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Chapter 8: Trouble In The Cafeteria II

In the academy, there were seven different divisions between both the students and teachers.

The Elite division, murderers division, assassins division, bandits division, research and support division, tech division, and lastly the norms division. It was these seven divisions that made up the villain academy.

When Adrian heard the youth, his eyes twitched and beads of sweat could soon be seen on his forehead, “No, no, no, I dare not!!!!” He couldnt help but exclaim when he saw the look on his face.

His words, however, didnt seem to have any effect on this person who was in front of him, as he had a sneer on his face, “Then what do you think meddling in the elite division affairs is.”

“Even though we have remained quiet all this while and allowed you suckers from the murderer division to act as you wish in the academy, I do hope that you havent forgotten which division calls the shot around here.” He said.

Whether it was the youth stance or the air which he had around him, everyone in the cafeteria stared at him with the utmost respect in their eyes. Even Richard, who had once been full of pride was now trembling in fear.

This had to be the biggest mistake of his life as if he hadnt approached Raphael, then he wouldnt have to cross part with one of the top students in the year-2.


“I... I...” Adrian stammered uncontrollably.

“Come on, Bryan, let the kids have some fun.” This was really going to be a showdown, as another figure walked into the cafeteria. And this was someone who brought an expression of panic to everyones faces when the figure stepped in.

Bryan was the achilles gold-haired youth, and when even he saw that figure, his eyebrows furrowed, “So, I was right, the murderers division is looking for a war. It is about time that the divisions in the academy became six.”


The person who had just walked into the cafeteria was also putting on the academy uniform, but his however were dyed in blood. His hands were also covered in blood and every step he took left a trail of blood behind him.

“I have had that same thought a long time ago, the academy would be able to reach its full potential once we get rid of that **ty division of yours.” With his bloodstained hand placed on his chin, he spoke.

Aiden, who was standing a few meters from Bryan suddenly, clenched his hand into a tight fist and launched himself at Bryan, “Y-You...” He was, however, greeted by a wave of the hand that put him back into the position he once was.

“Really!” Bryan raised an eyebrow as he spoke to the student who was dyed in blood.

“Hmmm... Just as I expected, you have become even stronger and your ability to rewind time temporality has also increased.” A sneer could be seen on his face as he said those words.

“I guess that makes the two of us. You have also made huge progress in blood manipulation, if not I would have killed you the moment you chose to walk into this cafeteria.” Bryan said.

Among the seven divisions in the academy, there existed a generation of conflicts between the elite division and the murderer division. No one could vividly recall how the conflict started, but once it began, there was no way to put an end to it, and it soon became a dispute which was passed on through generations.

Bryan and the other student who was standing in front of him with his uniform dyed in blood was also a year-2 in the academy. But unlike Bryan, who belonged to the elite division, Hector was a student of the murderer division.

Both of them were among the strongest students in their respective divisions, and their hatred toward one another was endless. Earlier, Hector had used his blood manipulation powers to control Aiden, by manipulating the blood in both his veins and brains, and he had him sneak an attack at Bryan.

But when dealing with someone like Hector, if there was one thing that Bryan was, then it was to be prepared for anything. With his ability to rewind time, all he had to do was make a gesture, and he could rewind everything back.

Hector suddenly broke into a demonic smile, “You know, it is really unreasonable that the academy accepted a student to the elite division after publicly rejecting others and even stating that they wont be receiving any more students to the division.”

“What were the elite division offered that made them go back on their words.”

“Hector, If you have any problem with the decision of the academy, then you should have gone over to them and complained,” Bryan said.

“I knew you would say that. But you see, once the students heard that the elite division welcomed in a new student they rushed to the student council right away. They were informed that they could bring justice to the unfairness which the academy brought to them.”

Once the student council was brought into the conversation, Bryans eyes twitched, and he couldnt help but clench his hand into a fist.

While the teachers, instructors, and directors of the academy didnt interfere in most of the school affairs, they assigned a group of people who represented them, and this group was the student councilors.

