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Chapter 25: The Elite Division Students I


After the silver-haired womans loud voice rang out, a teenager of narrow build with short, spiky hair that was styled in an undercut fashion stepped forward. His eyes were thin, their iris small and gold with small eyebrows.

Seeing the teenager who stood straight with his hands placed inside his pocket, a slight smile could be seen on the faces of the three figures on top of the stage.

“The last session your power rank was at 35,550, I hope you havent regressed, Levi!” It was the muscular man that spoke.

Levi smiled when he heard the muscular man, he then shook his head, “Im at 37,000.” Levi said.

The smile which was on the faces of the three figures widened, and they nodded their head, before one of them, then said. “Indeed, worthy of being called death touch.”

Levis power was referred to as death touch, and so was his name in the academy. He possessed the ability to kill anyone who made even the slightest body contact with him. Even if it was just a finger, death was inevitable for those who touched Levis body.


“Join, Mason!” The silver-haired woman said, pointing her hand towards the area where the 13-meter-tall Mason was standing.

“I hope the next student who would be coming forward would impress us just the way Levi did.” the woman stated. She was about to call for the next person when suddenly a dark spiraling portal appeared in the training ground.

A sneer soon appeared on the faces of the three figures on the stage, as they knew who the person was. However, they continued to stare at the portal and after a few seconds, three teenagers putting on the academy uniform walked out of the portal.

The students were none other than Raphael, Aiden, and Bane.

Raphaels eyes didnt go directly to the figures who were on the stage, and the first person he noticed was the nude 13-meter-tall being with no reproduction organ.

And his eyebrows furrowed when he saw how the being was waving at him.

“Thats Mason!” Aiden muttered.

Raphaels eyes twitched when he heard Aiden, he then stared at the 13-meter tall Mason, and a bewildered look appeared on him.

“Titan morphing” Raphael mumbled in a low voice before then placing his hand on his chin. After a few seconds, he raised his head, only to see that everyone in the surroundings including the figures on top of the stage staring at him.

Raphael flashed a smile before he then walked toward Devon. “Where the hell have you guys been,” Devon exclaimed the moment Raphael got to him.

“Get the hell off me!” Devon yelled.

A few seconds after Devon spoke, and Raphael was about to respond to him, Bane suddenly appeared close to him, and stretched his hand for a hug. “Come on, Devon, the least you could do is give me a hug, after all, we havent seen each other in weeks.”

“I seriously cant believe that youre still upset because of that one prank I pulled on you... The whole campus has forgotten about it, youre the only one who still remembers it.” Bane said.

And In response to him, Devon sneered, “Thats because it was I who was pranked and not them.”

Meanwhile, a few meters away were three female students who were staring at Raphael with adoration present in their eyes. “Elisa, you were right, he is really hot.” The three female students were Elisa, Melinda, and Becky.

The three of them had been staring at Raphael the moment the portal opened, and he walked out of it, and the more they stared at him, the more pleasing he was to them.

“Elisa, this is a big fish, holding your feelings till you both get to know each other is something you shouldnt do. I say you let him know how you feel, youre a beautiful girl, theres no way he would reject you.” Melinda said.

Elisa shook her head, “Huh! Does Raphael seem any different to you” Elisa asked as she stared at Raphael.

“Yes... His skin is glistening, there arent any blemishes or unevenness in his tone... Wheeew!” it was Beckys voice that rang out. She stared deep at Raphael, and without even realizing Elisa and Melinda were dazedly staring at her.

“Are you done talking!!! Now, lets continue. Savannah comes forward.” The muscular man said.

Savannah was a relatively short girl with a slim figure. She had small, sharp dark brown eyes with thin eyebrows and mid-length purple hair that was tied into a short ponytail.

After Savannah got to the front of the three teachers, “30,605” She announced, before then stomping her feet heavily on the ground.

Cracks developed quickly on the area on which she stomped her feet on, however, a second after which Savannah waved her hand, the cracks which were created from her feet stomping on the ground disappeared.

