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Chapter 27: Board Meeting

In a passage leading to the directors of the academy meeting room, the door of the meeting room was pushed open and a tall, slender woman stepped into the room.

There was a rectangular long table, with seven people sitting around the table, and the instant the seven of them saw the woman walk into the meeting room, they stood from their seats and gave her a slight bow.

“I apologize for my tardiness, now lets begin.” The woman said, and the seven of them sat on the chairs.

In the academy, there were seven divisions, and in these seven divisions existed seven directors who headed each division. Wyatt Reynolds, Grayson Forest, Layla Rose, Nicholas Silas, Iris Waldorf, Vermont Lance, and lastly, Kai London.

These seven figures were the ones heading the divisions in the academy.

As the seven directors sat in their seats, the slender blonde woman sat in the front chair. “Nicholas, I believe theres something you have to tell us.” The woman said.

Nicholas nodded his head when he heard the woman, and without any delay, he stood from his seats. He walked to the front of the screen in the meeting room, and after getting everyone focused on him, his voice rang out.


“We have a problem!”

“Three out of the distribution channels which we use to export our goods into the market are being under attack. In the past few days, we have not only lost more than a hundred B-rank metahumans, but we have also lost twenty a-rank metahumans. As well as the goods which were to be sent to the city.”

Nicholass words already brought a deep frown to the faces of the people who were in the meeting room, and when they heard the rest of his words, the frown on each one of their faces deepened.

“Our stocks in the black market have diminished very greatly, and Im afraid if we dont act on this problem very soon, we would be losing a huge portion of the commission which we receive from the black market,” Nicholas said.

“It is disastrous because we are unable to bring in goods into the black market, and at the same time we cant take anything out of the market.”

Nicholas then allowed them to assimilate that information before he continued. “We own about 15 percent of shares in the black market, but because of the problem we are encountering, there arent a lot of people who are striking deals with us anymore, and so we have only about thirteen percent.”

“What the hell!!!!!!” Wyatt exclaimed.

The black market was one of the sources of revenue for the academy. And losing two percent of the shares, as well as control they had over one of the biggest economic activities that emerged after the occurrence of the supernatural, was a huge blow for the academy.

After Wyatts voice rang out, he was greeted by the glare of the slender woman seating in front, and he immediately became quiet.

“Two percent is not a small amount, what about the other distribution channels, why havent we tried those yet,” Wyatt asked.

Nicholas heaved a deep breath when he heard Wyatt, he then said, “They are doing quite well, but I suggest we do not pass the trades into those channels, as those other channels have businesses to tend to.”

“If we are to involve those other channels, just to satisfy the demands of the black market, then Im afraid we would be losing ten times what we have lost in the black market from the other stocks we have.”

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This time around, Nicholas sent the people in the meeting room into a pondering state. They didnt doubt Nicholass assessment and ability for a second, as being able to head over the research and support division, he was a man of both power and experience.

After the six of them thought about it for a while, they turned and stared at the woman who was seating at the front.

The woman, however, ignored the gazes of the six of them, and stared at Nicholas, “Have you figured out who is the cause of those attacks on our channels.” She asked, and Nicholas shook his head, the instant, he had her question.

“I do not have the specific name of people involved, but we were able to narrow the list of suspects to three,” Nicholas said, he then waved his hand at the screen, and an image popped in front of everyone.

“The William family, the Trafford cooperation, and the sisters of mercy.”

The image which was being displayed on the screen was split into three portions, on the right side was a goatee man standing in front of an estate, with several people behind him, all of which were putting on a blue cloth.

In the middle was a twelve-story building, then writing at the top of the building was the letter T boldly written on it. And on the right side were six women who were all putting on black habits, white neckerchief, and a black veil.

The six women were holding on to a book and a rather sacred look could be seen on their faces.

“The strongest metahuman in the William family and Trafford cooperation are S-rank metahumans. As for the sisters of mercy, their leader is an A- rank metahuman.” Nicholass voice rang out, a few seconds after the image was displayed.

“If an S-rank force such as the William family and Trafford cooperation is the major suspect, then it is to say that the hero league has a part to play in it.” It was Iris Waldorf, the woman overseeing the tech division, that spoke.

The people in the meeting room nodded their heads when they heard Iris because they had dealt with the hero league several times, and they knew how the league operated.

Meanwhile, the woman who was seating in front of everyone, turned towards the gold-haired youth who seemingly had a bored expression on his face, and asked, “How do you think we should handle this issue”

Kai raised an eyebrow, he stared at the blonde woman, for a moment, he was about to speak when a voice sounded.

“I say we kill them all!!!”

With his hands placed behind his head, Grayson crossed his legs, which were now on the table, and exclaimed. There wasnt a bit of emotion on his face, as he stated his suggestion, which was to kill thousands of people from the three suspects they had.

However, none of the people in the room were shocked by what Grayson said, as that was the sort of thing they expected from him. They instead had eyes on the blonde woman, wondering what decision she would take.

“Im going to have to agree with Grayson,” As the woman continued to stare at Kai, he spoke. “The fact that they made a move against us, and made us lose greatly in the black market, is an absolute disrespect.”

“Today it was our channels, who knows what it could be tomorrow. I suggest we send a message back to the world! Let them remember that even if we havent made a big move in past months, we are still an existence they dont want to cross-part with.”

There were several head nods from the people in the meeting, as they all agreed with what Kai said.

“Okay then. However, it is the year three and four who are to handle this matter. Have them dig up all the dirt those three have, seize up all their assets, and make a good scene. This will be a very good experience for them.”

Suddenly, the woman stood from her seat and began walking towards the screen, “I would have handed the black market problem to you since it would be faster, but the black market is the least of the problems we are currently facing.”

A stern look appeared on everyones faces when they heard the woman. They could sense the change in her, and knew that there was something that greatly disturbed her.

“Its Ultraman...” The woman said.


Meanwhile, in the elite division training ground, Raphael stood in front of the teachers who were on the stage. And even though he was standing in front of them, his eyes were glued to the person who was beside him.

The girl who was referred to as Sylvia was of average height, with long blue-tinted silver hair that was styled into two braids, one that covered half of her face, and the other hung behind her head down past her shoulders.

And apart from her hair, there wasnt any other part of her body that could be seen, not even her face as she wrapped her entire body in bandages. She was then putting on a black kimono robe and in her hand was a katana.

“Limitless swordsmanship!” She said in a low voice.



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