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Rise of the Crusader Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: [Bonus chapter]

“Y-You...” Xavier stammered.

Xavier tried to use the golden flame on the girl that just appeared, but it was impossible as his powers were nullified by her.


Xavier was then greeted by a series of punches that wreaked havoc on his body. He staggered several steps backward, with blood coming out of his mouth, and before he could even get a grip of himself, the girl struck an uppercut, that sent him flying.

Once Xavier was dealt with, the girl walked toward Melinda, “Are you okay” Elisa said, staring at Melindas hand.

Melinda nodded her head, when she heard Elisa, the both of them then glared at Xavier who had gotten back to his feet and was now wiping the blood which was around the corner of his mouth.

“Elisa, I must say, Im impressed, your speed and accuracy were top-notch, but the fact that Xavier is still on his feet after those hits show that youre still lacking a lot.” The muscular man said, before then turning towards Xavier and saying, “While your power to generate the golden flame of hell from your eye is certainly impressive, it is too weak.”


“If the golden flames were much stronger, then before Elisa got to you, you would have destroyed Melindas hand completely. While that is far from what you should achieve, it would still inflict good damage to Melinda.”

“Melinda, it is just like I said even though your powers make you possess enormous potential if you are unable to utilize those power, then youre simply a waste. Get your head together and work on your defense and attack.”

The teachers who were on the stage didnt hold anything back, when stating how they felt, and after lecturing the three of them hard enough, they sent them to the other side of the training ground.

“Jackson, Sean, Devon, and Alice step forward!”

Devon heaved a deep breath when he heard his name, and quickly he stepped forward. However, when he got to the front of the teachers on the stage, they took a glance at him, then stared at one another, before the silver-haired woman then pointed her hand at the other side.

“You can go to the other side.”

Devons eyebrows furrowed when he heard the woman, but he strolled over to the other side, with a light smile on his face.

Jackson, and a teenager of narrow build, short brown, shaggy hair parted to the left, and glistening blue eyes stood in front of the teachers. Beside them were a tall woman with an athletic build, brown eyes, and black long hair.

“30,050,” Sean said, winking at the silver-haired woman who was on the stage.

The woman, however, shook her head, she then turned towards Jackson. Feeling the womans gaze on his body, Jackson gulped before he then said, “24,460”

There was a look of disappointment on the teachers faces when they stared at Jackson and Sean. Their eyes then went over to Alice, hoping she wouldnt disappoint them, and when her voice rang out, it brought a smile to their faces.

“33,000,” Alice said.

Suddenly, Jackson flicked his finger and about twenty replicate of himself appeared on the training ground. Once those twenty clones appeared, they also flickered their fingers and four hundred clones appeared.

“Im not done yet!” Jackson and the clones were about to flick their fingers once again when the lean man stopped his movement.

“You can stop!!!!!”

“Another student who is full of potential but is unable to utilize them. Each clone you create possesses more than half of the original body power, have you ever considered how powerful you would be if you can elevate those clones even further.”

“You can have an army, and without even raising a finger, you can rule the world. But instead, you chose to be a complete waste, even wastes are much more better than you.”

Jackson lowered his head when the teachers began to speak, but after a few more seconds he quickly moved to the other side, before the insult went too deep.

After Jackson went to the other side, Sean rubbed his hand across his head, and when he dropped his hand down, black lightning became to move about his body.

Seans body then began to vibrate, and when he accelerated at a different level of speed, only his afterimage could be seen. He was still standing in that position, but his image appeared rather blurry.

“W-Watch... T-This” Because of the state which Sean was in whenever he spoke, his voice vibrated along with his body.

There was a ninety-meter running track in the elite training ground, and a second after Seans voice sounded, he took off. Sean dashed to the track so fast that only his afterimage and the black lightning which was moving around his body could be seen.

“Supernatural speed!” Raphael, who had been watching the show the whole time, muttered, with a rather amused look on his face.

Aiden, who was standing beside him, nodded his head, “Yes, while Sean might not possess much strength, his speed is the most appalling aspect, and for some reason ladies like him.” Aiden said.

Noticing the jealousy in Aidens voice, Raphael spoke, “I can understand why you are jealous, but your power is just as impressive as his. If I were to choose in between the both of you, then it would be yours.”

