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Seeing Xiao Kais attitude, Zheng Shuo was struck dumb.

Why was Xiao Kai so excited to meet Gu Ning He even said it was his honor to meet her.

Xiao Kai was very arrogant and he was rarely so modest.

Obviously, this girl called Gu Ning was much more influential than he thought.

“My pleasure, Mr.

Xiao.” Gu Ning replied politely.

“No, no, Miss Gu, youre my idol! Do you have time now Can you do me the honor of buying you and this gentleman a cup of tea” said Xiao Kai.

He really wanted to spend more time with Gu Ning.

It was just a way of forming a relationship with Gu Ning.

He had no intention of stealing Gu Ning away from her fiancé since her fiancé was obviously a quality man.

Leng Shaoting was handsome and had a natural air of nobility.

He wasnt dumb and wouldnt compete against Leng Shaoting.

He simply wanted to expand his connections by making friends with Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much, Mr.

Xiao, but I dont think its necessary.

We already have an appointment with our friends.

Were going to see them.

You can share tea with your friends,” said Gu Ning.

“Alright, Miss Gu, see you again.” Although Xiao Kai wanted to make friends with Gu Ning, he knew what he should and shouldnt do.

“When will you leave If you arent in a rush to leave, can I buy you a meal tomorrow morning” said Lin Fei.

“Im not sure yet.

Well see tomorrow,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt turn Lin Fei down immediately which meant she was willing to have a meal with him, but she couldnt be sure that she was available till tomorrow.

“Great, Ill call you tomorrow morning,” said Lin Fei.

“Sure.” Gu Ning answered, then Leng Shaoting held her and walked to the elevator.

“Kai, whats her background” Once Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left, Zheng Shuo asked.

“Everyone in Province D knows her.

Shes the top scorer of the National College Entrance Examination last year and the chairman of the Shengning Organization,” said Xiao Kai.

“What” Hearing that, Zheng Shuo was shocked.

He hadnt heard of Gu Ning, but he had heard a lot about the Shengning Organization.

Even though he didnt know much about it, he was aware that it was a large, rapidly-rising business group!

How did Lin Fei have a relationship with such an important figure

“So, what can you do to her How dare you make eyes at her right in front of her fiancé You have no idea how stupid you looked earlier!” said Lin Fei mockingly.

“What Zheng Shuo, you…” Xiao Kai turned to glare at Zheng Shuo.

He knew Zheng Shuo was a playboy and never hesitated to strike up a conversation with beautiful women, but it was very common in rich heirs.

He was used to it, so he didnt think it was a problem, but how could he do that to Gu Ning It was crazy!

Even though Zheng Shuo didnt know Gu Ning, her fiancé was there! How could he be so rude

“I didnt give her the eye.

I just said hi to her since shes your friend.” Zheng Shuo argued at once.

He had indeed wanted to flirt with Gu Ning at that time, but he wouldnt admit it.

“If so, why did you just say hi to Gu Ning and ignore her fiancé” Lin Fei retorted.

“And Im not familiar with you.

Im not your friend.”

“You…” Zheng Shuo was mad and didnt know what to say.

Lin Fei embarrassed him publicly.

“Your familys business doesnt have a good reputation.

Im afraid Ill be dragged into trouble after forming a relationship with you.

Sorry, I cant join the following activities,” said Lin Fei.

He knew that Gu Ning might have grudges against Chengfeng Real Estate, so he was unwilling to keep in touch with Zheng Shuo.

He didnt care about Xiao Kais face either.

Xiao Kai was also aware of the bad reputation that Chengfeng Real Estate had, but he didnt think it mattered.

He and Zheng Shuo were both rich heirs, though they werent close and he simply saw Zheng Shuo as one of his connections.

Lin Fei and Zheng Shuo never got along, so he didnt stop Lin Fei from leaving.

If Zheng Shuo was the only other person there, he would leave Zheng Shuo behind instead of letting Lin Fei go, but he needed to treat his other friends.

He didnt have much time to socialize with Lin Fei now.

After all, he was the host today.

Anyway, he had a close relationship with Lin Fei, so Lin Fei wouldnt be mad at him.

Hearing Lin Feis words, Zheng Shuo was mad.

If Xiao Kai werent here, he would really have a fight with Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was staying in Shengshi Hotel, so he could directly go back to his room.

“Whats wrong” Xiao Kais other friends asked in confusion.

“Hes fine.

Lets adjourn to another place!” said Xiao Kai.

He didnt bother to explain the conflict between Lin Fei and Zheng Shuo.

It was unnecessary.

After that, they left together.

That afternoon, the news that Gu Ning was the boss of Shenghua Real Estate went viral on the Internet.

People who didnt know were extremely surprised.

They didnt expect Shenghua Real Estate to be owned by Gu Ning.

They were aware of Gu Nings abilities and also guessed that she owned many more companies than they knew about, but they were still surprised to find out about her other companies.

At the same time, they heard about the fact that an accident happened at one of Shenghua Real Estates construction sites.

Most of the people trusted Gu Ning and believed that she was schemed against.

However, some people still refused to believe it because they thought that all businessmen were greedy.

Even though Gu Ning had a very good reputation, there were many people who didnt believe that she had never done bad deeds.

However, every time they attacked Gu Ning on the Internet, her fans would fight back so they couldnt cause any rumors.

Afterwards, people also heard that Kong Lixuan of Chengfeng Real Estate was taken away by the police because he had something to do with the accident that happened at the construction site of Shenghua Real Estate.

Lin Fei didnt go out with Xiao Kai and the others, so he surfed on Weibo back in his room, then he read the above news.

He was furious.

He thought that Gu Ning might have had conflicts with Chengfeng Real Estate because she argued with Zheng Shuo.

Now it seemed that he was right.

Moreover, Chengfeng Real Estate even tried to scheme against Shenghua Real Estate.

Lin Fei believed that Chengfeng Real Estate had to be guilty, otherwise Kong Lixuan wouldnt have been taken away.

Besides, Gu Ning obviously disliked Zheng Shuo.


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