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Chapter 9.1

Taking the Lead (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


After Song Nanqiao returned to her dorm, she received Wen Wenyao’s friend application.


After clicking agree, Wen Wenyao immediately sent a message to Song Nanqiao.


“Be sure to take a hot bath at night, rest well, and if you can, take some cold medicine.” Wen Wenyao sat on the sofa and sent a message to Song Nanqiao.


After hearing this, Song Nanqiao remembered that when it rained this afternoon, she wore very thin clothes and ran around on her bike, and finally carried Wen Wenyao to the hospital in the rain, if Wen Wenyao didn’t say anything, she would have forgotten it.


But there is no cold medicine, so she can only take a hot bath.


“OK, thank you for your concern.”


Out of politeness, Song Nanqiao replied.


“Mm-hmm, rest early and have a good dream tonight.”


Wen Wenyao couldn’t wait to send the next message, she actually wanted to say a few more words to Song Nanqiao, but considering that the other party had to sleep, she’ll stop here for today.


“Sister, who are you messaging I saw you smiling.”


“A friend.” Wen Wenyao turned off her phone, she had just finished taking a shower, and the water was sliding down her hair and onto her collarbone.


“Really just a friend”


The more Wen Jiayao looked, the more she thought she was talking to someone, she had been watching her for a long time from the side, but her sister didn’t even notice her, her mind was focused on her phone, and she hadn’t seen her sister send messages to others before.




Wen Wenyao patted her sister’s head, it is already late, should rest early.


Today was a rare happy day.


“Ow, well, if you have a boyfriend, be sure to tell me.”


Wen Jiayao hung her head at a loss, and her gossip mood never stopped.


“In a few years, I don’t think I’ll have a boyfriend.

Compared with these, you’d better hurry up and read more books.”


Stroking her sister’s head, Wen Jiayao is not really young now.

She is about to enter high school and should focus on his studies.


“I know.”


Dodging Wen Wenyao’s hand, Wen Jiayao trotted back to her room, what an unapproachable sister, she had long heard in junior high school that many people liked her sister, and countless people were chasing after her, but now, around Wen Wenyao, Wen Jiayao didn’t even see a boy’s shadow.


It’s not possible that her sister likes girls, right


An idea popped out of Wen Jiayao’s head, not close to boy, then close to girl.


But soon, she got sleepy and stopped thinking about it.


Song Nanqiao took a shower and was ready to go to bed.


“Host, you haven’t noticed that they don’t speak ill of you anymore.”


The system refers to people living in the same room.

In the beginning, people in the dorm did not like Song Nanqiao very much, and when Song Nanqiao was not there, they tried their best to speak ill of her.


Now they didn’t say many bad things, but they still ignore Song Nanqiao.

When they go out to eat, they don’t tell Song Nanqiao.


“That’s because they think I’m strange, a lot of what I do is unfamiliar to them, and even they are now a little afraid of me.”


Lying in the bed, Song Nanqiao closed the mosquito net.

She didn’t care about being left out and didn’t feel lonely.

Powerful people are always excluded.

She can feel this strongly when she is in the workplace.


The next day


Still the same morning, still only Song Nanqiao in the morning reading class, now Song Nanqiao, has been completely different from the original.


When teachers pass by class F, they will not be surprised to see Song Nanqiao anymore, now many teachers have heard the name Song Nanqiao.

It is said that her path is probably: there is a student in class F who admires Wen Wenyao.

Because she wants to enter class A and pursue her true love, she has studied hard and diligently, and now her grades are very good.


However, Song Nanqiao does not agree with this statement at all.


It must be Yu Dongmei……


And now class F is not so reckless to Song Nanqiao, after the last time Dong was beaten, there are few people to find trouble with Song Nanqiao, in addition, the current Song Nanqiao is a piece of treasure in the eyes of the class teacher, even the bad words are also less now.


“Hah…” The language books are boring.

Song Nanqiao looked through them and write them down.

She was not interested in language at all.


“Don’t sigh.

Seize the opportunity to learn.

You have a bet with Qin Ruixi.”


Hearing the system talk about this matter, Song Nanqiao remembered again, she took Yu Dongmei’s information and looked at the report card of class A, the first is Wen Wenyao, then Qin Ruixi can only be considered in the middle of class A, around 650.


“So this kid is nothing much, but dare to bet.”


Song Nanqiao opened the book, 650 is nothing, as long as she plays normally, 680 is more than enough.


During this time, Song Nanqiao also went to the school bookstore to buy some test papers, which is not difficult.


“That’s because the grades of class F have been so bad that there is no bottom line, the original owner grades, probably not even triple digits.”


Probably no one will believe that his 650 would lose to a loser whose grades were just over triple digits.


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