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Rise of the Crusader Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: First Day Of School

A day had passed since Raphael arrived at villain academy, and after arranging his room exactly how he liked it, Raphael was getting ready for the first day of school.

He was seating near the bed when he heard, his roommates voice from the living room, “Raphael, the academy has delivered your uniform.” Devon yelled out.

Devon was the teenage boy with delicate eyebrows and skin, and a few minutes after Serena left the room, he walked into Raphaels room. In the moment of arranging the room, the two boys properly introduced themselves and bonded quickly.

It was surprising to see the two of them had a lot in common, Devon was also 15 years old, but unlike Raphael, he had been in the academy right from the moment he was born.

“Im coming!”

Raphael placed the book that he was reading on the bed and rushed out of his room. His uniform was already on the table, all that was needed was a couple of signatures, and the person who delivered it could be on his way.

And once that was taken care of, Raphael took the uniform on the table, “Hurry up, go change. The first class will soon begin.” Devon said, staring at Raphael.


Raphael nodded his head, he was about to go get changed when he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

“What are you still doing here I heard miss Emily is already on her way to class, you know we cant afford to be late for her class. And who are you!” The person who had walked inside the room was a dark-haired teenage boy.

He had amber eyes with a chiseled face and a sharp jawline. He was putting on the academy uniform and stood 5 foot 10 inches tall, while Raphael and Devon were 5, 9.

The boy had his eyes fixed on Raphael, and so did he, it was only until Devons rang out, that the both of them stopped glaring at one another, “Meet my new roommate, Raphael. Raphael, this is my friend, Aiden.”

“The only reason you dont want to be late for miss Emilys class is that you want to seat at the front.” Devon shook his head, as he spoke to his best friend.

“Huh! So, I would be able to listen more to her lecture.” Aiden exclaimed.

His eyes, however, moved to the clothes which Raphael was holding on to, “Elite division I thought the academy declared that they wont be accepting any more students in the elite division.”

“He was brought here by lady Serena, so I guess he must be the son of one of the directors in the academy,” Devon answered.

“Hold on, Serena was here. Why didnt you call me”

Aiden frowned at Devon, who, however, shook his head at him, “What are you so angry about, I thought you said you have sight your eyes on someone else after Serena rejected your one-hundred love confession.”

“Shhh!” Aidens eyes twitched when he heard Devon, he then shook his head, with a pleading look on his face. “He will eventually learn about it. The whole campus knows about it, after all.” Devon said.

“Then I guess he would also figure how that you cant talk to beautiful women and those who smell nice.” Aiden had a grin on his face when he said those words.

“Y-You... At least I still have a better shot at them than you do.”

“Oh, yeah, how is that possible They all see you as creepy, but as for me, Im a hotcake to the ladies.”

Meanwhile, Raphael stared at the duo who were in the living room, and he couldnt help but scratch his words. The two were going about arguing which of them had the chance of being in a relationship first, but the truth was it was neither of them.

“I will go change.” Without wasting anytime more, he went into his room.

It only took a few minutes and Raphael was back in the living room. He was now putting on the academy uniform, the white shirt, blue pants, blue tie, and the terrific blue blazer made him look stunning.

Raphael was a little surprised to see that Devon and Aiden werent arguing about who had a better chance with women, and were now playing a video game in the living room. “I thought you said we were already late.” He said.

“Yes, lets go. When we are back, Im going to kick your ass.” Devon dropped the gamepad on the table and stood.

Raphael was already heading to the door when he was called by Devon. He turned around and was greeted by the sight of a dark spiraling portal in the room, “Come on, Raphael.” Devon said, walking inside the portal.

Raphael raised an eyebrow as he stared at Aiden, who was standing in front of the portal. Aidens left eye was now characterized by red sclera and irides, with a four-point pinwheel on his eyeball.

Even Gus, who had shut his eyes closed, opened it when he felt a portal in the room. Raphael slowly approached the portal, and before he could even take that one more step, Aiden pushed him inside quickly.

“Good day, everyone.” In one of the year-1 classes on campus, a fair-skinned slender woman with brown eyes, and straight brown hair that part above her forehead could be seen standing in front of the classroom.

She was putting on a white shirt, a black suit jacket, and a pencil skirt suit. The womans height was naturally, 55, but with the high black heel, she was putting on she stood at a height of 5,7.

“I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We will be continuing from where we stopped during our last class.

They were 17 students in the classroom, 9 males and 8 females, and whenever the woman in front of them spoke, a grin would appear on the male student, whereas the female would shake their head in disgust.

The slender woman in the class was the famous miss Emily. A woman with a curvaceous frame, blessed with both breasts and buttocks, but the breasts were huge.

Emily was well aware that the male student was staring at her breasts, but after complaining about it, over and over again, she just let them be. They much more behaved in her class than the others, and they seem to grasp what she taught them.

Suddenly, a dark portal appeared in the classroom for about two seconds, and after that, it disappeared like it was never there in the first place.

A deep frown, however, surfaced on Emilys face, “Aiden, how many times do I have to tell you not to appear in my class like that!!!!!” Emily raised her voice at the teenager who had just appeared in the classroom.