“Of course, my power is just as impressive!” Aiden blurted.

Raphael continued to stare at Sean as he ran around the area, and a smirk appeared on his face, “Its a good thing I prepared a blueprint from that ice gun because Im going to be needing it.” Raphael mumbled in a low voice.

A few seconds later and Sean appeared in front of the teachers. “What do you think!” Sean asked in a voice filled with confidence.

The teachers took a long stare at him, before one of them said, “There is still room for improvement, but that would be done in the speed force domain. My advice to you is to let go of the pride, an attitude like that can get you and your colleagues killed on the field.”

Sean glared when he heard the muscular man, he was about to speak when he was suddenly enveloped by a huge bubble.

“Y-You...” Sean pointed his finger at Alice, who was holding a flute in her hand. He shook his head and the black lightning which had disappeared earlier emerged around his body once again.

Sean placed his hand gently on the bubble, and he phased himself through it. “Really, Alice, even Im disappointed not to talk of them!” Sean said.

The smile which was on Alices face vanished when she stared at the teachers who were on the stage.

“I see you worked on my advice and managed to increase the number of bubble duration, but the strength of the bubble is something you still need to work on. Use your head girl, with this sort of power you could envelop the whole academy and even if a nuclear bomb is to occur, the bubble would be able to withstand the damage.”

Alice nodded her head, she waited for the teachers to lay out all the words on her before she then moved to the other side with her hands clenched into a tight fist.

“Camille, Ethan, and Edward!”

Camille walked forward once her name was called by the teachers who were on the stage. She stood straight, and they stared at the two twins who were standing beside her.

Ethan and Edward were identical twins, both of them had shoulder-length black hair and a heavy, muscular build. They werent brimming a youthful aura like the rest of the students, they had a barbaric touch in them.


Camille suddenly clapped her hand, and it wasnt even up to a minute, after which she did so, and five figures appeared in front of her. The instant Camille saw the figures that had just appeared, a smile formed on her face.

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And as for the students in the surrounding, they moved several steps backward.


The five figures that had just appeared were three female and two male. However, the five of them had similar features, arctic white skin and a pale face that was splattered with blood from the rotten flesh of their wounds and straggly hairs.

“Feed... Mee!!”

Their mouths were wide open and a crook set of yellow teeth could be seen, as well as a pair of bloodshot eyes.

“Very impressive, Camille. Your ability to control the dead has improved so much that you can have them around the surrounding without anyone being able to sense them. Im very satisfied with this.”

It was the silver-haired woman who spoke, and while the two men beside her didnt say anything, they had the same satisfied look which the woman had on their faces.

Camilla bowed slightly towards the three teachers on the stage before then walking to the other side.

“Astounding right” Aiden exclaimed when he saw the look on Raphaels face after Camille revealed her power. “Camille is one of the finest students in the academy, this is even why she can stay in the male dormitory without any worry.”

“The power of a necromancer!” Raphael mumbled before then placing his hand on his chin.

“Its Ethan and Edwards turn...”

As Edward and Ethan announced their rank to the teachers on the stage, they moved closer to one another. “This is what true transformation is!” Edward and Ethan yelled, then stretched their hands towards one another.

The magic began to occur as a second after Edwards hand came in contact with his brother, the two of them began to merge. Edwards right side joined together with Ethans left, and as their heads connected, their legs joined as well.

Ethan and Edward already possessed a heavy muscular build, and when the duo merged with one another, they doubled in size.

“Its no wonder the both of you look down on the rest of your classmates.” The muscular man said. “The both of you are powerful when you merge with one another, but individually you arent all that great.”

“Work on that area, and they would hardly be anyone in the division, who would want to mess with you.”

Ethan and Edward gave a slight nod at the teachers on the stage, before moving to the other side.

“Raphael, and Sylvia, come forward!”

There was complete silence in the training ground after those two names were called. Raphael was a new student, and in less than a week after he joined the academy, not only was he able to beat a year-2 student to a pulp, but he was also able to kill the student.

As for the other person who was mentioned, she was a figure who even the dean of the academy respected greatly. The lady possessed potential that only a few in the academy could match up to.

Seeing Raphael and Sylvia appear before them, a reverend look could be seen on the faces of the three teachers who were on the stage.



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