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Chapter 8.2

Distance (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Hearing someone knocking at the door, Wen Wenyao immediately stood up, straightened her clothes, ran to the door, and opened the door for Song Nanqiao.


“Come in.”


Seeing Song Nanqiao, Wen Wenyao said happily, but Song Nanqiao replied expressionlessly, “Thank you.”


The tone is very rusty, and it seems to tell Wen Wenyao to stay away.

This atmosphere makes Wen Wenyao very afraid.

After she sits down, she throws a panic look at Song Nanqiao.

Song Nanqiao certainly sees it, but does not respond.


“Do you need something from me”


Song Nanqiao intended to make a long story short.


“That……the last time we met, you told me about……giving me contact information, remember”


Wen Wenyao almost didn’t catch her breath, she could only grab the corner of her coat and said in a stiff voice, she never expected that Song Nanqiao would respond in this way.




After that, Song Nanqiao then wrote down her class name and contact information on a piece of paper and handed it to Wen Wenyao.

The handwriting was very nice, but Wen Wenyao looked at it and felt a cold chill in her heart.


“Anything else”


Song Nanqiao opened her mouth, if there is nothing else, she will go back to the dormitory.


Wen Wenyao certainly heard the meaning of Song Nanqiao’s words.

She squeezed the teacup and took a sip of tea, forcing herself to calm down, no……she has to say it tonight, she can’t wait……


The will to keep Song Nanqiao forced Wen Wenyao to say the words.


“I would love to be friends with you……can you promise me” When Wen Wenyao was talking, her speech started to become unclear because of her nervousness.


“What kind of friend.”


Song Nanqiao lightly spoke.

took a sip of tea.

The fragrance of tea spread between her lips.

She was amazed by this kind of tea.

The tea is very beautiful and the taste is very soft, just like Wen Wenyao.

TN: Aiyaa~ Xiao Song~


“I want to eat with you and go to class with you…”


Seeing that no rejection from Song Nanqiao, Wen Wenyao breathed a sigh of relief, she was just really scared that Song Nanqiao would respond with a “no” or something.


“It’s too sudden.”


“Then can we take our time”


Wen Wenyao spoke excitedly and stood up a little.

She wanted to have a different relationship with Song Nanqiao, but they had only known each other for a week.


What she wants is the two of them should contact each other and slowly cultivate their feelings.

She wants to be closer to Song Nanqiao and enter Song Nanqiao’s world.


“Why do you cling to me With your identity, you can make friends with anyone else.”


Before Wen Wenyao open her mouth, Song Nanqiao asked, she was testing Wen Wenyao, testing how far her true feelings for her had reached.


“I don’t want to lose you……”


The words are said in a very low voice, Wen Wenyao held her fingers, but Song Nanqiao heard it.


Song Nanqiao was stunned, losing……Wen Wenyao never seemed to owe her, so Song Nanqiao felt that the person in front of her was very possessive.


“Do you hate me”


After tears began to form in her eyes, Song Nanqiao became flustered.


“Don’t cry.

Say what you want properly, okay”


Wen Wenyao’s tears runs from the corner of her eyes and flowed through her cheeks.

If such a little beauty cried, anyone would feel guilty.

Song Nanqiao immediately stood up and gave Wen Wenyao a paper towel.


Really, she just wanted to pretend to be cold…But now she makes people cry.

Song Nanqiao never expects it.


“Why do you reject me very much Have I caused trouble to you…”


Wen Wenyao is feeling uncomfortable from the bottom of her heart, not to gain Song Nanqiao’s pity.

She has been uncomfortable from the beginning, listening to Song Nanqiao’s tone, she was really sad, but Song Nanqiao didn’t even coax her.


She has always been able to control her emotions, but in front of Song Nanqiao, these controls seem to have disappeared, she simply can’t hold her emotions.


“No no, it’s just that I’m a little bit shy, I don’t hate you.”


She can only say this now, first to coax Wen Wenyao.


“Then you promised to be my friend.”




Song Nanqiao sighed and knelt to fill the hole she had dug.


“Then can you grant me a request” Taking this opportunity, Wen Wenyao became bold.


“Okay,” it’s not good to refuse, Song Nanqiao can only agree.


“Hug me.” Wen Wenyao opens her arms to Song Nanqiao.

She wants to confirm one thing.

She wants to make sure that Song Nanqiao can really make her feel at ease.


The moment Song Nanqiao hug her, Wen Wenyao felt a sense of security again.

It turned out to be true that Song Nanqiao’s embrace can make her feel at ease.


“You should go back first, the dormitory will be closed.”


“Okay.” Song Nanqiao heard these words and ran away in a flash.


If she doesn’t run this time, when will it


Wen Wenyao is still in the office, and the driver has been waiting for her at the school gate for half an hour.

He has called her several times.


But she is not in a hurry to go.


She picked up the teacup that Song Nanqiao had drunk and took a sip toward the place where Song Nanqiao had drunk.


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