“Hehehehe, I apologize for my mistake.”

“I was walking to school today, and I saw this flower that somehow reminded me of how enchanting, you are. So, I brought it for you.” Aiden brought a red rose out, and was about to hand it over to Emily when her loud voice rang out,

“Go to your seat!!!!!!!*

Aiden vanished and appeared in his seat right away, ignoring the mocking look he was getting from the other classmate. His seat was the 9th seat in the classroom.

A few seconds after Aidens shenanigans, Devon and Raphael walked into the class, “Good morning to you too, Devon. And you must be the new student joining the elite division.” Emily said.

Devon returned to his mute self, once he entered the classroom. Even when Emily spoke to him, he simply nodded his head and went to his seat, which was surprisingly in front of Aiden.

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“Why dont you introduce yourself to your classmate.” Emily had a lovely smile on her face as she spoke to Raphael.

Raphael moved a little closer to Emily, “Im Raphael Queen, 15.”

Emily was staring at Raphael, wondering if he would say anything, but after a few seconds passes, and he didnt seem to have any intention, she quickly moved on. “Well, Raphael, I welcome you to the elite division.”

The class was about to begin when a student force rang out.

“B-But, miss Emily. The academy said they wont be any more students joining the elite division. They were a lot of students lining up, and the academy rejected all of them, how come they accepted him.”

The person who spoke was a dark-haired boy. He was also wearing the academy uniform, but unlike the rest, he decided to include a red headband to his.

“If you have any problem, you can head to the student council room and report this, Jackson. But Im certain that the academy wouldnt have brought him to the class if there wasnt anything extraordinary about him.” Emily said with a smile on her face.

Though, even she was quite shocked when she received the message that a new student would be joining her classroom because the academy had turned down multiple candidates the past week for the elite division.

So, how could they now possibly go back on their words, and accept someone into the elite division That would surely cause an uproar among the students who were rejected into the elite division and assigned to another division.

Jackson stood from his seat, “This is absurd, miss Emily. Each one of us in this class fought our way to get to this place, we earned it. Dont you think it ridiculous that someone appears out of nowhere, and hes allowed to enter the elite division right away, whereas we had to go through life-threatening tests”

“The academy boast of being different, but Im beginning to think that this place is just like those other hypocrite organizations where anyone can buy their way into,” Jackson exclaimed.

The class was in complete silence after Jacksons voice rang out. They, however, had their eyes staring at Emily, wondering what she was going to do about it.

Suddenly, a frown appeared on Emilys face, “You seem to have something in mind, Jackson. What do you suggest” She inquired.

“A battle with me!” Jackson replied, “If he can defeat me, then I say he does have some potential, but if not, I want him to pack his bags and get the hell out of this place.”

Emily turned towards, Raphael, who had a neutral expression on his face the whole time, “Do you have any problem with what Jackson has said” She said, and receiving a head shake from Raphael, she clapped her hand.

“Then it settled. After the break, we would head to the stage.”

As Emily declared, a smile could be seen on the other students faces. Though they had said nothing, the truth was each one of them was really curious about why the academy accepted someone into the division, while they rejected the others.

With Raphael going over to the empty chair in the classroom, Emily began her lecture.

Emily was the strategist teacher for the elite division, and her classes were based on battle strategy, war strategy, life strategy, etcetera. Whatever it was that had to do with planning, then Emily was the mastermind.

Every time Emily explained the field of strategy making to the students, she would pause and ask the students a question, especially the male who had eyes fixed on her breasts.

If they were to get the answer, she would let them be, but if the answer ends up being wrong, it was a points deduction. However, Emilys teaching was so terrific that when she asked a question, the male students were always eager to answer.

Time passed very quickly, and when the bell rang on the campus, Emily walked out of the classroom with a smile on her face.

“Damn, miss Emily class is always so fun, I cant wait for the next class.”

Once Emilys class ended, some male students gathered around and began to discuss among themselves. Their attitude towards Raphael was as though he werent part of them yet.

Meanwhile, Devon and Aiden approached Raphael who was staring at the window, “Raphael, are you sure about this If you dont want to fight with that sucker, you can just say the word, I would have him bedridden right this instant.” Aiden said.

Raphael, however, shook his head, “Its fine. Im looking forward to the battle.”

“Youre joking right There are seven divisions in the academy, but among the seven, the elite division is the strongest. The students in this division are all outstanding, that even the assassin and murderers division dont dare mess with us.”

It was Devons voice that rang out. And when Raphael heard Devon, he couldnt help but raise an eyebrow, “I thought you cant speak when women are around.”

“Oh no. If they are part of a crowd, then he can.”

Raphael was about to speak when a middle-aged man walked into the classroom. The man was putting on a fitted black suit, and the instant he stepped into the class, he began his lecture right away.

The students all had stern expressions on their faces when they saw the man and without any delay, they sat in their seats.

The class continued for a while, and when the bell rang, the man placed the marker on the desk and walked out of the class. Throughout the whole class, the students didnt say a word except what they were told to, and when the man left, everyone heaved a deep breath.

“Finally! Its break, come on, lets go.”




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