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Rise of the Crusader Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Enjoying Another Misery

2:30 am.

It was past midnight, however, besides the blanket of stars that seemed to stretch to infinity, and the moon that was completely out, there was no difference between the day and night activities that took place in the academy.

“Please... Dont do it! Someone help!!!!! Help!!!”

“Havent we been through this several times I can as well get you a microphone, but it wouldnt be any different. The only difference between this place and hell is the eternal flame which is said to be there.”

In the year-2 male dormitory, a teenager with pale skin, light hair, and pinkish eyes stood in front of a bed with a smile on his face. As the teenager stared at the figure that was laying on the bed in a disheveled state, there was no remorse or pity in his eyes.

“Please... Spare me!!! Just this one time. I promise I would never do something like that again. Please!!!!”

The woman who was tied to the four edges of the bed yelled at the top of her voice.


“Not again! Come, on. You should have come to accept your fate by now, woman.” The teenager exclaimed. He then took on the black apron which was hanging on the wall, and the box which was on his room desk.

As the woman saw the equipment which had just been placed beside her, fear and panic swept over her body. She began to jerk her body, in an attempt to break from the ropes binding her, but her effort was all futile.

“Can you stop exaggerating Its not like Im going to kill you. Its just a little torture, and thats all.”

“Now, which of these should we start it.” There were all sorts of equipment inside the box, so it was difficult to choose one, but after going over them for a few seconds, he picked one of them.

With a grin on his face, the teenager picked up the electrocuting device. He stared at the woman who had now started screaming, and he extended his hand back into the box, then bringing out a red cloth, he stuffed it into the womans mouth.

“You just close your eyes, and before you even realize it, its all over.” He said.

The woman was unable to speak because of the cloth that had just been stuffed into her mouth, but she instead nodded her head, when she heard the teenager. She closed her eyes, only for her to open them back a few seconds, with terror evident in them.


The womans body trembled violently as the electrocuting device was stuck to her body. If she was able to scream then with no doubt, it would have been only her voice that would be heard on the campus, but with clothes in her mouth, she could only bite and feast her mouth on them.

“Hehehehehehe!!” Despite the tears which were oozing out of her eyes, there wasnt a tinge of pity on the teenagers face, instead, he had a smile hanging on his face.

However, after a few seconds, he pulled back, making the woman quiet down a little. The tears, however, didnt stop dripping from the womans eyes as she could still feel excruciating pain spreading through every bone in her body.

“Aaaaarrrghhhhh... Please!!!!! Let me go!!!!!”

As the teenager pulled the clothes out of the womans mouth, her voice rang out. “I have two children, please they wont be able to survive this world without me!!!!” The tears just came flooding out as she spoke.

“You have two children Hahahahahaha!!! So, you remember you have children now, what about those other children you killed One hundred and forty-five children were forcefully taken from their homes.”

“Do you know how those children ended They all died. A couple of them had their hands, legs, and heads removed, while most of the young girls were raped to death.” The rage contained in the teenager was evident as he spoke to the woman.


He increased the voltage on the device and pressed it into the womans body. “Arghh... Arrghhhhhhhhh!!!” The woman twisted her body around, as the pain became even more severe than what she had ever experienced.

This time around, the teenager didnt pull the device back quickly, he chose to leave it there till steam began to emerge from the womans body.

“This is just the beginning! Once we are done with you, your family comes next. Im certain you would love to see those two girls of yours raped to death, and that company which you so much love will plummet right in front of your eyes.”

The womans eyes twitched when she heard the teenager, she could already picture the scene of her girls being raped, and just when she was about to speak, she felt a substance poured on her body.

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As the hot liquid substance came in contact with her body, the clothes which she was putting on immediately dissolved, leaving her stark naked, and the acid wreaked havoc on her body, as the teenager in front of her poured the acid from her upper body to her lower body.

“Aaarrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!” The woman wasnt being stuffed with any clothes, so she was able to scream to her hearts consent, and while her loud scream reverberated the room, the teenager roars of demonic laughter followed as well.

