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Chapter 24: Meeting Bane


At the front of a room belonging to the male dormitory in the academy, two teenagers stood with one of them having a not-so-friendly smile on his face.

“Are you sure someone is in there!” Raphael asked with his hands folded across his chest.

Aiden scratched his hand for a few seconds before nodding his head and then saying, “Yes, he just takes a couple of minutes to get ready.”

When Raphael heard Aiden, he couldnt help but raise an eyebrow at what Aiden meant by a couple of minutes because both of them had been standing in front of the door for over ten minutes, and yet, they were still no response from whoever was in there.

“Why dont you just create a portal, and appear in there” Raphael suggested.

This is already past nine, and the class started around eight-thirty am. Because of the time which they had spent out here, Raphael had been expecting Aiden to do as he said, but he was instead surprised to see Aiden shaking his head at him.


“Oh, boy, trust me, you dont want to appear in there without notice,” Aiden replied.

“Sigh...” Raphael suddenly heaved a deep breath, “I thought you said the three of you were great friends, so why didnt Devon come with us,” Raphael asked, as when they were about to leave the room Aiden had mentioned that he wanted to go pick someone, but the instant Devon heard who that person was he refused to go.

“Well, Devon doesnt really like him that much... Which is also why you havent seen him in the apartment yet, but trust me you guys are going to get along.”

“And yes, he is also a student from our division, you havent seen him in class because, hmm, how do I say this... The other students dont like him.” Aiden said.

“Its because of his powers actually.”

Raphaels eyebrows furrowed when he heard Aiden, he was about to speak when Aidens voice rang out. “Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with his power, but it is mostly because of how he uses them.”

“How he use them” Raphael mumbled in a low voice.

Aiden nodded his head, “Yeah, youre going to see it for yourself when you both meet.”

A few seconds after, and the door suddenly opened, “And if I ever catch you or those insects of yours in the female bathrooms ever again, Im going to end you!!”


The girl slammed the door shut, and without even sparing a glance at the two teenagers who were in front of the door, she hurried out of the male dormitory.

Raphaels eyes twitched for a second there, he stared at Aiden as if he wanted to get an answer for what had just happened, but instead, he was greeted by Aiden shrugging his shoulder.

The door then opened afterward, and a young man with a slim build and a face was covered in bruises appeared. The young man was of average height, with disheveled black hair and brown eyes.

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When Aiden saw the young man, he couldnt help but shake his head, “I thought we agreed on no more peeping at the females bathroom.” Aiden exclaimed.

Aiden then raised his hand towards one of the many bruises which were on the young mans face, “Damn!! This one is a fighter, if she had raised her fist a little, you would have lost your eye.”

“Ptueeeh!” The young man suddenly spat blood on the ground, “That damn bitch! She wasnt even the target, if she had only just minded her business, then all this wouldnt have happened. What a cunt!” The young man cursed.

Staring at the black-haired youth, Aiden couldnt help but shake his head.

“Anyway, hurry up, go change. We are the only ones, who havent gotten to the training ground yet.” Aiden said.

“Really I better get ready then.” The young man said, waving his hand in the room, and a few seconds after he waved his hand, tiny insects began to emerge out of the room.

The insects which were coming forward were numerous, but that was the least of the thing to be stunned about, as these insects were bringing forth a set of clothes.

It was the academy uniform.

After a short while, the insects began to climb onto the teenagers body, then they wrapped themselves around him spreading all over until even his face couldnt be seen any longer.

“Raph-” Aiden paused as he turned towards Raphael, who was now holding on to a book and pen.

“Where do you hide all these things!” Aiden couldnt help but voice out. However, there was no response from Raphael, as he was completely focused on the book in his hand.

It was about the same time when Raphael was done writing, that the insects which were around the teenager had also dispersed. He then stared at Raphael for quite some time, before stretching his hand forward.

“You must be the most talked-about student presently on campus, Raphael Queen.” The young man said. “Im Bane!”

Raphael glanced at the young man before nodding his hand, and saying, “Its nice to meet you, Bane.” Raphael, however, didnt stretch his hand and continued to stare at the young man.

If Raphael hadnt kept his book away, then he would have written what that had just occurred. And this was something that intrigued Raphael greatly.

“Hmmm” Raphael mumbled in a low voice.

“What did you say, Raphael” Aiden asked when he saw Raphaels lips moving. Raphael, however, shook his head, “Nothing”

“The both of you can catch up later, we are already late!!” With that said, Aiden stretched his hand, and a dark portal appeared in front of them. Aiden was the first to walk into the portal, then Bane, and Raphael.

Raphael didnt enter the portal immediately as Bane did, he waited for a few seconds.

“Ability to control various insects, and also a high regeneration ability. A dual-powered metahuman.” It was only after those words left Raphaels mouth that he talked into the portal.

While Aiden had dismissed the difference that occurred, Raphael took great notice of it, as a moment ago, Banes face was once covered in bruises, but after his face was revealed, when those insects vanished, there wasnt a single bruise on his face.


In the academy, each of the seven divisions possessed its training grounds, and also, the students who were in the same division but in different years had different training grounds.

The elite division training ground is composed of nine different domains. The hellfire domain, the bridge domain, the black hole domain, the blue god domain, the flood domain, the speed force domain, the exalt domain, the psychic domain, and lastly the imperial domain.

However, among these nine domains, only three were accessible for the year-1 students and those were the hellfire domain, the speed force domain, and the psychic domain.

On top of a stage in the training ground was a muscular man with beards that stretched to his knee, a lean tall man, and the third person was an elegant silver-haired woman. They were all putting on black suits, and stern expressions could be seen on their faces as they stared at the students below.

“I believe we have been through this already and theres no need for any introduction. Now show us how much you have improved this week, or you can as well say goodbye to the elite division.”

It was the silver-haired woman that spoke. While the woman was attractive, the aura that she had around her made anyhow who appeared before her unable to raise their heads at her.

And because of those pair of red eyes that seemed to be devoid of all emotion, the womans nickname on the campus was the red-eyed witch.

They were sixteen students in the training ground, and when they heard the womans loud voice, they clenched their hands into a tight fist, and a fierce intent appeared around them.

“Mason, step forward!”

A second after the silver-haired woman spoke, and a teenager with a muscular frame, fair skin, and long black hair walked forward.

Mason gave the three figures who were on the stage, a nod before he then removed the clothes he had on leaving only his boxers short. And as he cracked his knuckles, the smile which was on his face widened.


The sound of bones cracking from inside his body reverberated in the surrounding. Veins soon began to bop all over his head, and it took only a few seconds, his head grew ten times its size. Followed by the transformation of his head, also came his other body part, which then grew significantly.

Mason gnashed his teeth, and all the teeth became crushed, and as he swallowed the crushed pieces, an enormous number of square teeth appeared in his mouth.

And as the skins on his body fell off, it was replaced by subcutaneous tissues all over him, Mason raised his head, and let out a powerful roar that sent the whole training ground trembling violently.


The students who were in the surrounding immediately moved several steps backward away from the 13-meter-tall transformed Mason.

Meanwhile, the three figures who were standing on the stage had a look of approval as they stared at Mason. However, when one of them spoke, the words which had left his mouth were far from the look which he had.

“It took you two minutes forty-five seconds to transform. You could have as well spent the whole day!!!!! A sensible metahuman would have ended you before you turned to whatever it is you claim you are.” It was the lean man that spoke.

The muscular man and the silver-haired woman nodded their head, showing that they agreed with what the lean man said.

“If youre unable to get your transformation to one minute, by the next session, then it best you consider if youre fit to be a student of the elite division.” The muscular man said.









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