“We are both aware of how many students wanted to be in that **ty division of yours, but instead, they were all rejected. Now what this student wants to know is why he was accepted, and why they were all rejected.”

The frown which was on Bryans face got deeper and deeper when he continued to listen to Hector.

He had been with Hector for quite some time, and he knew that once Hector behaved like this, he already had something malicious planned.

“The elite division has always deemed itself as the strongest division in the academy, then why not show us what it takes to be a student in the elite division.”

“We all want to see what is so extraordinary about this boy that the academy went against their word and brought him.” With that said, Hector placed his bloody hand on Adrian who was close to him, “A twenty-minute fight with this loser over here, if he can last that long, then he isnt so bad after all.”

Bryan shook his head, “The elite division doesnt need to prove anything to you all. You all were mediocre, theres no way any of you could have joined the division, so move on.” He couldnt help but raised his voice.

His words, however, brought a mocking expression to appear on Hectors face.

“Sigh... Who knew the elite division could be this petty. Im certain that the murderer division would have never done something like this.”

Devon, who was standing close to Bryan, rolled his eyes when he heard Hector. “Of course, you would, the only thing that excites you all is the scent of blood.” He mumbled.

Meanwhile, Bryan had a not-so-friendly smile on his face, he knew what Hector was plotting, and judging from the disappointed look which the people in the cafeteria had, it was really working out for him.

“I will fight with him!”

When that voice rang out, Aiden and Devon stared at one another, seemingly startled at what they had just heard. They then stared at Raphael, who had taken a step forward, and their mouth opened slightly.

It wasnt only Aiden and Devon who were shocked, whether it was Richard or even Adrian himself, the two brothers were left dumbfounded. But Adrian soon had a smile on their face as in a few minutes, he would have the blood of an elite division student on his hand.

“Are you sure about this! You really dont have to, Raphael.”

“Yes! This madness wont end if I dont. Besides, I was going to deal with him sooner or later, I can as well take care of him now.” Raphael cracked his knuckles as he spoke.

Hector was a little baffled when he saw how Raphael reacted, but after seeing the number which was on Raphaels watch, he began to wonder what bolts got loose in his head.

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“Then its settled. Ladies and gentlemen, lets head to the arena!” With a smile on his face, Hector walked out of the cafeteria.

In each of the buildings on campus, there was always an arena very close by, and when. Everyone got out of the cafeteria, they headed right there.

it was lunchtime, so most of the students in the academy were roaming about the campus, and when they saw people coming out of the cafeteria and heading toward the arena, their curiosity made them approach the arena.

“Have you heard the news, theres a new student in the year-1 elite division. Why would the division do something like that after stating that they wont be accepting any more students in the academy.”

“That him over there... Why envy someone who is going to die very soon. Theres no way he can defeat Adrian, who is a year-2 student.”

The students in the surroundings began to discuss among themselves and from their conversation, everyone seemed to have concluded that Raphael was going to die.

They were only here to watch how inhumane Adrian would choose to end his life.

Meanwhile, after giving both Devon and Aiden, a reassuring smile, Raphael climbed onto the stage.

“You know what to do. Kill him!” Hector muttered as he pushed Adrian to the arena.

He then walked over to Bryan who was standing a few meters from him, “Im not even done yet, and you already have that look on your face. Wait until they arrive.” Hector had just uttered those words when about four students rushed in.

The instant the four of them appeared, they quickly surrounded the arena and brought a metallic sphere out. The sphere began to rotate and after a few seconds, the magic happened.

“What the hell!!!!” Aiden exclaimed when he saw what had just transpired.

The battle arena in which Raphael and Adrian were standing on was suddenly enveloped in a barrier, and from the look of things except if the people who had created the barrier were to cancel it, there was no way anyone could go in or out of the arena.

Bryan glared at Hector who had a sadistic grin on his face, “What is the meaning of this!!!!!!” He said in a voice that was filled with rage.

“Hehehehehehehe!!! Im just taking precautions to prevent you from using your rewind powers.” Hector took satisfaction in Bryans state, “Now, let the battle begin!”



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