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Rise of the Crusader Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Meeting The Number One Student In The Division II

Serena stared at Aurora then back at Raphael, “Did something happen to the both of you” She couldnt help but ask when she saw how Aurora was glaring at Raphael.

Raphael, however, shrugged their shoulder. He merely took a glance at Aurora before moving his eyes from her and staring at the other gadget in the cabinet.

“Yes, something did happen.” It was Aurora that spoke, “I have complete respect for you, Serena, but I dont appreciate the person you brought to the tech division.” She said with her eyes fixed on Aurora.

Serena raised an eyebrow when she heard Aurora, she stared at Raphael who acted as though he didnt hear any of Auroras words, and she shook her head, “What did Raphael do” Serena asked.

“He walked into this place, took one of my gadgets, and began to lay insults on them. He referred to my gadget as a waste of tools! Who does he think he is to call my work a waste of time and resources!!!!”

The anger was evident in Auroras voice as she spoke to Serena. She clenched her hands into tight fists, trying to stop herself from launching at Raphael.

“Serena, I thought you said he was a very decent person, but the few minutes I have spent with him made me realize that he is nothing but a jerk and a proud fellow,” Aurora exclaimed.


The atmosphere was quite intense, as both the students working in the glass cage and the ones outside had stopped what they were doing and were now staring at Raphael and Aurora.

Serena heaved a deep breath, “Raphael, is this true” Serena folded her hands across her chest when she spoke to Raphael.

“Yes!” Raphael replied.

With a smirk on his face, he stared at Serena, “I was just being honest, its not my problem if she couldnt handle the truth.” He said, “Besides, I see, no reason why she is upset, after all, she said, she succeeded in creating the gadget.”

“Really, Aurora, you were able to create the tranquilizer 3000!!!”

Serena wasnt able to contain her excitement, and the instant Aurora nodded her head, she gave Aurora a big hug, “Muaaah!” Serena pecked Aurora on the cheek, “Youre the best.” Serena chuckled.

The academy had been looking for better ways to deal with metahumans with fire and ice superpowers, and after months of failures, they had almost given up, not until Aurora presented them with one of her creations.

Aurora had shown the academy the gold gloves of earlier. She had affirmed to them that she would be able to create a new one without any of the flaws if she was given the products she did, and after months of hard work, she had succeeded.

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“Tranquilizer 3000 Thats what youre calling it.” Raphael mumbled in a low voice.

While his voice was low, Serena and Aurora were both standing close to him, so they heard everything that he said.

“You have a name better than that, dont you!!” Aurora exclaimed.

Raphael glanced at Aurora, and seeing the look on her face, he shook his head, “No, since you created the gadget, then you have the right to name it whatever you like. You can as well as call it panadol 3000, who cares.” Raphael said.


Aurora pointed her finger at Raphael, “You know what, why dont I show you the piece I was able to create, and you werent.”

Gus, who was on Raphaels shoulder, shook its head when it heard Aurora as if telling her that bringing that gadget out was a very terrible thing to do.

Everyone had eyes fixed on Aurora, including Raphael, as she approached the fourth cabinet in the glass cage. She opened the cabinet door and brought a case out of it.

A smile could then be seen on Auroras face as she walked toward Raphael with the case in her hand, “Have a look at what true beauty looks like.” As Aurora stood in front of her Raphael, her soft voice rang out, before she then opened the suitcase.

The instant the case opened, a thick pair of gold gloves appeared before Serena and Raphael. The instant Serena saw the gloves, the smile which was on her face widened, and she couldnt help but clap her hand at the gloves.

Aurora sneered when she saw how Raphael was staring at the gloves, “You can put it on, and of course, feel free to tell me any flaw present in the glove.” She said.


Raphael picked up the gloves which were in the case and wore both pairs on. He stared at the gold glove that had three different stones around it, and his lips curved into a smile.

“That is the look I was expecting. The first-ever gadget thats able to neutralize both flame and Ice was created by me, me! And for your information, theres not a single flaw present in the glove.” Aurora exclaimed.

“Well, Im certainly impressed. You did a good job creating the tranquilizer or whatever you call it.” Raphael said.

“Thats wonderful!” It was Serenas voice that sounded. She was the one who knew how judgmental Raphael was, and for him to be impressed by a gadget, then it must mean that the gadget was terrific.

However, the smile which was on her face only lasted for a few seconds, and it disappeared right after Raphaels voice rang out. “But, why the hell it is so heavy. The design and creation are not bad, tho, so I would give it a rating of 8.”

“Over 10 right” Serena asked.

“Come on, I meant 8 over 20.” As Raphael took off the gloves and placed them back into the case, he raised his head, only for him to receive a furious glare from Aurora.

The surrounding was completely silent, with Raphael and Aurora staring at one another. It was during that awkward moment that two figures walked into the glass cage, and seeing Raphael and Aurora, their eyes lit up.

“Hey, Raphael, youve met the number one in the tech division!” It was Aiden and Devon that had just appeared.

Raphael chuckled when he heard Aiden, “Youre the number one student in this place. You have got to be kidding me.” Raphael jested.


Aiden was about to speak, when Aurora suddenly waved her hand at him, “You are full of yourself, do you know that! You must think that youre very smart!!!” Aurora handed the case to Devon, who was beside her, and spoke to Raphael in a cold voice.

“No, I dont think Im smart. I am smart!!” Raphael didnt back away from Auroras stare, his hands were placed in his pocket as he spoke to her.

“Hey!!!!!! The both of you are meant to be friends, not whatever it is thats going on.”

Serena quickly interfered before the situation got out of hand between Raphael and Aurora. She had wanted to introduce Raphael to Aurora because both of them were crazy about gadgets, and if the two of them were to team up, they would be unstoppable in the academy.

It startled her to see that the two of them didnt get along at all.

After the long glare between the both of them, Auroras voice suddenly sounded. “I dont care how good Serena claims you are, theres no way a jerk like you can be as smart as Serena says you are. And neither do I believe that youre more talented than I am.” Aurora said.

“Youre a funny one. In case you arent aware, being a jerk has nothing to do with being smart. I can as well be a jerk and also be smart.” Raphael said.

“Second, the sooner you began to believe it, the better it would be for you.”


Serenas eyes twitched when she heard Raphael, but this time around she didnt interfere and wanted to see if Aurora had a comeback for what he said to her.

“I began walking at three, at seven years I finished all the topics in engineering. At eight, I created my first gadget which earned me my first million noxus. And you know what, at ten years I became the youngest and brightest engineer in the world.”

There was pride contained in Auroras voice as she spoke about her achievement, “If I am the number one student in this division, it is because there is no one better. And even if you were here, that wouldnt change.” Aurora stated.

Raphael placed his hand on his chin, “You won the YBE award at ten, hmmm.” Raphael paused, “it seems to be like you dont make use of the internet because I won that award when I was eight.”

A chuckle escaped Raphaels mouth when he saw the look on Auroras face.

“Good Day!”

With that said, Raphael walked out of the glass cage. Aiden and Devon moved also, with their heads and shoulder raised slightly, the both of them walked out majestically.



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