There were no longer cracks on the area which she stomped, almost as though she had restored the ground to its previous state.

“I see you have gotten much better at using your restoration power, but mind you, before absolute strength, there is hardly a thing restoration can do. You shouldnt focus solely on your superpowers because the strength you possess also plays a big role.”

Savannah nodded her head when she heard the lean man, and after he signaled her to move to the word side, she moved very quickly.

“Becky, Melinda, and Xavier come forward!”

Becky and Melinda hurried when they heard their names being called by the teachers on the stage. The two girls had smiles on their faces when they arrived in front of the stage, as for the teenager of average height with dark disheveled hair and red eyes who was beside them, he had a bored and irritated look on his face.

“32,900” Beckys voice rang out, and a second after Becky, Melinda spoke, “33,150”

The teachers then had eyes on Xavier, who was standing close to them. Meanwhile, Xavier had no idea that everyone was staring at him once he walked in front, his mind drifted away.

“Xavier!!!!” It was only after one of the teachers on the stage yelled that Xavier regained composure, however that bored expression was still on his face. Xavier shook his head, before then saying, “35,078”

Suddenly, Becky opened a page in the book which was holding on to, she then brought ink out from her shirt pocket, and began to wipe it across the page she opened to.

And after a few seconds, a huge bird animated from the book which was holding on to, the bird flew towards the three figures on the stage, and just when it was about to contact them, the bird exploded.

“Y-You...” The silver-haired woman pointed her finger furiously at Becky because she knew that Becky had allowed the bird to detonate itself intentionally.

Even though the detonation didnt cause any damage to them, Becky giggled, and without even waiting for them to criticize or perhaps inform her of her misgiving, she walked to the other side.

“Your ability to animate inanimate concepts is indeed applauding, but your imagination is only so-so. You were picked into the elite division because we expect you to be able to think bigger, and so far, we have been left disappointed.”

“The next session, if the best you can come up with is a bird detonating, then the elite division is unfit for you, and I will believe the norms division is where you belong.” The lean man on the stage exclaimed.

Becky bit her lips hard when she heard the man, and after a short while, she couldnt help but give the man the finger.

Melinda heaved a deep breath, she then clenched her hand into a tight fist, and bones began to emerge out of her body. The bones began to take several shapes and forms, and it only chose to stop after Melinda had assumed the form she wanted.

With a proud smile on her face, Melinda covered her entire body with bones that formed a defense layer around her, and on her back was a pair of wings made from bones.

“Not bad, Melinda! I can see that you have gotten better at manipulating those bones. Good Job. However, dont let this tiny improvement get over you, there is still room for improvement, especially in the strengthening of those bones.” The silver-haired woman said.

Melinda smiled, she was about to walk to the other side when a golden flame suddenly enveloped her entire body. “Y-You...” The bones around her began to melt rapidly, and it didnt take much longer before even the pair of wings which were behind her dispersed.

“How dare you!!!!!!”

Melinda turned her fist into a spear made of bone and struck at the disheveled black hair teenager who was standing beside her. “Dieeeeeee!!!!!!!”

Xavier, however, sneered when he saw Melinda begin to approach. He didnt move away from his position and instead stood with his hands placed behind his back.

“Hmmm” A few seconds for Melindas attack to come in contact with him, and his eyes twitched. “You must have a death wish, woman!” The instant those words left Xaviers mouth, golden flames appeared all over Melindas hand.

This time around, once the flame emerged they got rid of the spear which Melinda formed with her hands within seconds and soon began to inflict serious damage on her body.

However, the moment Melinda gnash her teeth at the flame which was ravaging through her body, the golden flames vanished instant.

Xavier was about to speak when a slender girl with light-brown eyes without any pupils and black hair that reached down to the middle of her back appeared in front of him.

And when the girl arrived, she didnt waste any time and the moment she arrived, she lifted her body in midair and struck a kick to his face

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