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Chapter 9.2

Taking the Lead (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


The two morning classes passed quickly.


During the time between classes, members of the student council would come to check.


“The student council is coming to check, wear your school uniform.” The class president of class F shouted breathlessly, in fact, it was useless to shout for class F.

Most of the people had thrown away their school uniforms.


But Song Nanqiao was an exception, in order not to get herself into trouble, she had worn her school uniform properly every day.


But unfortunately, the person who inspected her today was Qin Ruixi.


Qin Ruixi walked in the middle of a pair of people, wearing an armband, and walked aggressively to the entrance of class F.

Then the first look was in the direction of Song Nanqiao.


Other students who were not wearing school uniforms, he did not even look at them.


It is clear that he is here today to take personal revenge.


“Host, do you want to go to the toilet to hide I feel that things will not be good.”


The system looked at the vicious expression on Qin Ruixi’s face and began to worry for Song Nanqiao.


“My school uniform is well dressed and my face is clean.

How can he catch me”


Song Nanqiao put down his pen and waited for Qin Ruixi.


Qin Ruixi thought that Song Nanqiao must not be wearing a school uniform, so he deliberately came to find fault.

But when he saw Song Nanqiao’s dress code, he suddenly couldn’t open his mouth.

He was shocked.

When he saw a little broken hair on Song Nanqiao’s forehead, he suddenly thought of another excuse.


“Classmate, your hair is not passable, bangs over the eyebrows.

Please register your class name.”


Song Nanqiao:


She doesn’t have any bangs at all.

At most, she has only a few hairs.

This kid is totally lying with his eyes open.


“Which eye did you see my bangs”


“I don’t care about this, I see that there is a hair over the eyebrows later, it has to be registered, even if it is one or two.”


Qin Ruixi does not care about this, sneered, he came today deliberately to find Song Nanqiao trouble, and he is not afraid of being reported.

Some people in class F report class A, and there will be no teacher to accept it.


The other student council members next to him also froze for a moment, which included Wen Wenyao’s desks.

Qin Ruixi is really too much, this is obviously an abuse of power, if Wen Wenyao knows, he will be directly removed.


The last time Wen Wenyao held a general meeting, said very seriously, do not allow student to abuse their power, violators will be punished and dismissed.


Wen Wenyao has always been a man of her word, discipline requirements are very strict, and Qin Ruisi is not unaware of how today will cause extreme affairs.


“You remember it, I will report you.”


She wasn’t afraid, at most, she was criticized a few times.


High school student council members do not have the actual power, once reported, it is easy to step down, besides Song Nanqiao’s hair is also really no problem.

Last week was checked, and no one registered Song Nanqiao.


“Very good, Student Song, remember to pay 20 yuan to the class teacher.”


Qin Ruixi scratched his lips and smiled proudly.

It seems that Song Nanqiao is very easy to handle.

Once, there will be a second time.

In the future, he will check class F every day.

Then Song Nanqiao can’t stay.


“Other students in class F who don’t wear school uniforms should also be recorded.

There should not be a fish that has escaped the net.”


After finishing this sentence, Qin Ruixi was in a good mood.

He did not let other students in class F off because he deducted Song Nanqiao’s points.

Instead, he continued to deduct points with a more arrogant attitude.


After the deduction, Qin Ruixi took the others and left.


Before leaving, Wen Wenyao’s table glanced at Song Nanqiao and yelled in a low voice, “Should I tell Chairman Wen……”


“Cut, really think they are a big official”


“Look at him that dragging look, old man just wants to beat him.”


“Do you really think we don’t dare to beat up class A”


After the student council left, class F rioted.

It was not because Song Nanqiao was wronged, but because they saw that kind of ridicule and mockery from Qin Ruixi’s eyes, and felt that they were pinched like soft peasants.


Points will be deducted, but Qin Ruixi’s excessive official attitude makes them very unhappy.


Some people have already looked at him with displeasure, and if there is another time, there is no guarantee that Qin Ruixi can really walk out of class F intact.


“This Qin Ruixi is Wen Wenyao’s licking dog.

It was because of Wen Wenyao that he entered the student union.

He licked for two years and felt lonely.”


Some people have told the truth, Qin Ruixi joined the student council to get closer to Wen Wenyao.

He used countless work excuses to privately invite Wen Wenyao, but they were all rejected.


Even after working in the student council for two years, Wen Wenyao didn’t care about him, he was a junior official.


When the people in class F were talking hot, Song Nanqiao fell into silence.


“What’s wrong Are you angry” The system asked carefully.


Just now that guy was too much, the system is heartbroken for Song Nanqiao, a good child was wronged like this.


“No, I’m upset about my 20 yuan, I can’t eat lunch today.”


Song Nanqiao slumped and buried her face in her desk, when she was criticized by the class teacher, she didn’t react that badly, deducting her 20 yuan all of a sudden, really made Song Nanqiao upset.


For her now, 20 yuan is her daily living expenses, and every dollar is earned by her hard work.


“I will make this kid pay.” Song Nanqiao pinched her teacup, gritted her teeth and said, “You can scold me, but you can’t take my money.”


Now Song Nanqiao’s resentment has become very heavy.

Every penny is money, and every penny will hurt her.


In the past, she could ignore the farce of these children, but now, she wants this kid to know the cost of taking away her 20 yuan.


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