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Chapter 7.2

Warmth (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


TN: This chapter is so sweet >o< *dies in sugar*


Wen Wenyao took a private car to go to school this afternoon.

It was raining lightly, sitting in the back seat, Wen Wenyao looked out of the car window, the rain slipped down from the window, and the people outside can’t be seen clearly.


Just then, Wen Wenyao saw a figure in a blur, making her heart beat faster.


It’s that girl…


Wen Wenyao opens the car window, ignoring the light rain that comes in, looking over in the direction of Song Nanqiao, so cold, wearing so little, and riding a shared bike.


“Really, she doesn’t worry at all.” Wen Wenyao said in a broken voice.


“Miss! Why did you open the car window.”


The driver was really afraid of Wen Wenyao catching cold, quickly closed the window.


“Stop the car.”


Wen Wenyao packed her schoolbag and prepared to get off to chase Song Nanqiao.

Last time, the girl said that if she met her again, she would give her contact information.

However, she did not meet her again for a week.

She did not want to miss this opportunity again.


“What’s the matter It’s still raining outside.” The driver didn’t understand why he stopped.


“I left my book at home.

Go get them for me.”


“In that case, please come back with me, it’s still raining, I can’t have you standing on the side of the road waiting for me.”


The driver was ready to turn around.


“Stop, I’m a bit carsick, just go back, I’ll wait for you at the roadside coffee shop.”




The driver heard that Wen Wenyao was speaking in an affirmative tone, and as a driver, he did not dare not listen to Wen Wenyao.

Wen Wenyao took an umbrella, and as soon as the driver stopped, Wen Wenyao walked out.


Walk slowly, in order not to let the driver see some clues, wait until the driver turned around and drive away, Wen Wenyao simply dropped the umbrella and chased Song Nanqiao from behind.


Anyway, it’s not raining much now, and chasing her is the most important thing.



Someone seems to be chasing you.”


The system’s words startled Song Nanqiao and she glanced at her back.


“Wen Wenyao”


Song Nanqiao froze and almost fell off the bike.


Wen Wenyao also saw Song Nanqiao’s eyes, she didn’t pay attention to her feet, slipped, and then fell.


Song Nanqiao looked at her and felt pain.


“What are you doing! Go help her.”


The system yelled a Song Nanqiao, the goddess have fallen, and she still watching what happened.


“Oh oh……” Song Nanqiao reacted, stopped the bike, and walked quickly to Wen Wenyao, trying to help her up.


“I seem to have sprained my foot……can’t walk.”


Wen Wenyao looked up and grabbed Song Nanqiao’s clothes with one hand, pulling her to her side.


The eyes are watery, a little aggrieved, plus with expectant eyes looking at Song Nanqiao, the tone of voice is also a little childish, wanting Song Nanqiao’s comfort, wanting Song Nanqiao to hug her.


Song Nanqiao: I pity you……


“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Song Nanqiao doesn’t open her eyes, tries not to let herself and Wen Wenyao look at each other, do not look, do not look……


Song Nanqiao: We are just a schoolmate……we are just a schoolmate……we are just a schoolmate.


Silently reciting three times before hugging Wen Wenyao.


Song Nanqiao looks at Wen Wenyao’s ankle again.

Although she can’t see clearly, Song Nanqiao is afraid that she will hurt the other’s bones.


Wen Wenyao rubbed herself in Song Nanqiao’s arms for a moment before lying obediently in the other party’s arms, her eyes never moving away from Song Nanqiao.

Wen Wenyao’s eyes were too warm, and Song Nanqiao was embarrassed and looked away.


“When I turn around, you lie on my back and then wrap your arms tightly around my neck.”


Song Nanqiao turned her head and thought about it, the look in this girl’s eyes, really, is too soft for the heart.


Any boy who sees it will lose his mind.


Song Nanqiao shook his head, this 100% matching is too powerful.


I can’t……I can’t……


Wen Wenyao obediently lies down on the other party’s back, all of a sudden, Song Nanqiao smelled the unique body fragrance of the other party’s body, more refreshing than expensive perfume, straight to the depths of Song Nanqiao’s soul.

Song Nanqiao suddenly felt a little soft on her feet, and Wen Wenyao was unashamed, and moved twice on Song Nanqiao’s back.


“So soft……Is every girl this soft.”


Song Nanqiao felt strange on her back, every part of Wen Wenyao’s body, are strongly impacting Song Nanqiao’s defensive mind.


But in the end, she was able to endure and concentrate on the road ahead.


“Hold on tight, I’ll take you to the hospital.”




Because of the light rain, Song Nanqiao speed up the pace, if this young lady caught a cold.

She can’t take responsibility.



Wen Wenyao, on the other hand, buried her head in Song Nanqiao’s neck because of the rain.

Her hot breath made Song Nanqiao feel her ears redder in this cold weather.

Now she feels that her whole neck is tingling and itchy.


“How about it, is your heart beating”


The system monitored Song Nanqiao’s heart rate rising.


“No, I’m just a little hot.”


She wasn’t going to give in just because of the heroine’s beauty temptation.


Wen Wenyao sniffed Song Nanqiao’s smell.


So reassuring……


A peace of mind that has never been there……


Very secure feeling……


No one can give a sense of security……


This smell, like a magic potion, soothed the mixed emotions in Wen Wenyao’s heart.

Now she seems to have found a greenhouse and refuses to leave


This emotion, in turn, prompted her to grab Song Nanqiao, rubbing her face in Song Nanqiao’s neck.


She didn’t care about the rain dripping down on her hair, she just wanted time to pass a little slower.


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