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Chapter 17: Death Of Adrian Walker

Raphael, Devon, and Aiden walked out of the tech division with smiles on their faces.

A few seconds, after the three of them, left the division, Aidens voice suddenly rang out, “Hahahahaha!!! Those proud dumbo got exactly what they deserved. I bet they didnt see any of that coming.”

“Raphael, you did very well!” Devon, who was beside Raphael exclaimed.

“I agree! The tech division is very arrogant because of the way the academy treats them. Its annoying, the last time I went there, I had to pay double the amount because I made a few comments on one of the women.” Aiden placed his hand behind his head as he spoke.

It was no secret that the tech division was the academys favorite. The academy spoiled the student in the tech division with whatever it is they wanted, which made most of the students very proud.

Raphael shook his head when heard the two beside him, “I have no hatred towards them, its just they have to start keeping their heads low because there is always someone better than them. And that person is me!” Raphael said with complete confidence.

Devon and Adrians mouths opened slightly when they heard Raphael, as they could hear the resolve in Raphaels voice, and it startled them.


“The only missing piece to my gadget was the helium tank. If I had been able to get the material, then theres no way I wont have succeeded.” Raphael muttered.

Raphael then turned toward Devon and Aiden, “What time is our next class” Raphael asked.

“We still have about fifteen minutes to go.” Aiden said, “Sigh... If I had the chance, I would never attend that class, but the academy just had to make it a six-unit course. Now, there is no one would want to miss out on that course, even though we all hate it so much.” Aiden exclaimed.

If it had been only Aiden who was expressing his hatred, then Raphael might have assumed that he was exaggerating, but he could see a depressing look on Devons face also.

“Whats the name of the course” As the duo began to show their dislike toward the course, Raphaels voice rang out.

“Fundamental psychology!”

Raphaels eyebrows furrowed when he heard both of them. The fact that the academy chose to include psychology in the course definitely amused him, but he could see what the academy was trying to achieve.

“Why dont we go play video games in the dormitory, and when its time, we can go to class.” It was Devon that brought the suggestion.

“Im down for that. What about you, Raphael!”

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Raphael shrugged his shoulder, “Sure.” Raphael said. After buying a lot of equipment from the academy mall, Raphael was looking forward to arranging them in his room.

The trio was about to move when two figures appeared in front of them. It was none other than Richard and his elder brother, Adrian. Both of them had a sinister smile on their faces as they stared at Raphael.

“Well, well, well, if it isnt Raphael Queen! Its a good thing you went shopping,” Richard said, staring at the bags which were in Devon and Aidens hands, “Because it is going to be your last.” Richard said.

“You were only lucky as my brother let his guard down, but this time around, prepare to die.” Richard glared viciously when he saw the sneer Raphael had on his face.

“Hahahahahaha!!! What sort of excuse is that, Richard. I always knew that you were hit in the head as a kid, but I just didnt think that the damage struck that deep.” It was Aidens voice that rang out.

“Do you want to die!!!!!!” Richard blurted.

Aiden raised an eyebrow, he then passed the bags in his hand to Devon, and walked in front of Devon, “We have been through this over and over again, and in case you have forgotten, the only reason why youre still alive is because of your brother is always interfering in our fight.”


Adrian was able to interfere when he saw his brother being pushed, but Raphael suddenly came to his front. With his hand inside his pocket, an expression full of mockery could be seen on his face.

“Why dont we get things over with, I dislike leaving things half done.” As Raphael spoke, he began to take off the gloves in his hand.

Gus, who was standing on his shoulder immediately, took both pairs of gloves and flew over to the seat on Devons head. Raphael hardly took off his gloves, but when he did, it was certain that a show was about to go down.

“Lets decide it in a life and death battle!”

Adrian didnt back away from Raphaels stare, he clenched his hand into a tight fist, and spoke words that were going to determine their fates.

“Just what I had in mind!” Said Raphael.

