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Chapter 8.1

Distance (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


After the two arrived at the hospital, the doctor began to examine Wen Wenyao, and Song Nanqiao kept standing next to her.


Song Nanqiao tried to let go of Wen Wenyao’s hand but found that Wen Wenyao seemed to be tugging very tightly, so she did not struggle.


“The muscle strain is very serious, the infusion will heal faster,” the doctor concluded after repeatedly confirming.


“How long will it take” Wen Wenyao asked.


She sort of lied to the driver and said she went to the cafe, and now the driver is almost to the original location, it will be hard to explain then.


“Half an hour will be fine.

After the infusion, your feet will be much better.” The doctor brought in two bags of fluids.




It’s still early now.

She can go back to school before 6 p.m.

and the driver will agree.


“Then I’ll go first.” Song Nanqiao thought about it, now there’s nothing she can help, might as well go back to school early to do homework.


“Can you…stay with me” Wen Wenyao holds Song Nanqiao by the corner of her coat.

Wen Wenyao cares more about her than her injury.


Before Song Nanqiao refused, Wen Wenyao said again, “I’m afraid of being alone in the hospital, and I’m going to have an injection later.

It’s boring when I’m infused.

Stay with me.”


She’s asking her to stay.

Song Nanqiao’s head is a little hot.

She knows it’s wrong.

She should keep a distance from the heroine.


“But, I have to go out part-time to earn my living expenses for the week.”


Song Nanqiao made up a reason, she can’t keep her down anymore.


“In that case, promise me one thing.”


Wen Wenyao didn’t force her.

She knew that Song Nanqiao have a reason.

No matter whether the part-time job was real or not, she didn’t want to get too close to her.

She was also a person who would consider other people’s needs.


After careful consideration, Wen Wenyao said such a sentence.




As long as it’s not too much, it should be all right.


“Come to the chairman’s office and wait for me after class this evening.” Wen Wenyao looked at Song Nanqiao’s face and said these words slowly, hoping that Song Nanqiao would not refuse.


Song Nanqiao didn’t expect it, but Wen Wenyao was taking a step for her, so it wasn’t good to refuse.


“Okay.” Song Nanqiao also said it after considering it.


“Then I’ll go first.”


Song Nanqiao stood up and was about to leave when Wen Wenyao called her again “Come here for a moment.”




“Squat down.” Wen Wenyao’s eyes were gentle and had a kind of invisible charm.


She doesn’t know how, but she squatted down.


Then, the hair between her forehead was lifted and smoothly tidied to the sides.


The girl’s hands were delicate, and after finishing her hair, they lingered between her eyebrows for a while, smoothing out the sorrow between her brows before finally moving away slowly.


“I’ll wait for you, make sure you come.”


The girl in front of her waved her hand, signaling that she could leave.


“Why are you leaving.”


The system was very confused, it always felt as if Song Nanqiao always rejected Wen Wenyao, even if they had just a little good feeling for each other, but not like Song Nanqiao.



“Have you ever heard of a saying.”


Song Nanqiao’s tone this time, was a bit cold.


“What” The system is a bit flustered, it has never seen such a serious Song Nanqiao.


“Love that that is not equal to each other is fruitless.”


“That……can not be completely denied, right, you are so powerful, soon you will be able to earn a lot of money, when the time comes, you two can be together.” The system still wants to persuade Song Nanqiao, such a good pair, a match made in heaven.


“The most important thing is that I don’t have a deep impression of her yet, I know nothing other than that she is good-looking and rich.

I don’t like this, there always has to be an emotional basis for it.”


Song Nanqiao’s standards for her significant other are not high.

It doesn’t have to be very good-looking, but it must have compatibility and an emotional foundation.

Otherwise, Song Nanqiao will be very insecure, she doesn’t want that kind of fast-food love, even if this person is very suitable with her.


“Well, you look at it yourself.” The system did not say anymore, it believed that the two would have a good outcome in the future because when Song Nanqiao was hugging Wen Wenyao, the system clearly felt that Song Nanqiao’s heart rate was rising.


This looks like a good sign.


After Song Nanqiao returned to school, she was so focused on her studies that even Wen Wenyao did not affect her concentration.


But occasionally in between classes, Song Nanqiao still wondered what Wen Wenyao was going to say to her tonight.


The situation on Wen Wenyao’s side is quite the opposite.

Because of Song Nanqiao, Wen Wenyao can’t concentrate 100% during the evening study, and always thought of Song Nanqiao when she was doing the problems.


This evening, she really has too many questions to ask Song Nanqiao.


She seems to be in a very good mood.


“What’s the matter You look very excited.

Has anything happened”


The deskmate noticed Wen Wenyao’s abnormality.

Wen Wenyao always looks like a person who is neither salty nor light.

She has never been sad or happy.

It is the first time she has seen Wen Wenyao look like this after two years.


“Well, I’m going to see someone tonight.”


Wen Wenyao replied happily, her happiness can’t be covered.


The deskmate opened her eyes when she heard it.

What did Wen Wenyao say just now She said that she would meet someone.

If Qin Ruixi knew about this, he would certainly make trouble.


“Don’t tell anyone.”


Wen Wenyao seemed to think of something and gave her deskmate a shushing gesture, signaling her to keep her voice down.


In this way, three periods of evening study soon passed, and Wen Wenyao went to the chairman’s office early and waited for Song Nanqiao.


The chairman’s office belonged to Wen Wenyao alone.


Wen Wenyao is the only one who uses it.

During ordinary times, Wen Wenyao will take a lunch break or drink afternoon tea here.

After arriving at school, she will also come here to study.

It is a quiet place.

This office has never been left by others.

Song Nanqiao is the first to come.


Wen Wenyao took two cups and made two cups of tea for herself and Song Nanqiao.

The tea was brought from home.

It is top-grade in both taste and color.

This also shows how important this meeting is to Wen Wenyao.


She hopes that when Song Nanqiao comes here, the two of them can be more comfortable when they chat.


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