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Chapter 853: Dont Have Much Hope

Cao Wenxin was Gu Nings friend, so the boys all treated her with respect.

And when Gu Ning told Tang Qingyang and Pan Zirui to exchange their name cards, they understood that Tang Qingyang must be important in Gu Nings circle of friends.

Therefore, they all exchanged name cards with Tang Qingyang and said that they should gather together often.

Tang Qingyang then realized that Gu Ning aimed to help him gain connections.

When it was 11 pm, Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin left.

“Ningning, since when are you and Tang Qingyang so close to each other” Cao Wenxin asked with curiosity.

She asked it casually, and didnt think that Gu Ning liked Tang Qingyang.

Cao Wenxin knew how much Gu Ning loved Leng Shaoting, and Tang Qingyang was barely comparable to Leng Shaoting.

“Um, I need to cooperate with him, so its necessary for me to give him a helping hand,” Gu Ning said, but didnt tell many details.

“Oh, I understand,” Cao Wenxin said, and didnt ask further.

Gu Ning called Leng Shaoting once she got home, and they talked for an hour on the phone before they went to sleep.

Leng Shaoting had called her when she was in the bar, but it was too noisy for them to talk to each other on the phone, so Gu Ning called him back the second she was home.

The next day, Gu Ning left for the Tang familys house in the morning.

She told Tang Haifeng and Gu Man that she was going to HK tomorrow, but didnt tell them what she would do there.

Tang Haifeng and Gu Man didnt ask for details, because they trusted Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was a kung fu master, and she also had two ace bodyguards by her sides, so she would be safe.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called He Siyin and told her that she would meet her in HK tomorrow.

He Siyin was quite relieved knowing that Gu Ning was definitely going to come to help her.

Gu Ning called Qiao Ya a while later and told her to book three plane tickets to HK tomorrow.

She decided that she would bring Gao Yi and Qiao Ya with her this time.

After booking the plane tickets, Gu Ning told He Siyin the exact arrival time so that He Siyin could arrange for someone to pick them up.

When it was settled, He Siyin went to meet her father in the study.

He Hongjie was lying on the soft couch, and looked haggard.

He was just in his early fifties, but looked much older than his real age.

His family faced a serious crisis now, and he was also in a bad mood.

Although He Siyin told him that she had found an ace gambler, he was still very anxious.

Besides, his second son was still missing.

Someone knocked on the door of the study.

He Hongjie got his mind back and said, “Come in.”

The second He Hongjie finished saying that, He Siyin pushed the door open, walking inside.

Seeing her father looking so haggard, she felt sad, but didnt know what to do.

“Father,” He Siyin called him.

“The girl just called me, and said that shell be here around 5 pm tomorrow.”

Hearing that, He Hongjie was cheered up a little.

Only He Hongjie and He Siyin were aware of it right now, because it was the key moment in their familys development, so they had to keep it a secret.

If anyone else found out, Gu Ning would be in a dangerous situation.

Today ended peacefully.

The next morning, Gu Ning went to Fengshang Shopping Mall to check on her shops.

Both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm were very popular and crowded with customers.

As for the beauty salon, skincare products were delivered that morning, and the staff members were sorting them out.

It would open the day after tomorrow.

Gu Ning and the others left for the airport at 12:30 pm.

At this time, in the capital.

Lu Zhan and his team reported for duty at noon.

Lu Xiao told them to stay in the hotel.

The company wouldnt offer them free accommodations, but only a thousand yuan as a housing allowance.

Gu Ning was a very generous boss, but she also has her standards.

Lu Zhans team members were workers in the company, not the managers, so they couldnt have free accommodations.

Businessmen cared about benefits after all.

Lu Zhan and Lu Yichen, however, could have free accommodation, because they werent common workers.

With Gu Nings permission, Chen Cangyi had already bought all the apartments on one of the floors of a nearby living building, and there were 12 apartments in all.

Each of them occupied 30 square-meters, including a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Therefore, Lu Zhan and Lu Yichen would live in the apartments.

After Lu Zhan arrived, K came to get a copy of the film as Gu Ning told him to do.

It took time and a lot of energy to edit a film, and it normally took several weeks.

However, K came back with the edited film just two days later, which surprised Lu Zhan.

He couldnt believe that K was able to finish the work within just two days.

Even if K stayed up all night, it was impossible to edit the film well within just two days.

Therefore, Lu Zhan thought that K had probably edited the film without much care.

Thinking of that, Lu Zhan was a little displeased.

Nevertheless, K worked for Gu Ning as well, so Lu Zhan didnt show his doubt on his face when K gave the edited film to him.

After that, he called Lu Yichen and they went to watch the film in the multimedia room together.

However, Lu Zhan didnt have much hope.

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