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Chapter 19: Fundamental Psychology Class

Every classroom in the academy was equipped with a white board, lockers, huge tv screens, tables, and chairs for students.

“Settle down!!”

In the year-1 elite division classroom, a tall and well-muscled man stood in front of the students with a not-so-friendly smile on his face. He was putting on an all-black suit, and a shiny pair of brown shoes.

The instant the student heard the mans loud voice, they immediately rushed over to their seats. The man rubbed his hand across his beards, “Come on in! We have a lot to cover up before the tests start!” The man exclaimed, glaring at the two students who stood at the door.

It was Devon and Aiden, the duo nodded their heads when they heard the man, and without wasting any time, they went over to their seats.

“Lets begin.” The man said, “In our last class, we discussed how we turned to the other side, some of us were rewarded with injustice and ingratitude from society. Some were victims of bullying, abuse, betrayals, extremists, depression, desperation and some of us simply wanted power.”

“One way or the other, we have had a taste of the worlds bitterness.”


The academy will give you a helping hand in the dreams you pursue and being your fundamental psychology teacher, I will help create an introspective view and help you dive deeper into your thought and mannerism.” The man said.

“This way I will have you understand how the mind works, and a better way to handle several situations.”

Edgar could see the bored expression that the students had on their faces, but he simply didnt care and went on tutoring them, “We will focus on three main parts of fundamental psychology, adaptation, social, and development.”

“If we are unable to cover those topics before the midterm, Im pleased to tell you that we would be having classes during the weekends.”

When the students heard Edgar, their eyes twitched and mouths opened wide. If it wasnt for how extreme the academy treated the course, theres no way they would attend it.

Edgar snorted, “Before we proceed any further is there any question, you would like to ask.” Edgar said.

While a smile could be seen on the mans face, the students all had a grim expression on their faces. It wasnt only Devon and Aiden that had problems with the course, but almost all the students disliked the course.

The fundamental psychology class was as though having their scars open, then learning about the wounds, before then sealing them back. The normal psychology dealt with how the mind works, and how people act the way they do, but this was more than normal.


There was complete silence in the classroom, and it was only after a few seconds that a female student raised her hand, “I have a question.” The student said.

“Camille, what is your question.”

Camille is an olive-skinned teenager of average height with brown eyes and black hair. She was putting on the academy uniform like the rest of the classroom, but hers was more iron than the rest, and her hair was tied in a two-style bun.

As Camille stood from her chair, a few of the students grumbled, she, however, turned a blind eye to them and stared at the teacher in front.

“The last class we got to understand there is no such thing as a system of equality, those are lies told to appease others. My question is how do we create a world of equality, and what is the key to solving to the worlds problem.”

“Good question!” Edgar said, responding to his students question, “The answer is simple, there can never be a world of equality. Take a look at your fingers, are they equal No! The whole systems of equality are merely told to deceive others.”

Only one things equal for all... and that is death.

“As for your other question, first you understand the nature of the problem, and you eliminate it. Its just like the sayingprevention is better than cure when you eliminate the problem and its source, youre preventing it from ever happening.”

Camille nodded her head when she heard Edgar. “Any other question” Edgar asked.

“Any question!!”

Edgar raised his voice this time around. He then shook his head, when he saw the student all ignoring his question, and instead they had eyes on their wristwatch.

“I have always thought about ways to solve the worlds problems, but now I have finally realized the best possible solution.” It was Camilles voice that rang out.

“Hehehehe!” Edgar chuckled, and the smile on his face widened. However, his lips which were curved into a smile closed when Camille spoke. “I have to eliminate everyone, till Im the last survivor, that way I have eliminated all the problems.”

Camille flashed an innocent smile at Edgar, before returning to her seat. She opened the book on her table and began to write it in.

“C-Camille... Ah-Ahem, thats quite an ambition you have right there, but if thats the way you believe the worlds problem will be solved, then you can as well strive for it.” Edgar muttered.

“If there isnt any other question, lets proceed.”

Edgar took the marker which was on the desk, he was about to write on the whiteboard, when a knock sounded at the door. He turned towards the glass door and seeing who it was, a light smile appeared on his face.

“Come on in!”

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The student who was at the door was none other than Raphael.

Raphael pushed the door, he then gave a slight nod to Edgar and was about to head over to his seat when Edgar blocked his way. “Not so fast! Raphael isnt it. It hasnt even been up to a month since you joined the academy, and you have become quite popular.” Edgar said.

“Oh, really, I had no idea.” With his hand placed inside his pocket, Raphael replied.

“You know what, why dont you come to introduce yourself to the class.” Before Raphael could even react, Edgar pulled him over, “Dont worry, I will ask the question!” Edgar said.

Devon and Aiden shook their heads as if telling him not to say anything. Raphael, however, simply flashed a smile at them.

“I heard that before you came here, you were about to join holy savior academy,” Edgar muttered, and seeing that expression Raphael had when he heard him, he shook his head, “Dont worry, as your fundamental psychology, there isnt a thing I dont know about you.”

“The academy handed me your files, but those were just words written, I would like to hear from you directly.”

“You were also invited to the academy a lot of times, but you also turned the offer down several times. My question now is why did you choose to go to holy savior academy, then after getting accepted, you turned them down, and joined this academy.”

Raphael stared at Edgar, he seemed to be in deep thought, but after deep thought, his voice rang out, “I was bribed.” Said Raphael.

While Raphaels response took Edgar surprised, he composed himself, “Okay.”

“Im sure your friends must have told you about my class, it is one of the best. And I couldnt help but notice that after you killed Adrian, there was no remorse or pity in your eyes, instead, it seemed like you were getting rid of a burden.”

“What!!! Adrian is dead!” One of the students in the class exclaimed in shock.

The news had yet to spread through the whole campus yet, so when they heard it, they couldnt help but be startled.

Edgar glared at the student who just shouted for a few seconds, before turning towards Raphael, “That wasnt the first time youve killed someone,” Edgar paused, “I also keep getting the feeling that you have killed many before.”

“How did you feel after killing him Did you feel delighted or perhaps a sense of relief Or did his death fill a void in your heart” The question just kept coming at Raphael.

However, Raphael simply remained silent, he said nothing and only stared at Edgar. A minute passed, and when there was still no response from Raphael, Edgars voice rang out. “I would like to know about you, Raphael, especially your childhood,” Edgar said.


A chuckle suddenly escaped Raphaels mouth, “There are no skeletons in my closet, no abusive childhood or suffering that might explain my character. Adrian died because he failed to see that life was a beautiful thing.”

Every word that came out of Raphaels mouth was said decisively. “Yes, I felt glad after killing him, but that doesnt mean Im incapable of sympathizing with pain.”

“He played with fire, and he got burned, simple,” Raphael said.

Edgar stared at Raphael for a while, before he then spoke, “Fair enough. You can go to your seats now, lets continue with the class.”

Raphael nodded his head, he then to his seat, and a few seconds after the lecture continued.



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