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Chapter 996 I“ll Be with You

jiang jiamin didnt care about jiang yutong at all, and she was unwilling to get involved in trouble because of jiang yutong.

“you…” jiang yutong was furious, but didnt know how to argue back.

tang jiayang and tang jiakai walked to gu ning and her friends afterwards, and asked them what they planned to do next.

they were still young and didnt want to go to sleep so early.

gu ning said that they planned to watch a film together first before they went to have fun later.

“why do you all want to watch a film” tang jiayang had no interest in movies.

cao wenxin knocked her arm against him and said, “its the first film produced by ningnings company!”

“oh!” tang jiayang realized that gu ning had indeed made a film a while ago, but he didnt know that it was already in theaters today.

since he found out now, he had to join them.

“ill go with you,” tang jiayang said.

“me too!” tang jiakai got interested.

he had read many positive comments on infinite horror, so he was also curious about it.

in addition, gu ning was now a member of their family, and they should be supportive.

gu ning and the others went to change their clothes before they left for the theater.

on the way to the theater, hao ran and the others read many comments about infinite horror on the internet.

they felt happy that people liked it.

“infinite horror is really scary.

i almost peed!”

“me too! i thought that i was going to have a heart attack!”

“dont watch it if you dont have a strong heart.”


“be prepared for it before you walk into the theater.”

“im already scared now!”

“i just watched it with my boyfriend, and he carried me home on his back afterwards because i was too scared to stand still.”

“ha-ha, ha-ha.”

many internet users were amused by that comment.

“thank you so much, fenghua entertainment and goddess gu, for producing such a great film! i went to watch it with a girl ive admired from afar for a long time.

she was too scared and threw herself into my arms.

were boyfriend and girlfriend now! lol.”

it was another amusing comment.


“i want to get a girlfriend in the same way, but i wonder whether the girl will throw herself into my arms too.”

“try it yourself, and youll find out.”

“ha-ha, ha-ha.”

hao ran and the others laughed loudly in their car when they read the above comments.

“jesus, if its really so scary, i dont think i have the courage to watch it,” yu mixi said.

“its fine.

were all with you.

if you feel scared, you can cover your ears and eyes,” mu ke said to comfort her.

in fact, mu ke wanted to say that he would be with her, but he felt too shy to say that.

for now, mu ke and yu mixi were in an unclear relationship.

mu ke still took special care of yu mixi, but hadnt told her about his real feelings towards her yet.

however, even though he didnt say it aloud, yu mixi could feel it.

she was happy about it, but also chose to keep quiet because the national college entrance examination was just around the corner.

they had a tacit agreement that they would talk about it after the examination.

hao ran and the others also left them some space.

when gu ning read those comments, she was also satisfied with the films quality and influence.

it was the first film produced by her entertainment company, and it was a great success.

many internet users also @ (mentioned) her on weibo and left positive remarks on the film.

although gu ning wasnt cast in the film, she was the investor, so many people also compliment her.

as the film became popular, those major actors in it gained a lot of fame too.

all of them were skilled actors, so the audience had a good impression of them.

when good actors met suitable roles, it was very easy for them to attract peoples attention.

some actors might be very good-looking and rely on publicity stunts to get publicity, but it wouldnt last long.

besides, people wouldnt have a good impression of them, which was harmful for their career in the future.

the major actors in infinite horror, on the other hand, were unwilling to do publicity stunts.

they had even fought against unspoken rules in the industry.

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