grudges against.

Perhaps Qu Hanjiao didnt know the result of her behavior.

“Its been fifteen days.

There are still thirty-four days to go.

Once its done, you can deal with the person you want to deal with, and I can take revenge too.

Alright, you can leave now!” The female water ghost said gloomily.

Her cold eyes were filled with ruthlessness and anticipation.

“Sure!” Qu Hanjiao replied in a low voice, then turned and left.

When she left, she took out a band-aid from her bag and applied it to her finger.

Qu Hanjiao left, and the female water ghost sank.

Gu Ning didnt move for the time being.

After Qu Hanjiao walked far away, Gu Ning appeared and came to the place where Qu Hanjiao stood just now.

Gu Ning first looked into the water with the help of her Jade Eyes and saw the water ghost sitting under it.

Then, she took a few small stones from the ground and threw them at the place where the water ghost came out.

The fall of the stones attracted the attention of the female water ghost.

It raised its head and looked towards the water surface and saw Gu Nings figure on the shore.

She was a bold girl, because she dared to come here alone at night.

Although Gu Ning happened to throw rocks at the lake surface above the female ghost, the female water ghost didnt know that Gu Ning came for it.

It thought Gu Ning was a student in a bad mood who came here and threw rocks into the lake to vent her anger.

The female ghost understood ordinary people couldnt see it, but it wanted to go out since someone dared to come here.

Perhaps it could scare the student.

Therefore, the female water ghost immediately surfaced.

When the female water ghost came out, the surface of the water fluctuated, but the fluctuations werent large and the wind at night was originally strong, so the lake surface was already fluctuating.

Even if this scene was seen, it wouldnt attract much attention.

Although it attracted attention, nobody would relate it to ghosts.

After the female water ghost came out, there was a gloomy wind around her, which was terrifyingly creepy.

The female water ghost glared at Gu Ning, which could scare ordinary people to death, but Gu Ning only looked at it calmly and her face didnt change at all.

The female ghost could feel that Gu Nings sight was on its body, which surprised it.

Could Gu Ning see it However, why didnt Gu Ning look horrified if she could really see it Or maybe Gu Ning couldnt see it, and it was just a coincidence that Gu Nings sight was on it.

No matter what, the female ghost was determined to figure it out.

Without delay, it floated towards Gu Ning and Gu Ning remained calm as usual.

“Dont be doubtful.

Im looking at you,” said Gu Ning calmly.


Hearing that, the female water ghost was terrified and moved two meters back at once.

Afterwards, it fiercely stared at Gu Ning and asked, “Who are you How could you see me Why are you not afraid of me at all”

It became alert when people werent scared of it, because it meant the person wasnt ordinary.

“I can see you and Im not afraid of you, so Im obviously not ordinary,” said Gu Ning.

Then she asked, “Are you the rumored girl who died here in the Capital University, Su Man”

The girl who died in this lake three years ago was called Su Man.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha! Youre wrong.

Im not the girl who died three years ago.

I died four years ago, so Im not Su Man.

My name is…” The female water laughed when Gu Ning guessed wrong, but it stopped immediately as it was about to say its name because she didnt want to say it aloud.

Gu Ning was very sure about it, but now she felt embarrassed hearing the female ghosts answer.

It said it died four years ago, which meant there were a few people who died in this lake.

“Whats your name then” Gu Ning asked.

“Why should I tell you” the female ghost asked her instead.

“Well, I can find it out by myself if you refuse to tell,” said Gu Ning.

“Investigate Ridiculous!” Upon hearing that, the female water ghost sneered and laughed at herself.

“Im not a student of the Capital University, and no one knew that I died here.

Even my body is at the bottom of the lake and has turned into bones now.

Do you think you can find out”

Talking to the end, the female ghost showed strong reluctance and sadness.

Knowing that, Gu Ning slightly frowned.

If so, she naturally couldnt figure it out.

“Whatever, I dont have to know who youre, but you cant stay in the mortals world since youre a ghost.

I cant let you harm mortals,” said Gu Ning.

She implied that she was going to get rid of this female ghost.

Hearing that, the female ghost looked mad and showed a strong desire to kill.

“Do you want to get rid of me Why”

Because Gu Ning could see it and wasnt afraid of it, it meant she wasnt an ordinary mortal.

The female ghost didnt dare to slight Gu Ning because she must have abilities or be an idiot if she said something like that aloud.

However, it didnt think Gu Ning was an idiot.

“Because you shouldnt stay in this world and harm people,” said Gu Ning.

Although the female water ghost and Qu Hanjiao agreed to have the deal, it was very harmful.

“You dont have power to judge me or decide whether I should stay in this world, and shes willing to do it!” The female ghost retorted.

It was right, but Gu Ning couldnt let it go.

As a cultivator, it was her responsibility to remove ghosts and harmful monsters from this world, because they would only hurt mortals.

“Whether I have the power or not, you can try to defeat me if you can or run away,” said Gu Ning.

“Great, let me see what you can do!”

Gu Nings words completely annoyed the female ghost, so it attacked her the next second.

The female ghost didnt choose to run away, but had a fight against Gu Ning because it knew Gu Ning would be able to catch it if it failed in the fight against her.

Therefore, it would rather have a fight with Gu Ning to see who could win.

Facing Gu Ning, the female ghost didnt have much confidence, so it didnt dare to take Gu Ning lightly.

The female water ghost opened its arms and used its magic power to condense the water on the lake into dense drops of water.

They floated up, and moved towards Gu Ning.

These water droplets werent common water droplets, they were water droplets filled with magic power.

Each droplet was like a sharp blade.

Once it hit somebody, it could penetrate the bones.


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