While Richard and Aiden had beef of their own, when they saw things begin to become very serious between Raphael and Adrian, the both of them immediately moved aside.


Adrian was the first to make a move. He wrapped dark particles around his hand, then struck a full-force punch at Raphael.

Raphael stood still as the punch came at him, however, a few seconds for the punch to come in contact with him, he suddenly turned his body, eluding his punch. And despite Adrian already enveloping his body in dark particles, Raphael sent a punch at him.

“You wont be so lucky next time!” Raphael exclaimed as Adrian was also able to dodge his attack.

The expression which was on Adrians face changed, and the hair on his body stood erect instantly. While they had just struck out punches, he was the one who could sense the danger contained in what Raphael had sent to him.

As Adrian went backward, he gathered more dark particles around his body. “He has become even stronger.” He murmured.

Adrians eyebrows furrowed, he had battled Raphael a few days ago, so he could tell that Raphael had become stronger. That one punch wasnt just capable of dispersing the dark particle around him, it was going to severely injure him.

“Your time is up!”

With that said, Raphael cracked his knuckles, and he dashed towards Adrian.

Adrian was able to regain his composure, he quickly sent the dark particles at Raphael, who was charging toward him. “Oh no!” Adrian staggered backward, as regardless of how many particles came at Raphael, he dodged each one of them.

“Aiden, are you seeing what am seeing!” Devon, who was standing beside Aiden, muttered, as he saw his roommate gliding through those dark particles.

“Yes, Raphael has finally learned what I taught him.”

“Not that dumbass! I mean, look at his watch.” Devon said.

Aidens eyes then went over to Raphaels wristwatch and seeing the number which was displayed, his eyes twitched, and his mouth opened in shock. “How is this possible! Did he take some pill ” Aiden exclaimed in shock.

“Seems likely, or else how could he have gone from 25,450 to 27,000,” Devon mumbled in a low voice.

“Maybe he possesses one of that legendary system we always read about in comic books.” Aiden scratched his head, as that was the only possible explanation, he had, for what was happening.

Devon nodded his head, “That would be awesome, but I dont think he is a system holder. Those are fiction, after all, this is real life.” Devon said, “We will ask him when this fight is over.”


Adrian staggered several steps backward with blood oozing out of his mouth, as Raphael moved past all the attacks he threw at him, to then land a punch on his face. “A-Arghhh!” Once that attack landed on Adrians body, many more came from Raphael.

And every fist, which Raphael struck at Adrian, created a hole in his body. The place soon began deteriorating at a frightening pace, and before Adrian could even get a grip of himself, the bones in his lower chest and other parts were on display.

“What the hell!!!!”

Some students had gathered around when Raphael and Adrian began to exchange punch and seeing how quick the tables turned, they couldnt help but be astonished.

A fresher was beating the crap out of a year-2 student.

Adrians face had become unrecognizable, as Raphael didnt hold anything back. He was capable of eluding the dark particles, and this made everything totally easier for Raphael.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Adrian screamed like a maniac, as Raphael broke the bones in his lower chest with his knee. He then grabbed his head with both hands and began to smash his knee against Adrians face.

Blood splattered all over, as Raphael crushed his face. Adrians face was bleeding profusely, his nose was broken, and more than half of his teeth were gone from Raphaels attacks.

After Raphael was contented with what he had reduced Adrians face too, he let go of him.

“P-Please... D-Dont kill me!” With his body covered in blood, Adrian managed to muster those words out of his body. Raphaels attack went to the extent that as Adrian spoke, blood flowed out as well.

Raphael, however, smiled when he heard Adrian, “Sadly, you have served your purpose in the world. You are no longer needed.” Raphael said while laughing.

“No...” Adrians scream died down, as Raphael punched right through his left chest. Raphael continued to drive his hand till he got to Adrians chest, then he gave his heart a light squeeze before then pulling his hand out.

With that action taken, Adrian stumbled to the ground.



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