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Chapter 21: Murderer Divisions Invite

Craigs eyes twitched when he heard the pale teenager, he gulped, then stared at Raphael and the others, “If he says he wont kill you, then I can assure you that he wont kill you.”

“You see, I wont. As a matter of fact, Im sure we are going to become good friends.

It was the pale teenager that spoke. He sat on the chair with his legs crossed, and an innocent smile could be seen on his face.

Meanwhile, Devon and Aiden stared at Raphael, whose eyebrows were raised,” Alright then.” After giving it a deep thought, Raphaels voice rang out, and he walked into the room.

“Before we begin, Im a little thirsty, Craig go prepare us some tea,” The pale teenager waved his hand, and without any delay, Craig went into the kitchen. The duo seemed to treat the room as though it were theirs.

Raphael glanced at Devon and Aiden, who were still terrified of this pale teenager, and a rather complicated look appeared on him. It was already quite obvious that they knew who the teenager was, but what startled Raphael was how scared both of them were.

“The three of you can seat, Im not going to bite any of you.” The teenager exclaimed.


The teenagers voice caused Devon and Aiden to tremble, but they still quickly went over to the other chair. As for Raphael, he glared at the teenager for a few seconds before he then sat opposite to him.

After the trio sat on the chairs, the whole room was complete silence. It was much more in an awkward state, as Devon and Aiden lowered their heads the whole time, and the pale teenager had eyes fixed on Raphael.

It was only until Craig came out of the kitchen that the silence broke, “Heres your tea, boss.” Craig said.

“Ginger tea” The pale teenager asked.

Craig nodded his head, “Yes.”

“Loose not bagged,” Craig immediately nodded his head, when he heard the question, “Yes,” Craig replied.

“Three percent milk,” A second after the Craig spoke, the pale teenagers voice rang out again. “Yes.”

“Warmed separately,”


“Steeped for three minutes”


“Two teaspoon sugar”


“White sugar”


The pale teenager then nodded his head at Craig, he then took the cup of tea which was placed on the table, and took a drink, only for him to spit it back into the cup, “Its cold!” The teenager said, handing the cup back to Craig.

“I will start all over,” Craig took the cup and went back into the kitchen.

Throughout the entire time, Raphael was staring at Craig and the pale teenager, and his mouth couldnt help but open slightly.

A few minutes later, Craig came out of the kitchen. He handed the cup to the teenager, and when the teenager drank the tea, he gave Craig a thumbs up, which for some reason made a smile appear on his face.

“Thank you for your patience, now we can begin.” The teenager said, “Im Glenn, but everyone calls me boss.”

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After the teenager said his name, he paused, as though allowing Raphael a few minutes to assimilate what he had just said. And afterward, his voice sounded again, “I dont like beating around the bush, so Im going to be very straightforward with you.”

“Im a student of the murderer division. The division has seen that you possess high potential, one which the elite division is failing to make use of, so Im here to invite you to join the murderer division.”

Raphael was about to speak, when Glenn interrupted, “Before you say anything, I want you to know that theres nothing the elite division can offer you, that my murderer division wont give you. Better still, we will give you tenfold of whatever the elite division as for you.” Glenn said in complete confidence.

“So, what is your answer going to be, Raphael Queen!”

“No!” Raphael replied decisively.

The atmosphere came cold after Raphaels voice rang out, whether it was Devon, Aiden, or Craig, they all stared at Raphael with shock evident in their eyes. They could tell that Raphael didnt give it any thought, and he gave his answer regardless of who it was in front of him.

Craig, and the others, slowly moved their head toward Glenn, and they were even more appalled to see that Glenn had a wide smile on his face.

“Hahahahaha!!!” Glenn busted out laughing, “I was expecting that.” Glenn said.

“You see, I also believe that action speaks better than words. I cant just claim that the murderer division would offer you tenfold of what the elite division would bring to the table. I have to show you.” As Glenn spoke, he lifted the bag which was on the ground, and placed it on the table.

Glenn then waved his head at Craig, “I heard that youre a fan of gadgets, you can be assured that we would create a place for you on the campus and put in the best of the best items there.”

“Thats just a tip of what we have in store for you... In a place where death occurs very frequently, we will give you, and your friends, security like no other.” Glenn paused, “Craig, bring it out.”

Craig gulped, he went over to the bag, and losing the zip, he stretched his hand into it and brought out the item which was in inside.

As he placed the item on the table, Craig moved several steps backward.

“Ohhhh... Mmyy... Goddd!!”

“What the hell!!!!!!!”

It was Devon and Aidens voices that rang out. The duo couldnt help but scream when they saw Craig bring out a human head from the bag, and then place it on the table, right in front of everyone.

And to make matters even worse, was that they recognized who the head belonged to.

“Blargh!” Devon vomited a few seconds after the head was placed on the table. Besides the pungent smell, seeing flies and maggots which were all over their head, he instantly felt dizzy.

Meanwhile, Raphaels mouth was opened slightly when he saw the head on the table. “This is us showing that we mean well and that we are very serious about you joining the division,” Glenn exclaimed with a smile on his face.

“So hes dead” Raphael muttered in a low voice. And he received a head nod from Glenn. “Yes.”

“Serena was delusional for making the decision she made... Theres no way that he wouldnt come after you at a point in his life.” The head which was placed on the table was Adrians younger brother, Richard Walker.

“Its very disastrous to leave a piece like that, we from the murderer division prefer to completely get rid of any problem we might have, and those who even share close ties to the target we pursue.”

“You also dont have to be worried about Vincent because he wouldnt dare lay a hand on you.”

Every word that left Glenns mouth was said with confidence and assurance.

“So, Raphael, will you join the murderer division!”

This time around, Raphael didnt answer right away, he heaved a deep breath and stared at Richards head which was on the table.

Raphael couldnt deny that he wasnt tempted with the murderer division invite, as along with the head which was placed on the table was also a store ownership paper placed on the table.

Glenn remained silent, allowing Raphael to make a decision, and after a few minutes, Raphaels voice sounded. “My answer still remains no. Im going to remain in the elite division.” Raphael said.

While there was a tinge of glow on Devon and Aidens faces when they heard Raphael, a look of disappointment was written all over Glenn.

However, that look soon vanished away, and a smile appeared on Glenn, “Alright then, Raphael... In case you ever change your mind, here is my card.” Glenn flicked a white card towards Raphael before he then stood from his seat.


Glenn began walking towards the door, with Craig following behind. He was about to open the door when he turned towards Raphael and said, “I want you to know this, Raphael.”

“Some of us had our path chosen the moment we were born, and regardless of how much we try to do things differently, it will always remain the same.”

“You were born with the power to induce decay to anything whether the target is organic or not, allowing you to be able to destroy anything, making it crumble into dust... Which path do you think youre to walk on” Glenn said then a second after he walked out of the room.

There was complete silence in the room after Glenn and Craig left, it was after a few minutes that the silence broke when Devons voice sounded. “Wheeew... That was crazy! What do we do with the head!” Devon mumbled.

Raphael placed his hand on his chin, “Throw it away, I guess.” Raphael replied.

However, Aiden nodded his head, “Yes, and I know the perfect place to dump it in.” Aiden stretched his hand and a portal appeared in the room, he then took the head and threw it into the portal.

“Hahahahahaha!!! That will tell you not to mess with me anymore!” Aiden exclaimed with a devilish grin on his face.

“Where is the portal leading to” Devon asked.

“Elisas room!”

Devon shook his head when he heard Aiden, he then towards where Raphael was standing before, only for no one to be there. However, a second after, the sound of a door slamming shut sounded.



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