After her body was covered in acid, the teenager moved away from her, and stood where her head was facing, “Urgh! Stop exaggerating, are you not still alive” He said, then shook his head.

“Ah-Ahem... Now lets get to the point. You see, I have people to report to, and they inform me that you were ordered to carry out that task. So, why dont you tell me who sent you to harm those children, then we can all put this behind us.”

Throughout the entire time, there was a smile hanging on the teenagers face.

“I... I...” The woman was incapable of speaking when she heard him, her body was still shivering as the damage which was caused by both the electrocuting device and the acid could still be felt.

The teenager didnt say a word as the woman continued to stammer, he, however, brought equipment to his side. “It... was. The Bass family.”

As the woman said those words, she immediately fainted. However, it was barely up to a minute, after which her eyes closed, and she received the hardest slap of her life.


“Who said you could sleep!” the teenager exclaimed, glaring at the woman. He then placed his hand on his chin, “The Bass family. I should have known it would be you.” He muttered.

After the emergence of superpowers, there were several organizations, families, and even societies that came to be beside the heroes league. This power sector didnt want to fall behind in the new era of the supernatural after the majority of assert were now under control by the heroes league and the governments.

One of the families that arose during that period was the Bass family.

The Bass family was a family of well-known politicians with both power and fame. Its head and strongest member was Clayton Bass, a metahuman with extraordinary power and connection that stretched itself onto the senate office.

However, over the years, the Bass family had been charged with several crimes. Human trafficking, murder, fraud, and all sorts of scornful deeds, heroes all over the globe had tried apprehending the family, but the family of politicians would find ways to buy themselves out of trouble.

As long as there wasnt solid evidence pointed at the Bass family, the family couldnt be laid hands on.

“The Bass, it seems we would be paying you all a visit very soon.” The smile which was on the teenagers face widened as he spoke, “As for y-” He was about to speak when a knock suddenly sounded from the door.


After two consecutive knocks, the person who was behind the door pushed the door open.

“I apologize for disturbing you, sir.” It was a black-haired youth putting on a red shirt and black pants who walked in. As he went inside the room, he didnt stare at the woman who was laying on the bed, and instead his eyes went directly at the pale teenager.

“I do hope that you have something interesting, or else you can as well order a casket for barging into my room that way.”

The teenager let go of the fingernail gripping tools, and walked forward, with a sneer on his face, “So what is it, Craig” He asked.

Craig was the youth that had just entered, and when he heard the pale teenager, his heart skipped a beat, but he soon regained composure and kept a straight face.

“A new student has joined the year-1 elite division. I wasnt able to gather any information about him apart from his name and power.”

Craig then passed the report in his hand to the teenager, “His information is being treated as classified by the academy. We have tried hacking into the system for his information, but the academy sent a warning back to us.” He said.

“We either stop attacking their system or we have the entire research division on a one-month strike.”

Craig was a student of the research and support division in the school. As for the pale teenager standing in front of him, he belonged to the murderer division.

“Raphael Queen, 15. The ability to induce decay on any organic or inorganic substance.” The teenager muttered, “He is a C-rank metahuman, but was able to defeat that Adrian kid. I must say, not bad!!!.”

“Im impressed.”

The teenager then handed the report back to Craig. He then turned towards the woman who was laying on the bed, and his mouth opened slightly when he saw the woman.

“I think shes dead.” It was Craigs voice that rang out.

A disappointed expression appeared on the pale teenagers face afterward, “Sigh... I never intended to kill her just a little bit of torture, before I delivered her to ripper, now, I have to offer him something else.” The teenager exclaimed.

Craigs body shook when he heard the teenager, he immediately bowed his head and was about to step out of the room, when a loud voice rang out.

“Oh, Craig, I want you to set a meeting between me and that new student. The elite division is no good for him, considering the power he possessed, the best place suitable for him is the murderer division.”



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