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Chapter 20: I Mean No Harm


It had been several minutes since Edgars class went on and as the school bell rang, the students didnt wait for a second and immediately dashed out of the class.

“Y-You...” Edgar shook his head when he saw the students rushing out of the classroom, he turned towards the students who remained seated, and he heaved a deep breath, “I want to see my assignment on my desk first thing tomorrow. Have a wonderful week.” Edgar said.

He then walked out of the classroom afterward.

A few seconds after Edgar left the classroom, Aidens voice rang out, “Two down, three more classes to go.” He said while shaking his head.

“Finally, that class is over... Mrs Rebecca said she wont be around this week, so I believe thats all for today. Hahahahahahaha!!”

A smile appeared on both Devon and Aidens faces when they checked their timetables, the duo stood from their seats and were about to head over to Raphael when they saw a scene that left their mouth slightly open.


Standing in front of Raphaels table were three students, they didnt say a word and instead, the three of them kept glaring at him.

It was only after a few minutes that one of the voices sounded, “Not bad! You killed Adrian, I guess youre indeed worthy of being a student of the elite division after all.”

“Im Mason.”

Mason was a teenager with a muscular frame, long black hair, fair skin, and large brown eyes. A smile hung on his face, as he stared at Raphael, and when he extended his hand for a handshake, the smile on his face widened.

Raphael, however, stared at the three in front of him, before he brought his hand forward, “Its a pleasure meeting you, Mason.” Raphael said.

“Im sure you have met Jackson already, and this beautiful lady here is my younger sister, Elisa.” Mason stared at the female who was standing on his right.

Raphael gave a slight nod when he heard Mason, Jackson was the black-haired teenager who wanted to fight with him, during miss Emilys class. And as for the female students besides Mason, he had seen her in class.

“Hahahahaha!!!! I know shes beautiful, but dont come near her.” Mason exclaimed, “Im just kidding. Hahahahaha!!! But for real, dont come close to her... I wont forgive you.” Mason said with a rather complicated look on his face.

While Mason seemed to be warning Raphael about his younger sister, Raphael was surprised to see the girl herself, seizing him from head to toe. And when she raised her head and stared at him, he could see a blush on her.

The girl beside Mason was a slender girl of fair complexion, light-brown eyes without pupils, and black hair that reaches down to the middle of her back.

“Im Elisa,” The girl said, stretching her hand forward for a handshake.

Raphael glanced at Mason, whose eyes were twitching when he saw his sisters action, he then glared at Raphael, as if telling him not to respond to his sister, but Raphael shrugged his shoulder. “Im pleased to meet you too, Elisa,” Raphael replied.

“Did you see that!!!!!!” Masons loud voice suddenly rang out, “Did you see that!! He touched my sister, now he is surely going to marry her.” Mason exclaimed, wriggling Jacksons body left and right.

Elisa, who was however in front of Raphael, blushed, she couldnt continue to stare at Raphael, and after a second she lowered her head.

“Hmm” Raphael scratched his head.

“Hehehe! I see the three of you have met Raphael,” Suddenly, Aiden appeared in front of Raphael, “Theres somewhere we have to go right now, so I will be taking Raphael.” Before the trio could even respond, Aiden pulled out of the classroom.

Unbeknownst to Aiden, the instant he stepped out of the classroom, a deep frown appeared on Elisas face. She then sneered, before folding her hands across her chest.

“That was weird.” It was Devon that spoke.

Aiden nodded his head, “Yeah, those two give me the creep.” Aiden said.

As the three of them left the classroom, Raphael couldnt help but notice Aiden and Devon staring at his wristwatch, he ignored them for a few minutes, but when he couldnt bear it anymore his voice sounded. “What are you both looking at” Raphael asked.


However, they had only begun walking for a few minutes when Devons voice rang out, “Why do we have to walk there, cant we just take a portal to the dormitory” Devon blurted.

After meeting Aiden, Devon had become used to the portals he created, that walking far distance, became problematic for him.


Aiden was about to respond, when a voice sounded, “He cant! His powers have been nullified, so he is unable to use it in his space whatever until he leaves this area.”

Devon immediately went quiet when he saw the person that spoke. “When did that happen!” Raphael couldnt help but ask.

“From the moment, he stepped out of the class. You met Elisa, right” The person who had just appeared was an olive-skinned teenager, she was holding a black book in her hand, and a look full of mockery could be seen on her face as she spoke.

Meanwhile, Aiden scratched his head when he heard the girl, “Dont you have any other place to be, Camille.” He said, “Sigh... Damn that Elisa, all I did was pull him out of the classroom, and she dare nullify my power.”

“So annoying!” Aiden frowned deeply, “And why are you following us. You cant have fallen for my charm, right”

Camille giggled, “You wish, it just turns out that we live in the same dormitory.” Said Camille.

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“The male dormitory”

“Yes, thats where I stay!” Camille replied to Aiden with a straight face, it was almost like she was expecting him to say something and when Aiden did, she shook her head.

“Why would you live in the male dormitory, when there is a female dormitory Are you high on drugs, or were you hit on the ground as a kid” Aiden blurted.

Unlike most girls which he would have tried to woo, and use sweet words on, Aiden had no interest whatsoever in Camille or his other female classmates. It was part of his rules,never date your classmate so he didnt care whether his word would hurt Camille or not.

“Whats the difference between the both of them. If we were in any other place, then differences might exist, but in this place, it seems the same to me,” Camille said.

“Besides, I rather have myself around you suckers, than with those backstabbing bitches.”

Raphael, who had remained silent the whole time, nodded his head when he heard Camille. Camille was right, in a place like this, there was really no difference between the two dormitories.

There were no rules and regulation, so everything goes.

A few minutes passed, and the four of them arrived at the male dormitory. Devon had remained quiet the whole time, while Raphael only spoke a few times along the way, it was mostly Aiden and Camille that spoke the most.

“Goodbye!” Camille waved her hand which she got in front of her room door, which was surprisingly in front of Raphael and Devons room, “I will see you guys around.” Camille then walked into her room.

“Shes really not bad, its just a pity that shes our classmate.” After Camille went into her room, Aidens voice suddenly sounded.

Devon nodded his head, he was about to push the door to the room open, when Raphael stopped him. With his hand placed on his lip, Raphael spoke, “Someone is inside!” Raphael said in a low voice.

Both Devon and Aiden went quiet when they heard Raphael, “I cant hear anything” Aiden mumbled, as he placed his head on the door.

However, the instant he moved backward, the door of the room opened, and a voice rang out, “Come on in! This is your room, after all.”

Devon and Aiden raised their head when they heard that voice, and seeing who was inside the room, the both of them staggered several steps backward with fear and panic written all over their faces.

A deep frown appeared on Raphaels face because he could sense a high threat coming from the two people inside the room.

“Im just here to have a conversation, I mean no harm. Tell them, Craig, or why the hell did I bring you along with me.” The pale teenager with light hair and pinkish eyes exclaimed.



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